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November 29th, 2020

For complete or partial reversal of CNS respiration depression induced by opioids. If you have Naloxone get it, if not skip straight to rescue breathing. Get Trained. Current Slide Second slide details. b. How it Works. Get a naloxone kit at a participating pharmacy or harm reduction site. Training and Event CALENDAR; YOU and Naloxone Saved MY Life. $150. It includes naloxone training. You’ll see everything from software preferences, how-tos on a particular authoring tool, and job postings. Pills. Click to View Product. 1 How can I get Naloxone without a prescription? Take the online training – it only takes 10 minutes. These are practice vials of saline. A few good groups to start with are eLearning Industry, The eLearning Guild, Chief Learning Officer magazine, Association for Talent Development (ATD), E-Learning 2.0, and The Official Lectora Users’ Group. BEFORE THE TRAINING . Order Naloxone Now; Naloxone FAQ; Naloxone Training; Naloxone is covered by most insurances, and can be purchased with HSA, FSA, and pharmacy discount cards. UTAH BILLBOARDS: Gratitude and Celebrating Life; Heroin. Clean it with an alcohol wipe. It All Kills. Let the pharmacy or site know you’ve taken training by showing your certificate. Click to View Product. This 6 minute video is for young adults. Law enforcement agencies and trainers should ensure that a sufficient number of naloxone kits are available for distribution to officers at the training event. Third slide details. After the training you will get kits that have everything you need to carry on the job. Naloxone Nasal Spray Kit (Luer–Jet) $99. Next Naloxone is a project of Next Harm Reduction. Naloxone kits This training is most effective when participants have naloxone kits in hand at the time of training. Next Naloxone is an online and mail-based naloxone training and distribution platform. Compared to other narcotic antagonists which do not completely inhibit the analgesic properties of opiates, naloxone antagonizes all actions of morphine. Take Home Naloxone training is now available online. a. You’ll get an on-screen certificate when you’re done; save the image to your phone or print it out. (Naloxone) Use: 1. Naloxone Wakes You Up. Narcan Nasal Spray. Pick an injection site on the upper arm (deltoid), or the quadriceps (upper thigh). It highlights the overdose dangers they face and how to save a life with naloxone. We have doctors that can write the script quickly and easily. Resources. First slide details. Signs, Postcards & Inserts . c. Take a deep breath for a second to calm down and focus. Join a few eLearning groups on LinkedIn to get answers to many of your questions. 2.

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