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November 29th, 2020

Hi everyone! Aldnoah Zero Genre: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Mecha i know my english is not the best, but it is because of dyslexia Last edited: Nov 14, 2016. forest karisma, Nov 14, 2016 #1. sh1457 Well … Therefore, be sure to give them a try if you don’t have anything else to watch. Whether it be because they were traumatized, their environment, or just their personality, these characters tend to be stoic and emotionless, which makes for a good watch. an anime with a smart mc how hides his/hers powers or a lazy mc, at least something in this directon, any recommendations? What I liked about it so much besides the humor part, is the fact that the mc is weak, very weak. There are plenty of anime where the main character (MC) is emotionless. Basically the title. Hilarious anime where the main character is killed by gods strike of lightning, brought back to life and given powers as gods forgiveness. Here are 5 anime where the MC is emotionless : 5. From the beginning the mc kinda hides his true character until the recent chapters where he was forced to reveal himself but he became even more op so idc. Looking for anime where MC is OP/Genius but hides his power. Have been looking for ages to find an anime where the MC pretends to be weak, and … Muromi-san is a fun and under appreciated little anime where one of the MC's is a ridiculous example of a harmless appearing character that is in fact an apocalyptic legend. One of my favorite anime is konosuba, I watched it as it aired, and loved it so much I read up to volume 13. The main character has a similar experience to Mochizuki… The reveal on it is epic. The other characters aren't just useless roles that are just there, some of them (especially one trouble maker with red hair xD) are op too. I think he's an op mc that you'll enjoy. Today I’m here with another blog about Top 10 Strong/Smart & Blunt/Confident Male Lead Anime [Non-Mainstream]. It builds up characters way more and has more slice of life moments and a better pacing. All of the anime given here are worth watching. It has one of the single most dramatic climatic endings of any anime or non anime I have ever seen. But he overcomes it a lot by being creative. Here’s something a little different to the OBVIOUS characters: Psycho Pass Akane Tsunemori is a smart character who’s skilled at police-work, understanding other people, and reverse-engineering what criminals are plotting. Utawareumono is a sequel to an anime of the same name but season two, I found was much much better. Click to learn more!

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