how do you fix an amp in protection mode

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November 29th, 2020

Wonder of Wonders, it worked. I had an amp that blew cause the gain was set too high. Protect mode is an inbuilt safety feature of your amp to avoid damage to internal components. If you connect a component back up, and the amp goes into protect mode, then it’s a safe bet that the problem has to do with that component or related wiring or cables. The rest of that day (Saturday) I worked on installing my Amp and fixing the things we went wrong with during the installation. When it was working the power light was turned on and the protection light was turned off.Now that its not working the power light is turned off and just the protection light is turned on. For instance, a speaker with a shorted out or damaged coil can cause problems. When the device goes into protect mode, the unit will shut down, and the standby light will blink continually. Solution: This can be caused by too low of an impedance from the way the speakers are wired, and sometimes a poor charging system (if the amp goes into protect when the volume is turned up). Sometimes you can open the amp up and find physically fried components. For space constraints, I'll leave it at that. Problem: Amplifier goes into protect. If your fuse were to blow and the device continued to run the amp could become damaged. Depending on which condition is being shown the problem is either in the power amp circuit or the temperature detection circuit. BTW, I only blew the amp cause I was trying to see what the hightest gain setting it could handle. I had the same “protect” problem with a Sony STR-AV1070 I was ready to take a hammer to. I noticed that the protection button stays a constant red, but the amp still powers on and my REM cord still lights up and starts the fan. If the protect mode light disappears once you do this, you can conclude that there is something wrong with the speakers. If the Protect Mode Light Turns On . I checked all the connections such as the ground, power and speaker cables. Once my cap was powered up and ready to roll, the amp still hadn't worked. J. jamie2112 Banned. That one went into protect mode too. I can turn the volume up now . Incorrect use of the gain can and will cause the amp to blow. • Amplifier is in protection mode • Contact your local Harman Kardon service center due to internal problems . If your amp has a “protect” light, and it’s on, then chances are good that you have a faulty speaker, subwoofer, cable or another component. If wiht no rca input and the speaker wires are good, you just might have a blown amp. After that you’ll have to use the schematic diagrams found on p.21/22 to determine where the fault lies. Sony receiver in protector mode FIXED! Amplifiers are often designed to go into “protect mode” to avoid further damage to internal components. ... to do as it not only save you the hassle of having to send the unit in for repair but also save them having to repair their products on warranty just because the user get carried away occasionally. If your amplifier goes into protect mode, try disconnecting the speakers. Thanks for the tip. This prevents the fuse from blowing. Assuming the reason for the protection has passed or been fixed, the unit can now be turned off and then back on with the "main zone" power button to restore normal operation mode. They were working great till it just suddenly stop working. If the protector activates again, the fault is still present and the unit needs to be repaired, ideally by a Yamaha authorised repairer. Tried the disconnect/reconnect of all internal connectors. Only p.13 section 2.2 of the manual you’ll find the flow charts for the red light protection mode. Well the question explains itself really.My 1600 watt amp is connected to 2 15's(2 1500(each) watt Pyle). What should I do when my amplifier goes into protect mode?

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