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November 29th, 2020

Critical Care Nurse, 35(3), e1–e8. 1. TCNH provides treatment specifically tailored to patients’ needs and capabilities. When certified the new acute care nurse practitioner is able to practice based on the guidelines set by the state they are working in (“What Acute Care…” 2018). Haut, C., & Madden, M. (2015). About 40 credit hours of classes is required to achieve this degree, along with hundreds of hours of clinical experience (“What Acute Care…” 2018). These professionals will listen to things such as the patient’s concerns, symptoms that they are experiencing, and what actions would make the patient’s care better. Acute care nurse practitioners are able to provide the same level of care as other professionals with medical degrees, including physicians and physician assistants. This Master’s degree must be a program specific to acute care nurse practitioners (“Your Guide to Certification” 2001). Our course, Transition to Professional Nursing, is barely two weeks old and already I am being enlightened and challenged to expand my experience of nursing. Retrieved October 4, 2018 Fox, K. (2014). 16 students ordered this very topic and got original papers. Acute care nurse practitioners are valuable members of a health care team that provide excellent care to the patients. Hiring appropriate providers for different populations: acute care nurse practitioners. I will attempt to explain my personal journey and experience thus far including how and why I got here, my beliefs about nursing and related values, and my visions for the future. I had little direction when, The aim of this assignment is to critically discuss the nursing assessment individualised care and nursing interventions of the acutely ill patient. Acute care nurse practitioners have been surveyed discussing their point of view of their career choice. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. (2001). In an acute care setting this can be a challenge because the patient is usually in distress and pain. Patients have even said that the care they received from nurse practitioners exceeds that of physician assistants. However, they will have to research state regulations to fully understand what they are able to do. All of the examples given in the Evidence Critique support rounding as a means of increasing patient satisfaction. The nurse practitioner must adapt their care plan to the immediate need of the patient, which is to stop the vomiting. The American Journal of Nursing, 101(1), 40-49. My dream is to be [...], The development of nurse practitioners commenced in the late 1950s, physicians mentored nurses who had clinical experience. Retrieved October 25, 2018 Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. The literature serving as testimony to the care that nurses provide has been growing increasingly, however, there are still areas of nursing care where the evidence is deficient. For communication to be effective, the acute care nurse practitioner must also listen to the patient. To become an acute care nurse practitioner one must first earn a degree in nursing from a two to four-year program and be certified as a registered nurse (RN). But you can one from professional essay writers. Each clinical week a journal needs to be submitted evaluating your ability to meet the clinical performance objectives. Berman, Kozier, Erb, A., Kozier, B., & Erb, G. L. (2016). Almost all of the study participants stated that they were either “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with their profession. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 324(7341), 819-823. The Nursing Choice Those who work in emergency settings earn the most with a salary of $103,722. The education of acute care nurse practitioners has greatly expanded within the last 20 years. I learned and known that my work will mainly focus on the health of children and adults. Skills required of a nurse include flexibility, communication and humility, along with many others such as independence, integrity and compassion (Berman, Kozier, Erb, 2016). According to Houser (2012), evidence Based Practice Nursing is the application of evidence based findings by nurses to steer the nurse toward integration of clinical expert opinion and experience with an unbiased comprehensive analysis of the best scientific evidence professional nursing care literature can provide while integrating patient principles and preferences. The Role of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in the Implementation of the Commission on Cancer’s Standards on Palliative Care. Retrieved October 4, 2018 Your Guide to Certification. During the admission process TCNH designs a personalized treatment plan by conducting a rehabilitation therapy screening that takes into consideration each patient’s medical, first attempt at forming and articulating my own philosophy of nursing. For example, a patient may come in with a broken leg and you begin treating the leg, but then they suddenly begin vomiting. Unplanned interruptions within the health care setting is a normal thing to see, but an acute care nurse practitioner must be flexible and ready when they happen. A Master’s degree in Nursing (MSN) or higher education, such as a doctorate, in nursing is required. Kozier and Erbs fundamentals of nursing: Concepts, process and practice. Some of these include constant unplanned interruptions, heightened level of stress with an acute illness, and gathering data from a distressed patient (“Acute Care Nurse Practitioner” 2010). Need and Outlook for Acute Care Nurse Practitioners, Health Care, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Registered Nurse, Work, Employment, Health Care, Hospital, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Salary, Health Care, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Anesthesia, Health Care, My Dream, My Dream Job, Nurse Practitioner, Physician, Registered Nurse, Employee Retention, Employment, Health Care, Hospital, Mentorship, Nurse Practitioner, Patient Safety, My Dream Jobs: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Family Nurse Practioner Personal Statement, Implementing a Nurse Practitioner Orientation Program. (n.d.). Yeager goes on to predict that nurse practitioners will become experts in medical procedures and continue in providing excellent care (“Acute Care Nurse Practitioners” 2010). The skills required to be a successful acute care nurse practitioner can be summarized by Susan Yeager, MS, RN, CCRN, ACNP when giving an interview for the Journal for Nurse Practitioners. There are many experiences I have to reflect on but one will always stand out to me. Hourly/Intentional rounding amplifies the nurse-patient relationship, continuity of care, safety, and service excellence. Nurse practitioner salary is high compared to other professions, but you need to study hard and complete the degree before you can become a licensed nurse practitioner. An acute care nurse practitioner will often be the leader of a health care team therefore good communication is needed for many reasons. Nurse Practitioner Vs. When planning for sustaining evidenced based practice, it is vital to adopt a methodical critical thinking decision, times of health care, patient satisfaction and safety are imperative in order for care to be provided. Humility, more specifically cognitive humility, is an important skill for any healthcare professional to have. The role of the acute care nurse practitioner is one that is growing need and in value. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median income for advanced practice nurses, including acute care nurse practitioners, is $100,910 per year (“Career Profile” 2018). The patient discussed developed severe sepsis due to a urinary tract infection and her condition deteriorated during the recovery process in the nurse’s care. Throughout this essay, the client along with the family will learn how to manage the illness, Description of Organization: Evidence Summary Total Care Nursing Home’s (TCNH) rehabilitation therapy program is designed to produce positive outcomes in the restoration of patients’ lives by providing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. This is would cause stress and confusion for the patient and their family (“Acute Care Nurse Practitioner” 2010). I had a patient and family who had been waiting all day for the results of a [...], Nurse practitioner orientation is a relatively new but progressive topic and is usually found within the context of APRN models of care, APRN fellowship programs, or departmental orientations within hospital-based organizations. Yeager described that the skills needed to be an acute care nurse practitioner build from the foundation of skills required for a registered nurse (“Acute Care Nurse Practitioner” 2010).

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