aluminum oxygen = aluminum oxide

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November 29th, 2020

As a rule (but not always the case depending on the particular farmer) Thailand Discus tend to be more colorful (usually due to hormone additives). Discus Purchasing & Shipping Information. If you need veterinary care, expect to pay a minimum $20 but can go up to $80 per visit, depending your your pet’s condition and where you are living. We generally bring in Discus from 3 fish farms (plus fry from South Am): Thailand, Vietnam, & Singapore. Wild Discus live in rivers where the substrate consists of gravel, small rocks, and plant life. Discus Fish. Large Discus Fish (4.5 - 6.0 inches) Please call for price and availability for our large discus for sale. But first, you have to make sure that a vet specializing in marine and aquatic animals are within the vicinity in case of emergency. Ongoing tank testing and monitoring for pH and temperature is particularly vital when keeping wild-caught Discus in particular. We want our fish to always act hungry, this is a good sign they are healthy! The Discus fish, as its name implies, is a bright round colorful disc of a fish. Discus fish come in a truly amazing constellation of colors and patterns. General; shipping size for all of our discus are about 2″ at time of shipping, unless otherwise noted within the description. Our farm-raised stock is guaranteed to make you happy that you didn’t overpay for your quality fish. You can get a filtration system sized for 110+ gallons starting at $80. At two months old, a Discus may measure just two inches. Discus | Marlboro Red Discus. Our company is generous, and we are always proud to ship these fish to our customers! For this reason, some colors and patterns can be more in demand than others and this often affects the price. Discus fish are messy eaters but need clean water. So, avoid doing your morning exercise routine in front of the tank during this time (happy face)! Click here for our Tetras page, Thank you for your business. Blue Diamond Discus (Symphysodon discus) $ 44.99. Discus | Gold Pigeon Blood Discus. Rates for live fish start at $29.99. Get latest info on Discus Fish, Symphysodon Aequifasciatus, Pompadour Fish, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Discus Fish prices for buying. Two fish is a minimum but more is better. WHEN YOUR NEW DISCUS ARRIVE: It is always best to keep lights off the aquarium for the 1st day when acclimating. Discus originate from the warm, acidic waters of Amazon tributaries in Brazil and Peru and are typically found in large groups. Regular price. Welcome to Dennis Discus Fish. For every adult fish, provide 7 to 10 gallons of water (10 adult fish = 70-100 gallon tank). Discus Fish. Discus Madness posts shipping rates based on zone. Regular price. Fish DO NOT have stomachs! Stardust Discus. New Life Spectrum and Cobalt brand offer a wonderful naturally color-enhancing formula that is hormone-free with a noticeable difference in fish vibrancy in just 10 days. Our family's farm is indeed shipping Livestock & Plants proactively! (Symphysodon aequifasciatus) Starting at $69.99. Whether you’re thinking about creating a personal aquarium or acquiring a unique addition for your collection, then rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Dennis Discus Fish. It may live, but it won’t thrive and it won’t be happy. We don’t want to stress out the fish, if they stress out, they’ll lose their protective slime coating on their body and they will die (this goes for ALL fish, especially Tetras which are extra sensitive, moreso than Discus), so be calm when hanging out around the tank, later on, you can carry on as usual, and your fish will be excited to see you in hopes of you offering food. -14%. Size and age – Discus fish can live up to 15 years in captive conditions. -14%. Here below, you can find a very large selection of Discus fish, rare Plecostomus, Tetras, Rainbows, amazing Angelfish, Ramirezi and many other freshwater fish. How Much Does Cherry Eye Surgery Cost In Dogs. Discus Fish are sometimes referred to as pompadour fish. Freshwater Discus. On the other hand, Discus Guy offers fish starting at …

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