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November 29th, 2020

Selectives from ClosetMaid and The Home Depot, a white tower based laminate system that can be paired with door and drawer accessories for closet organization. Highly... ClosetMaid Style+ is a stylish, yet affordable. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. This unit was fairly easy to construct and install. The shelf can be easily repositioned in the existing spacers. First Standard; Start at left end and insert the first standard into the track lining up with the vertical stud line mark you made in step T-2. W - 112 in. I actually even had to hack the inner slider bars on the right side because at 30 inches the inner bar blocks the fasten hole of the outer. The instructions tell you when to verify the 'fixed' shelf locations if you're installing drawers in the unit. to fit a variety of closet sizes, this starter kit offers durable laminate construction with a white finish for years of sturdy use. Organiser Kit Installation Instruction Sheets. on ClosetMaid 12” and 16” All-Purpose (SuperSlide/Linen) Shelving as well as Heavy Duty Shelving We suggest you install the Hang Rod Assembly on the shelf at the warehouse prior to transporting for installation (per instruction in TotalSlide Pro Installation Video) Please follow TotalSlide Pro Hang Rod Assembly handling instructions W White Narrow Wood Closet System, Adjustable Shelves,Assembly Required,Door Available,Drawer Available,Fixed Shelves,Kit,Scratch Resistant, Adjustable Shelves,Cut-to-Fit,Fixed Shelves. Perfect for my baby's closet. I wanted it to fit in 1/2 of a closet allowing for sliding doors to open and expose it, but also to have enough room to allow for hanging of clothes to the right of the unit. W - 113 in. The little pegs pop right out even when there is nothing on the shelf. All the parts have their names printed on the back (so helpful). I really wanted a double hanging side and a long-hanging side, and with a cheap hacksaw I was able to get the results I wanted (see pictures). It's a particle board with a laminate finish. Nice quality but will need to cut bars to fit.. All of our Standard Layouts / Packages & Custom Designs will come complete with a full set of installation instructions. We will need to cut the metal bars to fit with the shelves in the middle of the closet. Find the hole in the standard that is the second up from the bottom and mark it … The work around is simple. The clean, versatile design creates shelving storage in closets and throughout the home. S Steps. The shelving tower can be used alone or in combination with other Style+ items, creating a personalized solution. W - 113 in. Organise Kits by ClosetMaid are available from Organise My Home with innovative wire shelving, allowing you to maximise the storage space in your closet / built in wardrobe, or simply create wardrobe space by installing these kits to a wall. Answer a few questions, and for just $5, in a few days we’ll provide two professional design variations, including a product parts list and options for where to buy. Instead of using a 'fixed' shelf in this location, you'll want to use an 'adjustable' shelf. Creates up to 8 ft. of shelf space and 12 ft. of hanging space for all your closet storage needs, Sturdy white laminate construction offers solid support, Nearly doubles the usable space in your closet, perfect for shoes, towels, toys or accessories, Combine with other pieces in the selective collection for a complete closet system, Selectives 25 in. ClosetMaid Installation Instruction Sheets. No glue was provided for the pegs, nor any other fastener. 84-120 is the width that the tower and rods that will fit. My only 'complaint' with this unit would have to be with the wall mounting brackets. The instructions are really easy to understand and are broken down into 10-11 steps. Durning assembly the shelf holders kept popping out and went behind other furniture I cannot move. ClosetMaid: ClosetMaid: ClosetMaid: ClosetMaid: Name: Selectives 29 in. If you’re looking for a solution to help you get organized, a ClosetMaid closet system is the perfect place to start. Which isn’t the end of the world, but misleading for a quick afternoon project where the packaging says it fits 4-9 foot closets? Nothing too fancy and quite honestly for what you're paying, you shouldn't be surprised.

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