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November 29th, 2020

(See this Plus article to find out more.). And this gives a Universe that is spatially infinite. If there's no last number, then it's zero. In the article, George Ellis says "If a physics argument or any other argument depends on these paradoxical arguments [such as Hilbert's Hotel] it is a false argument and should be replaced by something else". Nature of infinity re: integer numbers... Singularity, infinitely dense, infinitely hot?? "To a mathematician infinity is simply a number without limit, to a physicist it's a monstrosity" says Prof Michio Kaku (the one with the long silver hair) on the occasion of deriving infinity from black hole tensor equations when distance from the centre = 0. Cookies help us deliver our site. Accordingly I distinguish an eternal uncreated infinity or absolutum which is due to God and his attributes, and a created infinity or transfinitum, which has to be used wherever in the created nature an actual infinity has to be noticed, for example, with respect to, according to my firm conviction, the actually infinite number of created individuals, in the universe as well as on our earth and, most … You can look through the history of ideas and mathematics and physics, and it would be an option for people to say, 'I believe in mathematical infinities or not,' or, 'I believe or disbelieve in physical infinities,' or, 'I believe and disbelieve in any other type of transcendental infinity.' All Rights Reserved. In other regions though, because of spatial variations in the make up of the universe, inflation might go on forever. (“Who’s afraid of a big black hole” BBC, Horizon, YouTube). Do such infinities exist in the Universe? This is the non-computational reality of the infinity. (“Strip the cosmos: Black Holes”, YouTube). One situation in which such an actual infinity could arise in the Universe is within a black hole, which forms when a massive object like a star, for example, starts collapsing in on itself with nothing stopping it. There is the mathematical concept of infinity on the one hand, which holds, for example that a line is infinitely divisible, and the physical concept on the other, which concerns real quantities and phenomena that may or may not exist in nature. ", "In many religious traditions, that totality [of everything] might even be the same thing as God or some other cosmic ultimate. The definition of rationalism with examples. For example, numbers have potential to grow infinitely large but you wouldn't have time to count to infinity unless time itself is infinite. At the same time, the very same spacetime can be chopped up in such a way that at any time it's spatially infinite, so it's an infinite, expanding Universe." But there's another type of infinity that Aristotle talked about, actual infinity. For example: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 24, 55, and so forth. Yet surely it is just the very impossibility of infinity that enables and explains a central proposition of relativity – the impossibility of accelerating an object with mass to the speed of light. (;-{}. Ah, the fresh air! The description of integer infinity that I gave above creates an interesting view. The concept of 1-1=0 is a manifested concept to create a numerical measurement to something that doesn't exist. Image: TheCulinaryGeek. In various cases this is proved, but it's far from being proved in general; it's a very difficult mathematical problem.". An actual infinity is … In a subject like cosmology, there are lots of infinities like that and most people are quite happy with them. Elsewhere on this website, in a discussion on the Law of Nature concept, I argue that this expression too embodies a deliberate contradiction, even a jocular oxymoron not to be taken too literally or allowed to mystify us since it means the opposite or at least non-existence of what it apparently designates - a law. With his general theory of relativity Einstein told us that time and space are inextricably linked, hence the term spacetime. It's infinite, but you never reach or experience the infinity. There are some cases where people use infinity in its deep sense; in the paradoxical sense. You can find every permutation of beliefs and disbeliefs. It's one less than infity... plus another one :), I see no paradox at all. If you enjoyed this page, please consider bookmarking Simplicable. In other words it doesn't exist. I think it's really neat that we can get suggestive evidence for such a rich, and multifaceted, and interesting picture [in which] the Universe is infinite.". That gives us a lot of confidence in inflation, but it also has very interesting side effects.". "Some such theories say there was no beginning and others say there was," says Ellis. [It may be expanding] forever and getting infinitely big, but at any time it's finite. It could go either way. Examples of actual infinity can be designed in theory but it is often unknown if these can truly exist as they may create paradoxes or rely on unknowns. Infinity: a hot dog with everything? "When you look at the Universe, how far you can see is strictly limited, because the Universe has been in existence for a finite time, for around 14 billion years," says George Ellis, a cosmologist from the University of Cape Town. But the accepted theories of physics, Einstein's general theory of relativity and quantum physics, don't apply at that moment. This infinity refers to a 'realm of quality' and is a non-calculable entity, whereas the particles of number viewed inside are calculable, yet infinite. Richard Feynman said that the most important thing he would want to leave to future generations, if he had to just leave one thing to them, was the statement, "Matter is made of atoms." For example, the set of integers is … In the real world there is no such thing as infinity. It's hard to imagine so it's tempting to conclude that the Universe doesn't have an edge and therefore that it must be infinite. We don't have a definite theory that can describe it, only a host of candidate theories. Similarly, answering "Nothing" to "How much do you earn?" Yes, thanks infinitely for pointing that out! "I'll make a distinction; there are some times when people talk about infinity when all they really mean is a very large number, and they're just using infinity as a code word for a large number. "If you hold your fingers 10cm apart and if you believe that there's a real line of points, like in mathematics, between your fingers, then there's an uncountable infinity of points between your fingers. Maybe they just mean extra hot and dense but outside the realm of our puny experience. Time is a potential infinite since we know it will always go forward, but all future times have not yet been realized. Theory would suggest that this leads to an infinite density of mass at a single point. Its effects are insulated; they can't affect the outside Universe. "If you go inside it you can't get back out, because you would need to move faster than the speed of light to escape from its gravitational pull. The question of whether the Universe is infinite in extent concerns one type of Aristotle's infinities, potential infinities, which we can imagine but never actually see.

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