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November 29th, 2020

I’ve written about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) before, but usually in an information-sharing format that doesn’t push you to take one side or another. I have seen many many arguments about GMO’s on the internet and one most employed is that something like 89% of scientists concede that GMO’s are safe. We’re having the wrong argument about GMOs. To give you a clearer sense of the issues and arguments that surround GMOs, we asked for two professional opinions from both drastically different sides: … (Gordon Chibroski/Portland Press Herald via … Arguments against GM. Home » GMOs » GMOs - Background » Arguments against GM. They say that if we accept and use that same argument to support anthropogenic climate change, then we should accept it for GMO’s. I would like to be well informed on this. When discussing GMOs, many arguments are put forth on why they are “bad” and should be avoided. I am against genetically modified foods for many reasons, all of which relate to GM crops being bad for humans, farmers, animals, and the earth. The third large-scale argument against GMOs is the loss of biodiversity, water, and soil nutrients/erosion, through expansion of pesticides, replacement of natural systems with industrial-scale agriculture, and over-fertilization and irrigation. The issue of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as they relate to the food supply is an ongoing, nuanced and highly contentious issue. Individuals from the scientific and medical fields fall on both sides of the argument, some claiming that genetically modified crops are helping to solve issues concerning hunger, environmental sustainability and an increasing global […] 10 simple arguments against GM food : Genetic manipulation breaks through natural barriers, it combines characteristics of organisms in a way that could never be possible in nature. Genetic engineering is not sufficiently developed and tested to be used in the food chain and is based on outdated notions about … Well, that’s about to change. Whole Foods has clearly marked many of their shelves with labels promoting the non-GMO products. A molecular geneticist examines popular claims.

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