heavy gauge bass strings

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November 29th, 2020

Usually players will refer to the size of the fourth string (the low E in standard tuning) when referencing their gauge … XL Nickel Wound electric bass strings, long recognized as the industry standard, are ideal for a wide range of musical … Assess the stability of your neck before buying a heavy-gauge set, and be prepared to make truss rod and string-height adjustments whether you install 'bridge cable' or 'wet noodles' on your … An important element in both the tone and playability of your bass, string gauge (how “heavy” or “light” your strings are) can make a real difference in your sound. EXL230 is a heavy gauge bass set that is the ideal combination of bright, boomy tone. I did have the heavier gauge first, 105 - 85 - 70 - 50, but these were a little on the heavy … I play a Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV bass and these strings compliment the bass very well indeed. D'Addario EXL165 XL Nickel Wound Bass Strings 105 - 85 - 65 -45 These bass strings are the best I have ever used, simply brilliant. Gauge refers to the thickness of the string.

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