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November 29th, 2020

Who wants to knock on the door of your life and be refreshed? I say 'one' of the shows because there are several and they makeover people's bodies to people's houses. THE AFFECTIONATE LOVE WITH WHICH ELIJAH WAS REGARDED. There is something tragic about that. They can take a 57 year old and make her look 37. I. The law of the spiritual life, "He that humbleth himself shall be exalted," even then held good. 3. 2. Sermon on Elisha. Only God's saints go up to heaven. Here is the humility of true greatness! Of the points of resemblance between the two events, no unbiased mind could doubt. The old man clung to those young hearts, and felt that his last days could not be better spent than in seeing them once more; though he resolved to say nothing of his approaching departure, or of the conspicuous honour that was shortly to be conferred on him. The repeated suggestion that he should depart reveals the perseverance of Elisha. (Psalm 89:48, R.V.). It is in this manner we see the power of Elijah in his care for the schools of the prophets. The last intercourse between Elijah and Elisha is hardly what we should have expected. This isn't my car. When Elisha's servant looked outside the city walls of Dothan the first time, all that he saw was horses of flesh and blood and chariots of iron (2 Kings 6:15). He said, "I stole the car." Besides these, there is the road of experience in the Epistles. "Exception proves the rule." Our sermon ideas on 2 Kings will help you preach a powerful message on how covenant relationship is affected by Israel's leadership. But it is a law of the antitype to outstrip the type. 5. Remember what James said, ''He was a man just like us.'' These organisations were to continue, after his departure, what his unwearied efforts had begun. God is in the business of miracles. The apostle calls this the corruptible body, and then declares that corruption cannot inherit incorruption; that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. Scripture: 2 Kings 2:1-21, 2 Kings 3:11. He said, "There's a gun in the glove box?" Two tribes had followed Rehoboam. It was Elijah that went up, not Ahab. As Elijah had been the founder and defender of the faith, so did he become, by these centres, the conserver of that same faith. 2 Kings 2: 19 - 25 - the third sermon on the life of Elisha Below is the outline of the sermon, I preached on 18 September 2011 at West Ewell Evangelical Church, Surrey: We are continuing the occasional sermon series on Elisha (‘God saves’). or who shall stand in His holy place? It is interesting how the prophet's death is so unique yet has become symbolic of every believer's death. "Who shall … II. Introduction: Our text records the death of Elijah. INTRODUCTION: 1. Is that what... SermonSearch.com is an online resource for sermon outlines and preaching ideas. We find in this narrative, first, a type of Christ's ascension into heaven. Countless old hymns speak of ''crossing Jordan'' as a metaphor of death. Israel had divided after Solomon. They have ability, training, sincerity, earnestness, but they are chopping with the handle. "I am left alone," was his early cry; yet when upon the cloud of flame he ascended, Bethel, Gilgal, and Jericho, with their throngs of prophets, were left. It is fitting that Elijah's death has become such a familiar symbol for every death. No natural beauties arrest the eye or enchain the interest. There is a future for all men on the earth if they will only plan wisely. Nought but that wondrous voice broke in upon the stillness of night. It was a man of God, one who had been faithful to the Divine will and commands, one who had been jealous for God's name and worship. We take now the indirect route. 3. THE DUAL NATURE OF MAN. The second narrative of the two , ...read more. THE DEPARTURE OF A GOOD MAN FROM THE EARTH. A spirit of far-reaching philanthropy.Elijah goes to Bethel, but wherefore? Death is a departure from the world, it is not an extinction, it is a mere change of place. My son, keep your father's commandment, and forsake not your mother's teaching. Points to Ponder: What one thing do you think the Holy Spirit has said to you during this hour? But when he looked the second time, what he saw was horses and chariots of fire! Thus says the LORD: ‘Tomorrow about this time a seah of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel, and two seahs of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria.’ ” 2 So an officer on whose hand the king … A denial of this fact asserts that man is on a level with the brutes. With similar emotions should we stand amid the ruins of Bethel, Gilgal, and Jericho; where, in his declining years, Elijah gathered around him the flower of the seven thousand, and educated them to receive and transmit something of his own Spiritual force and fire. The history of Carmel's prophet seems hardly complete without the scene on Hermon. There are two ways of approaching the mysteries of Christ — one direct, the other indirect. It would seem that there was something which governed Elijah's request, though he does not reveal the motive of it. SUBJECT: Biography TITLE: Lessons from the Life of Elisha PROPOSITION: This sermon on Elisha is to review the life of Elisha and glean appropriate lessons. And it came to pass when the Lord would take up Elijah. It would seem that they can take a person, make them look really homey, and then transform them into this ravishing beauty ready for the red carpet. While no man can derive these requisites from his nature, depraved as it is, he can receive the blessing of the clean hands and pure heart from the Lord, even righteousness from the God of his salvation. what a rebuke is here for ourselves! I. 2 Kings 8:16-24 and 2 Chron 21 After nearly 8 chapters with the camera on the Northern Kingdom of Israel, we have now an account of the South. THE NATURE AND MINISTRY OF DEATH. 1. It was he whose face had shone with a borrowed glory he wist not of. Points to Ponder: Is your life like a watered garden? Let the exemption of Elijah from the law of death remind us that we have to pass through the dark valley, and must prepare for the journey; for "what man is he that shall live, and shall not see death, that shall deliver his soul from the power of Sheol?" It is thy shore, Ions, of which I write! Just "Conversation about Him." "Elijah went up into heaven." Christ was self-raised. They stand before a demonized world powerless, and it must be said of them, as it was said of the disciples before the demon possessed boy, {Mark 9:18}- "and they... Who is the Holy Spirit, and what does the Bible say about His work today?

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