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November 29th, 2020

It was mentioned in Shakespeare’s King Lear and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. And guess what it means “man or warrior”. Drew: English name shortened from Andrew meaning Warrior. Apart from its association with the adorable cartoon character, Oswald also has literary connections. Alexander was not the only king who was conferred the title ‘The Great’. Of Finnish origin, the name means “helmet warrior”. It was also the 12th most popular boy's name in 2019 and a total classic judging by the number of kings going back centuries named Henry. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the US and had the vision to unite the nation. He played a critical role in the rise of the Roman Empire. This old Cornish name got an entirely new identity via Denzel Washington. It was a common name in Israel throughout the middle ages. You want your son to be an “ illustrious warrior”, then pick this. Oswald. Fort is a French name and originates from the ancient Saint Fort. King George III was one of the most influential kings of Ireland and the UK. When parents search for baby names for boys, they look for this criterion: it should be intense, powerful and must be able to stand the test of time. Name your bonny boy Nolan and it is already the last name of Christopher Nolan. Brian is one of the most famous Irish imports baby boy names. The name is of Latin origin. Of Cornish origin, it can be spelt with just one “l” too. He stood vehemently for love, courage, and bravery and fought for the rights of those who had no voice or chose not to speak. Sounds a little long, but this German name means a “strong boar and brave”. The name is rising steadily in popularity along with other Biblical names Ezra and Asher. Of Irish origin, the name sounds different and is unheard of. The name means ‘powerful’. Flamma means “gladiator” in Greek and the name sounds really contemporary. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Arsenio: Arsenio is a Spanish name, meaning ‘virile and strong’. It was the name of the long-reigning queen of Judea. Narendra Modi, India’s current Prime Minister, is the second most followed politician on Twitter after Barack Obama. Of Greek origin, the name means “youthful and downy”. The name means “lighting” in Arabic and will make sure your boy strikes like a bolt of lightning everywhere. This moniker has been borne by several powerful men in the history, including Joseph II, the first Austrian dominion ruler from House of Lorraine. The name Muhammad was the most popular in the UK last year. Apart from building a reputation of a serious thinker, Bill is also a philanthropist. The name means “strong” in Latin and is a quirky yet powerful name. British Prime Minister David Cameroon is another powerful leader of this generation. Some will be familiar to you; others will not. He worked towards his goal relentlessly until his assassination in 1865. A Greek name that means “sea strength”. Aristotle contributed in every field of human knowledge. Short and succinct, Gus means “one strength” in Gaelic. A Hebrew name that means strength. We loved the pleasing sound of this name. Short, sweet and contemporary, this Arabic name means “saviour”. The name Henry for a little boy was surprisingly more popular in the late 1800s, but it's still going strong today. Strong Male names Starting with the letter D. Donal: Irish name meaning proud chief. Of Irish origin, the name means “helmet of will”. It is a different take on Eric. Garrett is an Irish name, which was once in the top 100 list, but slipped in popularity. A different name with an African origin and means fighter. A Latin name which means “greatest”. The name means “healthy guardian”. A popular last name, it means “strong warrior in Welsh and is gaining popularity as a first name. A bird born from its own ashes, Phoenix is a symbol of renewal and never giving up. The origin is unknown but the name means “strong ruler”. A common last name, you could use it if it sounds great with your last name. With Anglo-Saxon origins, this name means “wild boar,” or “strong.” Liam It’s associated with St. Swithin’s Day, who was a famous weather predictor. Even Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Hounsou chose this name for their son. Kenji is a Japanese name with several meanings- “intelligent second son”, “strong” and “vigorous”. If you fancy a Hungarian name for your baby, then this one fits the bill. The name means “warrior” in Scandinavian. This name has been on the US popularity list since the 1930s. Strong-willed, strength, exalted, brave—choose a name with a powerful meaning that will grow with your baby. Just keep reading. Gabriel was the archangel who heralded the news of Jesus Christ’s birth. The name sounds different and will definitely catch on.

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