bias binding foot basics

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November 29th, 2020

Can you tell me how to sew bias tape around neck opening, and the size of finished bias tape to use? I’m going to play with it now. I’ve had this singer binding foot hanging around and was really curious how it worked. Website designed by Erin Weisbart. If you have a foot yourself (or plan on getting one, or are just curious to know a little more), I’ve put together a list of tricks that I figured out while sewing with this foot. Use a seam ripper to help you thread the tape into the machine. Before sewing your fashion fabric, try a test run on some scraps and extra bias tape (of the same size!) I have an assortment of specialty sewing machine feet, most of them given to me by my mom (thanks, ma!). Once in place check the needle lines up as you want. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail, Cotton & Steel Wonderland Cotton at The Confident Stitch, Enchanted Seed Pods Double Gauze at I’ve been working on a project that has involved a LOT of bias tape. This is very clearly shown in the video tutorial for the foot. If you have ever needed to bind yards of circle skirt hem or ruffles for a summer frock then you will understand what a godsend the bias binding foot is. When I got the tape close to the end of the feeder I stabbed the seam ripper into and pulled it the rest of the way through (kind of like how you’re NOT supposed to use your chopsticks.). I found this quite frustrating initially as I couldn’t get it through the other end enough to get a grip on it. Snip your binding to a point and slide the two halves of the binding into the top and bottom channels with the fold to the right. Copyright 2014-2018. The binding channels can be adusted to fit the width of your binding with thescrew to the front right of the foot. Your email address will not be published. You are now ready to insert the main body of fabric being bound. You have your binding, either shop bought or home made. Your email address will not be published. So, I changed plans. You dont have to pin the binding all the way around whatever youre sewing before you attach this binding foot. Gently feed the binding throughand inder the matel portion of the foot. After you have successfully threaded the bias tape into your bias binding foot you attach it to the machine. 4. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. You are now ready to insert the main body of fabric being bound. The more narrow the bias tape you use the easier it will be to get it nicely around curves, but the fussier it is to do the sewing, so it’s a trade off. The video demonstrates how to create a mire corner for your projects, which I advise you to check out once you have mastered the basics of this foot. I am researching this technicque, as I may need to acquire the one for my serger instead. Move your needle. It bunched and didn’t feed and got all frustrating. Slip it between the two edges of the binding into the center groove of the plastic portion of the presser foot. My feeder goes in at a 45 degree angle. Sorry I’m not more help! Yup in one smooth process you sew both sides of the binding at once. If you need to adust you can either use the left or right needle positions or the smaller screw at the back of the foot will allow the whole plastic portion, and the fabric it now hold, to move to the correct position. Mistake. I tend to pin or clip the binding in place when I first attach the foot to my sewing machine. Hold your fabric and bias tape at the same angle as your feeder. The first step is to thread your bias tape into the... 2. If you get frustrated putting on binding because you sometimes miss catching the back of the binding and get little gaps you need this! 1. After you have successfully threaded the bias tape into your bias binding... 3. The first step is to thread your bias tape into the bias tape foot. Here is a good question regarding using the bias foot on your sewing machine, have you tried sewing with lycra staps to bind a swimsuit with the foot? Perfect binding every time, once you have mastered the use of this foot. Adjustable screw for different binding sizes up to 1 inch wide. 2. 3. 5. I found I had best results when I sewed slowly, holding the fabric and bias tape at that same 45 degree angle. You just feed the binding into the binding foot while you feed the fabric in. However, I was initially trying to line up the start of the edge of the fabric with the edge of the bias tape. to ensure that your needle position actually catches your tape on both top and bottom.

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