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November 29th, 2020

Destination packages are the sets of different tourism packages as well as programs. In tourism, marketers are interested in the tourism destination image concept as it plays a significant role in sales of tourist’s services and products and decision making. Ryan and Gu (2008) emphasize that the image itself is the beginning point of tourist’s expectation, which is eventually a determinant of tourist behaviors. However, as action proceeds on the basis of subjective reality therefore, probing destination image is an immensely important exercise. The strategic planning and ongoing management for a destination will contribute to the continuous improvement and success of a tourism destination. Destination attractiveness has been investigated from two main angles: the supply-side and the demand-side perspectives (Formica &Uysal, 2006; Lee et al., 2010). As marketing activities, and especially promotions, can be quite expensive, it is necessary for DMCs to undertake them with specificity. Your email address will not be published. The designation of tourism is an apparent capacity of a tourist destination for any visitor to deliver unique benefits. The role of destination management as well as destination marketing is especially significant due to the fact that an increase in the number of visitors bolsters the tourism sector as well as the economy as a whole, thereby increasing job opportunities and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as well. Your email address will not be published. The global tourism sector has started appreciating the role of destination management and destination marketing since the past couple of decades or so. Imagery than further can lead to increase satisfaction and value addition during the consumption process. Hotels that want to be in the competitive market work through strategic thinking and management. Now that we have described the importance of physical products and people – the two fundamental elements of destination mix, we shall explain the significance of packages and programs in enhancing the role of destination management initiatives. While analyzing the different aspects of good governance in destination management, we had mentioned the importance of improving the brand image of a destination for bettering the scope of tourism. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND THINKING Destination management requires the coordination as well as integration of the various elements that constitute the destination mix for a specific geographic location. Tourist take into account various factors in term formalities, local people, attraction, connectivity, convience and their preferences are some of the factors that generate tourist flow to a particular location. Warm leads have displayed a certain amount of interest and are therefore much more likely to purchase. DMCs also design interesting destination packages by combining different aspects of the holistic travel experience and incorporate specific themes to enhance the attraction of a destination. 944 Words 4 Pages. Johnson spoke about the importance of destination management at the organization’s 2019 Annual Convention in St. Louis, Missouri in July. 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Put together, these elements constitute attractions, events, facilities, transportation, hospitality and infrastructure of a destination. By adopting an inclusive model of good governance, it is highly beneficial to treat residents of the local communities as industry stakeholders and make them aware of the different benefits of tourism. Drawing valuable inspiration and inputs from the principles of destination management, destination marketing has to be guided by strategically designed DMPs. These are physical products, people, packages and programs. Moreover, it also encompasses the entire gamut of destination marketing as well. Road and sea transportation is the main focus for tourism industries, Marketing is a part of business management, advertising or promoting a product or service as well as service quality, or also building customer relationship, which includes: identifying, convincing, satisfying, and keeping the customer.

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