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November 29th, 2020

Packaged in the 'Complete Vocal Recording Solution', the NT1-A includes everything you need to get a truly professional vocal recording and is ideal for home studio recording. 0000003619 00000 n The first thing you need to know about this mic is that you need to place it vertically, and speak to the side of the mic instead of directly into the top. %PDF-1.6 %���� If you are using the Rode Nt-1 kit with included interface, the setup process is nearly identical. 0000003345 00000 n 0000001487 00000 n 0000008466 00000 n xref 0000009766 00000 n Both the Rode Nt1-A and Nt-1 have a cardioid pickup pattern which means that they only pick up sound from the front of the mic. Microphone Placement • The gold dot on the face of the NT1-A indicates the front of the microphone, and the pick-up area of the cardioid pattern. If you are interested in learning how to use your Rode Nt1-a or Nt-1 microphone to record audiobooks that meet the Audible/ACX Requirements using Audacity, check out my latest guide, “Audiobook Recording: A Beginner’s Guide to Recording Audiobooks using Audacity.”, Audiobook narration and production for ACX, Audible, Amazon and iTunes. 0000012185 00000 n 0000021735 00000 n Connecting the microphone to the Scarlett 2i2 interface (sold separately) with an XLR cable. Just follow how I position it in the photos and you should be golden. The phantom power is on and the laptop detected my microphone as "stereo mix" but I'm unable to record … Adjusting your recording levels in Audacity. Adjusting the pop filter. 0000384512 00000 n Power source--> Phantom power P48 --> (XLR-XLR cable) Mic & (XLR - 3.5mm cable) Laptop. 0000002059 00000 n �����ZE�_�c�2��"�ŲU��4)3��jA��!�l���1�#(K]䲡�����90kbeߡ���┡��h�@(��P�@�V� O�+R+0��r@��&�ՏTǺ�C�I,�k Basically, the Rode NT1 has a much flatter sound than the NT1-A because of the flatter frequency response. 120 32 trailer 0000000016 00000 n 0 0000004777 00000 n 0000279489 00000 n to record with one mic or instrument at a time), you could save yourself a couple dollars by opting for the Scarlett Solo interface instead. You can kinda see the capsule in the photos, but it’s placed in such a way that many people wind up trying to record themselves off-axis, which isn’t great. 0000010428 00000 n 151 0 obj <>stream 0000383977 00000 n 0000002793 00000 n ~�V}�"[�m�u��]�#D�f��/@�8 $ag��)�^P��5�G�}���8L�)���t���[~{��8z�Y��ϒ�5�W(V�����I2b� 0000007402 00000 n Attaching your shock mount to your mic stand (sold separately). The full name of the Rode NT1-A is actually “NT1-A 1” Cardioid Condenser microphone” which makes the rest of this section pretty straight forward… 0000014286 00000 n startxref Please be sure to have the side with the dot facing the sound source you wish to record. Attaching your shock mount to your mic stand (sold separately). H�lV9�$7��e+b@�x��0r�k���2Uӳ�:]DđH�����2�����>��W�8X[�_�����â ;�lc6G��n>(e'.��Yʳ��˼����v��%�>�[]�����9�֢�/뎰¥^�=[伞�|5������%�J ��|� k��l ��(��h��C��[���+�����~��x�����=8�8c�O 2�+J��R@~�ד�O�Otl>�D*t����}v���]���W�n�U�;����C�'��R,�T����W�&`�� �{�����%��������L�;'2����(c���>��8�%jg���}yڙ�����$Q��O��g�[і�����M�)��}-;��_�&����l{�G��V!L�#�1�{��6J9��4�c�3@E���p�{ Y�(��&Fa��]ؔ����0��Ս0-���f9�ҜBzR������S1ؘ�hZ7�VJ�����`ָ�/.�6�*�fbǀ,֋����[m�K:�~.D��''U� 1�%M��9�H��u����`�>U�P(��pGEw&?�Yc�M�\ ��~��a�����l����f?�,�������T��*+V���KWdVE�M'9�J7R�]��g��{n�=�e�w�>�`�N���{R�� >�_��)�V�}Ig�(�e��V�(Z��J�x�d ���9�V]=�|�t���YM=Ŭڪ�6�6M������)�Cś�)�Jc �������Ko��@T{ʹ��l 0000013855 00000 n Selecting your interface as your “recording device” inside of Audacity (free recording software). H��VM�7��W�h�,��5�� A�t��\��M� �����#���k��E�㑚�߻��_ȿ������gO>�G>q\��8B��Og]8���� �e�z�V�޸, ��1��*F,Q4�����C Page 7 Recording vocals • We strongly recommend using the suppled popshield attachment for all vocal recording. Inserting the microphone into the included shock mount. In this video I walk through how to set up a Rode Nt1-A microphone kit (or Rode Nt-1 kit) with the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. 0000006077 00000 n %%EOF 0000002690 00000 n 0000003517 00000 n When recording acoustic or electric guitars, it does a phenomenal job as well. Connecting the interface to your computer. 0000003720 00000 n All you need is a computer; cheap 2ch interface, cheap condenser mic and a reflection filter. 120 0 obj <> endobj Everything sounds clear, the low end isn’t boomy at all, the high end is defined but not too exaggerated while still sounding airy. 0000000936 00000 n 0000001388 00000 n 0000019014 00000 n 0000013468 00000 n 0000010818 00000 n Hello all, I've recently bought a RODE NT1A and I've connected it to my laptop. Adele used a Rode Classic 2 into a UA6176 to record Rolling in the Deep. 0000001531 00000 n Inserting the microphone into the included shock mount. x�b```f``�f`e`�Tgf@ a��E���Z��6f|#���#�Ӌ��x�`=q����?Cr4�ao�� p����dmJE#����WB�x�ە��8C�%`A���P���x`h�� ��E~Y�0���.6O@�F����Y��WB���Ft�,M�h �"`��Z�f�\\�b������av��bx} ��j'��,��}�� ��� ����� �� �$�`���`�@x+#����=�^���1I�����mNcp�g`4�y��cC��cC#�< ��j�4; q.��6�fd`b^�[ �AN/g�g`�` .�q p\$#8=�dPA?�SL0���HÔs�yEm�c`B!�� m�EJ���8��i�����=e����� �Հ�h"'����5���ɽeVc���1��GDhH�79oW�w��F���ʀ�yO�1�. hv0pa�v4&*[�{d�7MŐr� �ѩߵ�0�N��meR9��"�@S7J�qnV���dL�a���g+2[-��i�`h��_5� ��C����(�$C��i�\ ǻ�����N�?���7��޸�������B�^���ʢ�@����o��] E{D@4 ��f�z�� ��>stream Positioning the microphone correctly. 0000384628 00000 n 0000001828 00000 n This aids in minimising plosive sounds (hard ‘P’, ‘B’, ‘T’ … 0000421371 00000 n † To record a piano using a matched pair of NT1- As using X/Y stereo technique, the matched microphone should be angled 90 - 110 degrees to each other, over the hammers with one mic aimed towards the lower strings and the other to the higher strings.

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