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November 29th, 2020

Next she faced Ronnet Connington, and was pleased to take him down as well for the scorn he had showed her years ago. Lady Serala was burned alive. Crabbs, Brunes, and Boggses fought with Rhaegar at the Trident, while a Hardy, a Cave, a Pyne, and three Crabbs served in the Kingsguard. After securing a room, Brienne takes a bath. Dick leads Brienne and Podrick along the coast through villages that get smaller and smaller as they progress. Ser Hyle materializes at that point. As she ponders, she gets lost and takes a wrong turn. She starts back the way she came and collides with a boy. Brienne feels sympathy for him and remembers the day Ser Ronnet Connington had come to see her at Evenfall when she was twelve and he eighteen. Most are farmers, but there is also a pair of wealthy townsmen and a skinny boy on a piebald horse.1 At the gate, the guards bar her way at first, but let her pass when they see she is a woman. Even after the kingdom was absorbed into a larger, Hollard continued to serve Darklyn until the Defiance of Duskendale. Brienne buys the dwarf dinner and ponders what he told her. She tells Podrick that when they enter the wilderness and have to make their own camp, he will stay awake to watch her sleep and make sure Dick does not pull anything. Brienne realizes it is the boy she saw at the gate that morning. Dick calls out, and a man appears. Brienne mentions the brothers she saw headed for King's Landing, and the dwarf reveals that hundreds of brothers, septons, and smallfolk, which he names sparrows, are on there way to the city. The next day, it rains all day as they carry on. One day, he does try to steal Brienne's gold, but her saddlebags are merely a decoy filled mostly with flour, and she keeps her gold well hidden on her person. Brienne lunges towards Pyg and kills him quickly. 7 comments. 4 A few days later, a man named Nimble Dick was in the same establishment boasting that he had "fooled a fool." As he turns down a road, she realizes he was at Rosby as well and must be following her. He was saving the cock for last, but he was summoned to King's Landing and killed Vargo before he left. As they travel, Dick sings and tells stories of Crackclaw Point. The boy falls and lands in the mud. The dwarf had served at a holy house near Maidenpool until it was burned by Northmen and then further ransacked by sellswords, who killed everyone but him because he was able to squeeze inside a log to hide. He describes how Aegon sent Visenya to subdue the people of Crackclaw Point after Harrenhal was burned. After several days travel through forests and bogs, they arrive at the Whispers. Brienne wonders if the third could be Tyrion. She thinks this could mean the Wall, Riverrun, or the Vale, but cannot decide which one. She can tell the rider is a small man, and fears it is Ser Shadrich. She hopes that if it comes to a fight, Shadrich will underestimate her because she is a woman just as Lord Grandison's castellan had. The inn is crowded when she returns, but a dwarf holy brother gives up his seat for her. After that, her father no longer tried to arrange a marriage for her. Brienne orders him to dig a grave for Dick. Brienne realizes it is Pyg. Brienne cannot begin to guess which Stark bannerman she may have run to and wonders if she would have fled to relatives instead. Brienne buys the dwarf dinner and ponders what he told her. She thinks back to her interrogation of Brella in King's Landing, who now serves as a washerwoman at a brothel because no noble will hire a servant that served two traitors. Brienne gives Dick her sword and draws Oathkeeper. Brienne asks the dwarf if he has seen Sansa or Dontos, and the brother reveals he saw a fool in Maidenpool.3 He says the man was in an establishment called the Stinking Goose looking for passage for three across the Narrow Sea. and preventing him from bleeding to death. Lord Denys had taken a Myrish woman, Serala, as his wife, who gained the name the Lace Serpent for the poisons she supposedly whispered in his ear. Each night, they stay at an inn, but Brienne does not trust Dick at all and makes him sleep with other travelers in the common bed. As for the Hollards, Ser Jon Hollard served as Lord Denys's steward and was married to his sister, so he and his young son died with her. Her master-at-arms, Ser Goodwin, always used to tell her that men would want to best her quickly for pride's sake, and her best strategy was to conserve her strength as they spent theirs before striking. As dawn breaks, she looks around her at the people waiting to enter. Podrick hits Shagwell with a second rock as he tries to recover his weapon, and he yields. Brienne had responded that she would only accept chastisement from a man who could beat her in the yard, and she broke Ser Humfrey's collarbone and two ribs in the subsequent sparring match. Dontos was therefore made a squire and never returned to Duskendale. This thread is archived. Brienne wonders if the third could be Tyrion.4 A few days later, a man named Nimble Dick was in the same establishment boasting that he had "fooled a fool." She goes to sleep dreaming of the melee, but it is Jaime who gives her the cloak of the Rainbow Guard when she is victorious. She is blamed for planting the idea in Lord Denys's head to kidnap King Aerys. Brienne shows her self to save Willow. After her bath, Brienne walks to the Dun Fort to inquire after the lord of the town. AFfC 25 Brienne V: AFfC 26 Samwell III: AFfC 31 Brienne VI: Re-read cycle 1 discussion. For half a year, Lord Denys held Aerys in Duskendale as Lord Tywin Lannister encamped an army outside but dared not attack because Denys threatened to kill the king. The lord's master-at-arms, Symon Hollard, led the party that took the king and killed Ser Gwayne Gaunt in the taking. AFFC Brienne VI Book 4, Chapter 32. 100% Upvoted. More than an hour outside of town, Brienne comes to a fork in the road and the ruins of a castle. The woman agrees to do the job, but it will not be done until the next day and she suggests Brienne take a room at the Seven Swords across the street, named for the seven members of House Darklyn that served in the Kingsguard, more than any other house in the realm. Instead, Aerys executed him as well as all his brothers, his sister, his uncles, and his cousins to extinguish the line. The inhabitants of Crackclaw Point sucessfully repelled the Andals from their lands, but eventually intermarried with them. Warning: Footnotes may contain spoilers from later chapters or books. Seeing three merlons crowned with yellow sandstone, Brienne realizes the ruined castle once belonged to House Hollard. The three of them made for Maidenpool, but could not get near a ship. He passes by the castle, so she decides to ambush him by sneaking up behind him to give his horse a whack with her tourney sword. She is leery of going to Maidenpool with Lord Randyll there, but decides it is the best course of action. Brienne tells Dick to come with her while Podrick watches the horses. That was the end of their betrothal, the third that had fallen through. Crackclaw Point - Crackclaw point is a rugged lands of bogs and forests. Timeon says Sandor has her and was making for Riverrun. When asked what it should be replaced with, Brienne describes a design recalled from her father's armory,2 as she dare not carry her own arms while people still believe she killed Renly. AFFC Brienne V. Besides being one of many synchronicities between Jaime and Brienne in Feast, these two prayers also reinforce that the two understand and … In the end, Ser Barristan Selmy managed to enter the town and rescue the king, after which Lord Denys opened his gates and begged for mercy. He tells Brienne that the Brave Companions have scattered. The day after that, they arrive outside Dyre Den, where Lord Eustace Brune has his seat. She thinks about the melee at Bitterbridge.1 Her anger at her suitors gave her incredible strength, and she took them down one by one, Richard Farrow, Edmund Ambrose, Mark Mullendore, Raymond Nayland, Will the Stork, Harry Sawyer, and Robin Potter. On her way back to the castle, Brienne is dejected at her failure. The three Crabbs were Ser Clement, Ser Rupert, and Ser Clarence the Short, so named because even though he was six feet tall, he was still shorter than the semi-legendary Ser Clarence so revered in the region.

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