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November 29th, 2020

Hypatia taught Platonic philosophy, Ptolemy's system of celestial movement, and the advanced mathematics of Euclid (her father was the one who brought Euclid's Elements to the city). He was removed from his offices after a monk he disciplined, for some moral offense, died ten days later. So who are these people and what ax did they have to grind (if any) in writing about Hypatia? Cyril is revered among the Copts as one of their greatest saints and his relics greatly venerated. After Cyril died his See fell into the hands of a Christian sect known as the Monophysites. Thank you for commenting over on my blog and giving me the oportunity to visit yours. As a pagan persecuted by a Christian emperor, Damascius could be forgiven for having a bias against Christians. Only a few pages come down to us from those times and almost none can be attributed to Hypatia, except a couple of technical works on mathematics and astronomy. As a favor to my readers and Hypatia fans, I put all the material in one place. Osen, Lynn M. … THE PRIMARY SOURCES. Nothing is … Writing more than 100 years after the fact, he has no personal access to eye witnesses, although written accounts were probably available. As a Neo-Platonist, he didn’t believe in the Christian dogma, including the resurrection, which he considered “nothing for me but a sacred and mysterious allegory, and I am far from sharing the views of the vulgar crowd thereon.” He dithered for over six months, before agreeing to take on the Bishopric, but only with several conditions, including keeping his beloved wife. He wrote the book while living in Alexandria and had access to any generally known stories about Hypatia, which might have provided the new anecdote. I’m so glad more people are finding out about her! Hypatia of Alexandria. While this fictional account is highly romantic and may encourage student interest in Hypatia, there is no evidence supporting most of the tale. Damascius is definitely a fan. Your email address will not be published. Writing over a hundred years after her death, Damasius uses the appearance of two philosophers from Alexandria who “proclaim with great fan fanfare…the stories people tell of the past…a story, characteristic of life in Alexandria, both religious and secular….” After speaking of Hypatia’s education, Damascius describes her as “honest and chaste and throughout her life remained a virgin. Whenever history tells us about women being supressed or I hear about it today I think about how our world would look like if women had always been allowed freedom. Hi Victor! However, the secondary sources listed below provide a good overview of the primary sources at our disposal. But now your silence has been added to the sum of my sorrows. Mar 15, 2012 | History, Hypatia, Wonderful Women | 9 comments. Writing 25 or more years after Hypatia’s murder, Socrates of Constantinople (b. She is a role model, not just for women, but for all of us. He attributes Hypatia’s murder directly to her involvement in these disputes. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, As a favor to my readers and Hypatia fans, I put all the material in one place. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Thanks for getting Selene, I hope you enjoy it! And they carried her to a place named Cinaron, and they burned her body with fire. Yes, I do still exist, but I integrated my blog with my website and haven’t been posting here for a couple of years. And thereafter a multitude of believers in God arose under the guidance of Peter the magistrate — now this Peter was a perfect believer in all respects in Jesus Christ — and they proceeded to seek for the pagan woman who had beguiled the people of the city and the prefect through her enchantments…and they dragged her along till they brought her to the great church, named Caesarion…And they tore off her clothing and dragged her [till they brought her] through the streets of the city till she died. Did she want to shield her devoted student from her own troubles? Hands down, anything about Hypatia draws the most readers and generates the most discussion. Scholas-ticus wrote 25 years after Hypatia’s murder. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Philosophy soon caught his attention and he studied under Hermias and his sons. Most people, who write about the distant past, whether in non-fiction or fiction, try to “get it right.” It’s hard when the sources are slender and the “facts” are disputed, but we try our best. I just got the Kindle version of Selene of Alexandria. (Full English translation can be found here.) After Cyril died his See fell into the hands of a Christian sect known as the Monophysites. The first account we get of her death is Socrates Scholasticus’s Ecclesiastical History (ca. Ecclesiastical History by Socrates Scholasticus. She became a teacher and eventually the head of a Platonist school in Alexandria, known as the Museum of Alexandria, in 400. He writes to her in despair over war and the death of his children. The greatest loss of all, however, is the absence of your divine spirit. And surely nothing can be farther from the spirit of Christianity than the allowance of massacres, fights, and transactions of that sort.”. Thanks for checking out my blog. *********************************************. Little is known about John. Dzielska, M. 1996. B. Deakin reviews the complete canon here and provides English translations in his book Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr (Prometheus Books, 2007). 3. Her silence obviously broke his heart, but his final letter to her still expressed love and admiration for his “mother, sister, teacher, and withal benefactress.” He died in 413, two years before his adored teacher. (See my earlier post “Hypatia: Great Mathematician or Geometry Teacher?”) We don’t have much to go on; no diaries, no letters from her, nothing to tell us in her own words what her life was like. Most historians agree it follows the Byzantine chronicles closely, but it is most important for some additional material particular to Egypt and the Muslim invasion in the seventh century.

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