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November 29th, 2020

Loved them so much I have tried making them myself to no avail. Where did it go? I wonder will i her back from anyone and will they replace it. The ALDI Nerd Grade: C Grading Scale. Copyright © 2020 Aldi Aisle of Shame on the Foodie Pro Theme, « Aldi Brands – A List of Aldi Private Label Brands. And it’s not just us who think so. Charles Freeland. Generally they fall under the Aldi brand Deutsche Kuche (German Kitchen). Generally they fall under the Aldi brand Deutsche Kuche (German Kitchen). It is not quite as sauer as most brands and it is packed full with less brine then most Sauerkraut brands. Why do you not import it to USA any longer??? Aldi Has You Covered, These Aldi Christmas Ornaments Are Perfect For Winking Owl Wine Fans. Spatzle!!! I love the Deutsche Küche potato sticks! D = Not Great. A = Excellent! Shopping For This Year’s Fam Jams? Deutsche Kuche is Aldi’s private label German food line and it’s absolutely addicting! It ruined it,, it was white now out of the server is yellow, FYI also just checked the package to contact deutsche kuche but no email etc on pkg or online, only ALDI info comes up… the package shows best used 08/17/2019 how can you sell something expires over a yr ago very disappointed. German Week at ALDI. ruined my taste for any other chips. There use to be a Deutsche Kuche “red” wurst package (a very spicy wurst) but it is no longer sold and Aldi’s Hq will not explain why it is not sold anymore because from my view on how fast is sold out it was much more popular than the wurst packages available now…the blue, brown packages and sometimes yellow and green. A few times a year Aldi features German Week with a special selection of food items from Germany. Someone owes me a new pasta server. Absolutely delicious. I can’t ever find it. }); Aisle of Shame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Aldi is a German-owned company, so it’s only appropriate that its stores in the U.S. periodically sell food imported from Germany or foods that are inspired by Germany. Neither is as good as the cheese strudel. We love Deutsche Kuche SPAETZLE. It is like a cheese puff but peanut butter flavored! Just wish they carried them more often. Please stock more of them in Naperville, IL. I got the Swabian egg noodles with wheat Semolina…so good! Why don’t you stock the Deutsche Kuche Beer Mustard and Bavarian Sweet Mustard in Livonia, Michigan? Generally they fall under the Aldi brand Deutsche Kuche (German Kitchen). (I saved the best for last!!) omg. Luckily we stocked up last year, but have just finished the last jar. Love German week at Aldi. The store told me to write so you would know these stores are out of these. I always refer to your store as a “Man’s” store, little to no brand choices, it works great for me! A Project of PDG, Deutsche Kuche Fall Harvest Vegetable Soup Review. Click the pics for more in-depth info on each of these. Any chance of getting some now? Learn how your comment data is processed. Great price for 2 large servings $2.99 The chickpeas were hard and did not belong in this disgusting concoction. Our grocery range has picked up over 500 awards. We love Deutsche Kuche Sweet Bavarian Mustard!!! Eating the Deutsche Kuche fall harvest vegetable soup! Your email address will not be published. I agree the Cornichons with Herbs are delish and I can’t find them anymore. by Aldi Admin | Mar 29, 2020 | Imported, Soup, Uncategorized | 0 comments, Price: $ 1.99 Once you start shopping at Aldi it’s hard not to get sucked into all the delicious German food from the brand Deutsche Kuche, which translates to German cuisine or German kitchen. We just started buying German food at this year’s German week best products ever we wish we could have all the German food all the time. I’m in LOVE with the Lentil Vegetable soup! This blog is dedicated to all the best Aldi Finds for Aldi Fans and includes the latest Aldi Ad, new products, Aldi Reviews, Aldi Recipes featuring Aldi brands and Aldi News. Can we buy it elsewhere in Michigan? Your email address will not be published. Next time I will get 4-5 package of this cookies because the price is very good. Not sure if I am the only one that loves them but I sure am the one that buys them. These are in addition to the Deutsche Küche product line that is stocked year-round. White asparagus, the German cakes, Black Forest ham, and so much more. Just like Schnitzel in Germany, Schnitzel is not just breaded – it is dipped in beaten ,seasoned egg , then in seasoned breadcrumbs – then repeated…. It’s the best! I have eaten many brands of Sauerkraut in my lifetime…but the Deutsche Kuche German Style Sauerkraut is the best around. Please see our Privacy Policy. RATING: $$$$$. Luckily I didn’t swallow it or brake a tooth on the thing. Feel free to contact us at with questions, comments or partnerships. I just kind of like this. Can’t wait for German week! I’ve had Bienenstiche before at a Deutschen Kaffee Haus. I’m totally grossed out. Excellent value offering a nice alternative to your typical vegetable soup on the grocery shelves. For the biggest selection of Aldi German food, you have shop during Aldi German week. I just went into an Aldi’s for the first time in my life and picked up the braunschweiger. We love the Deutsche Kuche potato sticks. From fresh home-grown meat and produce to legend-dairy cheese, mighty cleaners to nappies you can count on, ALDI’s top quality, affordable groceries are for families of all sizes. Actually, all the Deutche Kuche. Like the German spaetzel noodles although they don’t seem to be always available. Find Versatile Vegetable Soup at ALDI. Then you can bread them and fry them up. And that’s nothing compared to the spread of German food and beverages from Aldi brands that are stocked during the holidays! They are sandwich cookies and normally the design on the cookie is on the outside. I thought I would try the Bavarian Mustard –It is fantastic – we love it. We loved the Blueberry Muesli and Braunschweiger. These items are due in stores for the ad week of Sept. 16 (Sept. 13 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover.) Hope ALDI brings it back into the Temecula, Riverside County, CA. Also when will you build a store near our new house (30513)? I just bought some this week and I agree. We will drive to get it. Absolutely delicious. and costs $1.99. But it must be catching on as I’ve been to 2 Aldi’s today and they’re OUT. Just got off the phone with a couple people raving about it. I was looking for delicious Doppel Keks Sandwich Cookie Cocoa Filling and I cannot finds anymore . Your email address will not be published. Here are a few Deutsche Kuche products that you can buy at Aldi on the regular. Hope more is on the way. The quality of your products often surpass the regular name brands. I too love the Bavarian Sweet Mustard when is it coming back to Chattanooga? Aldi offers a low-budget chicken pot pie through their Bremer label. Beyond what’s listed in the ad, you may find additional German Week choices hidden throughout the store. Maybe we should leave it as a best kept secret. Truly this is the walk of shame because I nearly buy all the bags they have on the shelf. © 2009-2020 Aldi's Reviews. (lver sausage). German Week specials can vary, but this time include: Deutsche Küche pound cakes, $2.49; Deutsche Küche chocolate covered wafers, $1.99; Deutsche Küche chocolate dominos, $2.49; Deutsche Küche German lentil vegetable or lentil chickpea soup, $1.99; Deutsche Küche German style red cabbage with apples, $1.99; Deutsche Küche liqueur cakes, $2.99 12oz. Our family is always up for trying something new, so we regularly buy Deutsche Küche products.

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