at4060 frequency response

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November 29th, 2020

In the upper middle range of the scale, the AT4060 exhibits a very gently rising presence boost starting about 2 kHz, gradually edging up to a 2- to 3dB crest around 6 kHz and remaining linear to past 10 kHz. Mojave MA300 vs. Vintage Tube Mics vs. AT4060 ... Anyways, to clarify for the rest - I asked whether my perception of the frequency response chart as 'abnormal compared to others' - whether this factor has any bearing on whether mics are premium sound quality or not. The frequency response indicates the steady-state response of a system to a sinusoidal input. Capture every shade of the SPL spectrum and the dynamic range of vocals and instrument performances down to the subtlest of nuances. Bring the warmth of vintage tube sound to every recording with the Audio-Technica AT4060 Condenser Cable Professional Microphone. Audio Technica AT 4060 Tube Mic with Lee Quintana modification (see below). are absolutely central—critical—to understanding how audio equipment makes, reproduces or records sound and how that sound is related … The concepts of frequency response, frequency range, audible frequencies, how frequency relates to musical notes, etc. The frequency response of a system can also be modelled to obtain a single, frequency‐ 20-20000Hz. Dual diaphragm, and precision machined, the AT4060 … Open circuit sensitivity –34 dB (19.9 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa Impedance 200 ohms Maximum input sound level 150 dB SPL, 1 kHz at 1% T.H.D. Read 254 User Reviews on the AT2020. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz Dynamic Range: > 132dB Maximum SPL: 137dB Cardioid Polar Pattern Ultra-low noise transformerless circuitry State-of-the-art surface-mount electronics Heavy-duty satin-nickel finish Internal shockmounting system Gold plated output connectors True Condenser (externally biased) Full (20Hz-20kHz) frequency response Frequency response data is sometimes supplied with an instrument and can be found empirically. In every respect, the AT4060 microphone continues the tradition of excellence established by the critically acclaimed 40 series mics. An example of measuring the magnitude of the frequency response is given in Section 1.2.1. Smooth, un-hyped sound. Frequency response of the system is defined as the response of the system when standard sinusoidal signals are applied to it with constant amplitude over a range of frequencies. Show More Show Less. Frequency Response. The characteristics and performance of the industrial control system are analysed by using the frequency response techniques. SPL Open Circuit Sensitivity: -34 dB (19.9 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa Weight: 22.6 oz (640 g) Impedance: 200 ohms Output Connector: XLRM-type (on power supply) Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000 Hz Dynamic Range (Typical): 131 dB, 1 kHz at Max. Buy today from ... Free Express Shipping! Polar pattern Cardioid Frequency response 20-20,000 Hz The Audio-Technica AT4060 is specified. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone AT2020. Ratings and Reviews. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Side-Address Studio Condenser, Cardioid Pattern Rejects Off-Axis Sound, Superior Transient Response, 144 dB SPL Handling, Wide, Linear Frequency Response… Overall frequency response is pretty flat for sources about 12 inches away, from 20Hz up to about 3kHz. Dual gold-vaporized, large-diaphragm elements provide extended frequency response. Authorized Audio-Technica USA Dealer! Above that is a fairly pronounced and slightly peaky presence boost of about 6dB, extending to around 12kHz before rolling off fairly steeply. Precision condenser microphone, ideal for vocals, guitar, amps, or other studio applications. Audio-Technica includes power supply, shockmount, cable for connecting mic to power supply, AC power cable, rackmount adapters for power supply, and protective carrying case with the … Original owner, non-smoker.

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