dobsonian goto upgrade kit

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November 29th, 2020

AC/DC adapter for SynScan GoTo Mount. EQ1 RA DRIVE. To upgrade a DOB Traditional, DOB Collapsible, or Newtonian reflector telescope with a SynScan Dob GOTO upgrade kit. GoTo system Automatically locates and tracks more than 42,900 celestial targets with pushbutton ease. Go GoTo! ServoCAT GOTO Drive. About. Farpoint Upgrade Kit – Zhumell Z10 includes four of Farpoint’s most popular items to enhance Zhumell Z10 Dobsonians: Collimation Knobs and Springs, Lifting Straps, Light Shield, and Magnetic Bag Weight. Sky-Watcher - The worlds largest telescope manufacturer. Such a combination makes for a dream telescope, to be sure, delivering lots of aperture, practical portability and the convenience of automatic tracking and push-button object finding. SYNSCAN HAND CONTROL V4. This kit offers the easiest and quickest way to improve your Z10 and compatible Dobsonians. Simply tighten 8 pcs of screws and install the encoders. Fully computerized GoTo system finds and automatically tracks any of 42,000 celestial objects. Click here for dimensions and ordering. Polar Scope For AZEQ5 Mounts. HEQ5 UPGRADE SKYSCAN KIT. EQ6 extension tube (white) Power Cable for SynScan. DOB 8" SynScan Upgrade Kit. Skywatcher 12” Dobsonian Upgrade Kit for GOTO Features RS-232 CABLE. With the upgrade kit, all you have to do is to do alignment once then let the system take care of showing you what viewing targets are available for your time and location. Enjoy more viewing time once you’ve upgraded your manual Dobsonian into a full GoTo computerized telescope. EQ3 RA DRIVE. They can be used to control either a Dobsonian or an equatorial mount telescope. SkyWatcher 8” Dobsonian Upgrade Kit for GOTO Skywatcher 8" Dobsonian Upgrade Kit for GOTO upgrades your Standard Dobsonian to Full GoTo and Tracking Mount. SynScan Handset for HEQ5. It takes only 10 minutes to install it. NEQ6 GOTO KIT SKY-UPGRADE. Upgrade kit installs easily and requires no modification to the SkyView Pro equatorial mount. EQ5 RA DRIVE. The Stellar Cat system is a complete electronic control package allowing the control of a telescope using either a Sky Commander or Argo Navis Digital Setting Circles as the reference. KIT contains everything you need for the automation of the SkyWatcher and ORION Dobson telescopes. The Orion SkyQuest XT12g Dobsonian is perfect for the advanced viewer that wants to see details on the Moon and planets as well as faint deep-sky objects. Upgrade your standard SkyView Pro telescope or mount to enjoy computerized GoTo object location and tracking with this upgrade kit. DOB 12" SynScan Upgrade Kit. It is available for both Solid tube and Collapsible types. But there’s the cost! Dobsonian Upgrade Kits for GOTO. SynScan Handset for EQ6. SynScan Handset for AZ SynScan. Parts and kits: Components for the ATM: The "ETT" (Easy Transport Telescope) Telescopes for sale: Links: Contact Us: Pricing: Payments Paypal and Credit Cards . DOB 10" SynScan Upgrade Kit. SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter. The kit is easy to fit and assemble. EQ2 RA DRIVE. Synscan Tour Computerised Hand Control. Product Content EZ PUSH TO Hardware Kit EZ PUSH TO Android App Free Shipping (to mainland U ... GSO manufactured Dobsonian, such as Zhumell Z, Apertura AD, Astro-Tec (older version), Orion Skyline etc. DobsonDream4 upgrade kit is a Push-TO DSC upgrade kit for SkyWatcher and ORION Dobson telescopes. Up to now, mating a high-tech GoTo computer system to a Dobsonian-style reflector required kits costing thousands of dollars. CONTACT US. EQ5 Upgrade Kit for GOTO. Consult us by email if you have any questions. Lightbridge (or any dobsonian rockerbox) upgrades: Click here for info. EQ3 DA DRIVE. EQ5 DA DRIVE. USB to Serial converter. EQ3 Upgrade Kit for GOTO.

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