custom strat pickguards

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November 29th, 2020

OPTIONAL ADD-ON – Matching Trem Cover*Select this option if you would like a matching trem cover (cut from the same material sheet). Specialty colors are particularly difficult to capture/show true images. Allow and expect variation in color due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage. OPTIONAL ADD-ON – Pickguard Mounting Screws*Select this option to include mounting screws for your new guard. ~~WHAT’S INCLUDED~~*1 Custom Designed Non-Returnable PickguardNOTHING ELSE is included. YOUR CHOICE – Bridge / Trem Cut Options*Choose from standard or Floyd Rose cut styles or select “None (uncut)” if you do not wish to have a trem space routed. This item is not eligible for return. *Standard trem cut options can be selected with standard bridge pickup rout placement or with forward placement ~ 5/8” from trem cut (Lonestar Style). We offer many Styles and Materials to choose from including Pearloid, Tortoise, Sparkle, Acrylic, Mirror/Metal Look, Transparent, Ply and more. DO NOT PURCHASE if you are unsure of your requirements, needs or ability to make any required adjustments for your newly custom designed guard. YOUR CHOICE – Control Options*None (uncut/undrilled, do-it-yourself)*Standard Blade Style Switch Cut (standard/blade/knife style)--Choice of Countersunk SRV style or Standard Mounting Holes*Up to 3 Mini Switches*Gibson Style Toggle Switch Hole (standard or So-Cal position)*Root Style--Note that Root Style toggle switch selection is not available with pot hole positions 2, 2.5, or 3. Ask in advance and we are happy to provide fit/compatibility information or make special arrangements if possible. Whether you have something a bit off the beaten path or want something totally new, you can get what you need here! Some hole placements will not be compatible with certain routing or may be too closely positioned for standard knob sizes. WD®, the WD logo, and logo / artwork design(s), are registered trademarks of WD Music Products, Inc.®, the logo, and logo / artwork design(s), are registered trademarks of WD Music Products, Inc. Kluson®, the Kluson logo, Kluson stylized K, Kluson pinstripes and logo / artwork design(s), are registered trademarks of WD Music Products, Inc. ... Sale! We also provide pickguard production services for the industry's leading stringed instrument manufacturers including both large scale household brands and limited production boutique builders. Images provided are representations only. Take your time for installation; do not use power tools and do not over-tighten screws or other components. Copyright © 2001-2020 Dragonfire Guitars. YOUR CHOICE – Pot Hole Positions*We can send these custom guards without any holes (undrilled so you can drill how and where you like) or with pot/toggle/mini switch holes drilled in the position of your choice. *A reference image is provided (image is NOT to scale and is provided as a reference only). Click the images to enlarge as needed. *Floyd Rose Cut pickguards are designed for a Floyd Rose Tremolo rather than a Standard Strat Trem set-up. ~~PURCHASE NOTES~~These guards will not fit anything other than specifically noted compatible models. While our standard pickguard models are produced as drop-in replacements for stock OEM pickguards we specialize in modifying these standard templates to accommodate any customized control or pickup configuration. Custom Guitar and Bass Necks and Bodies, Pickups, Bridges, Tuners, and Pickguards at Warmoth - The Original Custom Guitar Shop! Although less valuable than the original vintage Strats, many of the guitars below are excellent working guitars with great features. If you would prefer countersunk pickup openings (available for single coil styles), let us know.--None (Uncut) for no pickup opening--Strat® Single Coil in multiple styles: Straight or Slanted as well as Reverse Slanted & Lipstick--Humbucker in multiple styles: Square or Rounded corner as well as Standard or Angled, Deluxe / Lonestar (if you need the bridge moved 1/8” closer to the neck), Mini, Lipstick & Wide Range--Soapbar P90 (NO Mounting Holes) Note that pot hole Position 1 is not recommended for this pickup rout style--Tele Bridge & Tele Neck*Not all options will work with standard body routing. If you do not want any holes drilled, simply select “NONE” on every Position Option.--P1 – Position #1 – Standard Strat Volume Hole--P1.5 – Position #1.5 – Slight Offset between P1 and P2--P2 – Position #2 – Standard Strat Middle Tone--P2.5 – Position #2.5 – Slight Offset between P2 & P3--P3 – Position #3 – Standard Strat Bottom Tone--P4 – Position #4 – Offset*IMPORTANT NOTES--Position #4 may not fit in all Strat routs and additional routing may be required with this selection.--Control Pot holes are compatible with full-size or mini-pots.--Be sure to check your control option selections and compatibility with hole selections/placement.--Positions # 1.5 & 4 are not recommended to be selected for the same build unless using mini pots as there would not be enough space for standard control pot placement.--We will drill as you select. Acoustic Custom Gibson Dove Style Pickguard – St. Peter’s Basilica $ 29.99 $ 19.99; Acoustic Pink Abalone Sheet Stock – Custom Iridescent Pickguard Blank. Check the product images for general reference and options. ESP® is a registered trademark of ESP Company, Limited. Diagrams/instructions NOT INCLUDED. Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items. Body modifications may be required depending on your selections. Custom Designed Strat PickguardBrand New Guards Built to OrderChoose Your Own Unique Guard Design.

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