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November 29th, 2020

1. Let’s address some. The stigma of a Caribbean medical school education is built on rumors — and they’ve run their course. Period! Many Caribbean medical schools are for-profit institutions, so financially, it is in their best interest to admit more students, without much concern if the students successfully graduate. Hands down. This is a list of medical schools in the Caribbean.Schools are listed in alphabetical order by country or territory, then by name. The medical school admissions process is a difficult one to navigate, and many applicants come out looking at second, third, or fourth options. While there are no official rankings of Caribbean medical schools and no authoritative “top ten” lists, there are definitely ways to tier medical schools in the Caribbean according to their levels of accreditation, approval, and recognition in the United States. Students only go to Caribbean medical schools if they aren’t good enough for U.S. schools. As such, in this article, we present a series of some of the many Caribbean colleges of Medicine that offer cheaper tuition fees for a very optimal level of education. Best medical schools in the Caribbean. Cheap Caribbean Medical Schools 1. The reputation as well as the supportive environment of these medical schools will ensure prospective medical students gain the best for their experience. Saint James School of Medicine is an accredited Caribbean medical school: Our medical school is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools with an ECFMG® Sponsor Note. These schools … In this post we have ranked the best medical schools in the Caribbean, the ranking is based on how the students of each of the school succeed on the USMLE, residency matching, research and the school facilities. The list includes medical schools recognized by their local governments that award the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and/or Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degrees.. All recognized medical schools are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMS). These offshore medical schools are for those who can’t get into regular medical schools in the North America, Europe and the Caribbean. With a high 96.77% first time USMLE Step 1 pass rate, Saint James is one of the few medical schools in the Caribbean to offer a top quality MD program at an affordable price. For the graduation years indicated in the Sponsor Note, our students and graduates are eligible to apply to ECFMG for ECFMG Certification and USMLE® as a step towards ECFMG Certification. They are also approved to participate in the U.S. Federal Direct Loan Program (sometimes referred to as Title-IV). Starting at 5,950 USD, we offer the lowest tuition amongst all accredited medical schools. AUA, St. George’s, and Ross are the only three Caribbean medical schools that have approval by the New York State Education Department and the Florida Department of Education, recognition from the Medical Board of California, and accreditation from CAAM-HP. Moreover, Saint James is also the first Caribbean medical school to provide a USMLE Step 1 Pass Guarantee. Caribbean Medical School 2019 Rankings. The best medical school in the Caribbean is The University of the West Indies.

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