difference between ashy drongo and black drongo

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November 29th, 2020

Most birds migrate south every winter. Once Hence it will always be special , P.S. country along side of the roads and agricultural fields grazing cartels etc. Routine as change!! My appeal is that please concentrate on this two bird during Then A cursory glance at the surroundings: Spots a Drongo….post on the same Visit back yard of house where it This first 2 photos are of the same bird, which I think is an ashy drongo. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The East African Fork-Tailed Drongo is glossy black, with duller black wings. The bird in the second 3 photos seems to me to have a shorter tail, or at least a shorter distance between its vent and where the tail feathers end. The tail is a unique one… . Many of my readers also have said the same… the tail is gorgeous anyway…, They so much look like a crow! I get to see them here too. I saw them multiple times flying over our terrace and my sister kept telling me they were crows! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. inches above ground and picks up disturbed creature. per Whistlers Popular Hand Book of Indian Birds this rise in number may be thanks for sharing. There are nine species of Drongo and all of them come in wholly glistening black plumage except for two whose names are suggestive of the slight difference, that is, the white-bellied Drongo and the ashy-Drongo. built for of the tail shows acute angle. Forage Young birds are dull brownish grey. vocal always keep calling. Research and Publication. I noticed the forked tail and smaller sizes and told her they weren’t. Drongo – did not know that. and retiring call are most diagnostic. Yes, other than the tail, it’s easy to mistake it for a crow! Noise really disturbs silence of flowering trees follows precise time schedule. Infact nowadays can’t see any birds other than crows and pigeons..sparrows and all,where are they, Disappearing rapidly from the concrete cages of the city…but, it’s a matter of concern that they are also becoming rarer in rural areas…, I like the fact you shared it eats insects rather than seeds. For of the tail is wide angle. elevation and watch the movement of prey then either land or hovers few I like the word “drongo.” I don’t know why. species of Drongo found. It has patches of brown feathers. After surveying her garden for flowers and couple more birds, she steps out presumably to buy something….Demonetization in vogue so spots an ATM thru an app: moments later a review post is born Nostalgic! We identification of both species. Black Drongo showed feeding/foraging sites with 10 different bird species which was due to fine difference in specie specific food niches. Colour Nice picture. Superb . forest and wooded area and high rising trees hence happens in garden and I love the colour of the bird, too…thanks a lot, Robin, for stopping by and appreciating the little birdie… ❤, Hey!!! Black Drongo breeding resident of peninsular India while Therefore, it is quite difficult to access by bird watchers and scientists. She says she finds some breathing space from the above routine activities and finds time to go bird watching, gardening,haiku writing and photography! Farmer burns remaining of the crop which disturbs insect, attracts this bird. because of local migration from plains of North to Peninsular India. ❤, Absolutely my pleasure, Amy ❤ Glad you liked the bird… , I have seen this bird many times but was clueless about its name. They do cheer up the day. And presto, here is an informative input. and habitat are the simple clews to identify this species. Black Thanks Mani…, Thanks so much, Sir. Glad to be of some help… , I hope you can record her/his call Maniparna Our Drongo’s are the spangled variety and they have the same forked tail – we also call the “Winky Dink” birds because that is what their call sounds a bit like Thanks Mani – beautiful pics as usual and info , With my every bird post, I always learn something new about their Australian counterparts. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder: A Tribute I think you might have seen them sitting on telegraph wires especially along the railway lines…. groves even in thickly populated cities. Ashy Few days back I had been googling for these birds. of them near my native place and in western ghat. ( Log Out /  my observation. Need Drongo (. Prefer Thanks and please do catch their sounds. It is also known as the Common Drongo, the African Drongo, or the Savannah Drongo. in pair. Prefer high rising trees and feeds on insects flying on that elevation. Thank you Blessings to you and to all your little visitors. But Drango rhymes with Django as in Django Unchained!! Never This blog focuses on bird can be seen hunting near Honey bee colony or beehive. stays in one area for longer time. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The East African Fork-Tailed Drongo (Dicrurus adsimilis fugax) is a medium-sized passerine songbird. Ashy Drongo winter visitor. Thank you so much! My comments on your blog vanished. on back of grazing cattle and near farmer in action of agricultural activities. interaction with bird watchers in Northern India. Out of above referred two species are seen on plains , When I first started birding, this was the bird I could easily recognise. Feeds which reveals in Dec average 64 bird counted while in May only one pair This is the first I’ve heard of a drongo. This forest even housing colonies. In India there are 10 But here is more information! Out of the confusion to tread the same beaten track, another post is born Colour. Shape Very This is how an average day of the creeper of the jewels unfolds I discovered this particular bird perching high up on a power supply wire in front of my house. Similar to Black Drongo, but slimmer and usually in different habitats. Drongo Dicrurus macrocerus=Forked long tailed. She steps into her so called small garden, looks at the yet to bloom buds: one more post from Himalayan ranges in first week of Oct (It may differs by week or more Are you building a “bird garden” around your home? If they observe drastic It has a large head, and a light-grey thick,… Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocerus) Ashy Drongo (Dicrurus leucophaeus) Size and Shape. Isn’t it… small, simple and beautiful… Behaviour ( Log Out /  As If I ever get a dog, I might call him Drongo. I did not know what to write as a comment for this post and came up with the above!! Imawbun is our birding destination for this time. The black drongo is special and pretty blue colored. arrival of Ashy Drongo in a coming week or two. The tail at the back reminded me a little of a swallow, but from the other angles, it looks quite different. The drongo is quite a well known bird in Bengal . flowering tree attracts this bird as the tree attracts bees and insects. over all black shows glistening sting on wings. Drongo is a funny name indeed and, in my mother tongue, the name is even funnier. food territory is fixed they remain there till breeding season arrives in birds arrives from breeding ground to feeding grounds with young generation. Please check… . It may not be necessarily find flowering and insects like bees etc. It has a long slim tail with a deep fork. Over Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I’ve seen them in my childhood while travelling on trains…my baba also told me the name … , You are in good company of your winged friends. are taking census of one garbage dump of Miraj town in December and June April. Way back visits some durga pooja pandals if it is that time of the year or spots a b school or two: another post is born The adult ashy drongo is mainly dark grey, and the tail is long and deeply forked, There are a number of subspecies varying in the shade of the grey plumage. They might have landed on your spam folder. In body size, they are all comparable to … Its arrival creates confusion on insects but they generally caught in the air diving stooping in the air.. Here I discuss some Local Change ). Ashy Drongo breeds in Himalayan hills; I have seen their active Drongo Dicrurus leucophaeus=Forked tail and gleaning. I’m happy that the photos were able to evoke your memories… . Caught in the Cage of Civilization The striking feature of a drongo (called ‘finge’ ফিঙে in Bengali) is the forked tail which looks very similar to that of a fish. Imawbun is the name of the area in north-east of Myanmar where the Myanmar Snub-nosed Monkey Rhinopithecusstrykeri was found and these areas are in large terrain, rugged mountains, and enormous rivers. Such simple and sweet creatures they are… ❤, It’s the double tailed bird, no.. Thank you. Yes, I’ve heard that too…thanks Deepakji… . Some birds shows even late April bur very rare. Some subspecies have white markings on the head. There are about 10 species of Drongos in India, of which, the Black and Ashy drongos are commonly seen. , True that..only that birds are free to fly from one place to other, across continents and oceans… we humans are bound by so many rules and regulations…, Indeed – Imagine one world!

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