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November 29th, 2020

Participation in communities plots along a power law with a solid core/periphery model -- provided social software supports both low threshold participation and high engagement. But it is important to distinguish the value of collective intelligence and collaborative intelligence, as first pointed out by Mitch Kapor: ...Tons of interesting types of The parts of the collective are conceived of as both themselves and something other than themselves at the same time. We Network not only to connect, but leverage the social network as a filter to fend off information overload. Copyright © 1981-2005 by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. But reading alone isn't enough to fulfill our innate desire to remix our media, consumption is active for consumers turned users.Digg is the archetype for low threshold participation. To illustrate this, lets explore the Power Law of Participation: Most of Chris Anderson's Long Tail examples have focused on models of consumption, not production, where intelligence is largely artificial. filtering, my thesis, if you can get people to work together. He graduated from the École Normale Supérieure in philosophy in 1879. It is important to determine who commits a particular crime and what degree of participation an accused has in committing the crime, when there is more than one participant in the crime. This page was last edited on 18 July 2014, at 20:23. [1], From Mises Wiki, the global repository of classical-liberal thought,, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. Conditions of Participation Law and Legal Definition. Public participation may be regarded as a way of empowerment and as vital part of democratic governance. All Right reserved. The principle of public participation holds that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process. But these are all activities that can remain peripheral to community. They see a sort of mystic communication and interrelation in collective representations that are wholly indifferent to contradictions apparent to … Please enable JavaScript if you would like to comment on this blog. | Power Law of Participation Social software brings groups together to discover and create value. The problem is, users only have so much time for social software. (a) Standard: Notice of rights. Posted on April 27, 2006 at 11:03 AM in socialsoftware | Permalink, Digg This |. For instance, what would be the degree of participation and consequent liability in the following Some of us Write, as in blog, and some of us even have conversations. The conditions vary according to the activity or organization. Subscribing requires a commitement of sustained attention which greatly surpasses reading alone. As users engage in low threshold participation (read, favorite, tag and link) we gain a form of collective intelligence. people are not connecting. database that Harvard publishes, kills people. Law of participation is a concept of the French philosopher Lucien Lévy-Bruhl (1857-1939), wherein he holds that persons with a primitive mentality somehow believe there is a "participation" between persons and objects which are part of a collective representation. But my core point isn't just the difference between these forms of group intelligence -- but actually how the co-exist in the best communities. health information, broadly speaking, why are doctors not collaborating To Refactor, Collaborate, Moderate and Lead requires a different level of engagement -- which makes up the core of a community. v. to invest and then receive a part or share, as in business profits, payments on a promissory note, title to land, or as one of the beneficiaries of the estate of a person who has died. He attended the Lycée Charlemagne, majoring in music, philosophy, and natural science. participate. The problem is, users only have so much time for social software. For example, the following is the federal conditions of participation (COP) for volunteers who work in hospices who participate in the … This core community is actively dedicated to maintaining an open periphery. The vast majority of users with not have a high level of engagement with a given group, and most tend to be free riders upon community value. taps both personal and social incentives for participation through the low threshold activity of tagging. Public participation implies that the public’s contribution will influence the decision. Simply Favorite something you find of interest, a one click action. Can users discover their own power together to either discover something great, or even create it? Remembering the URL is the hardest part, and you have to establish an identity in the system. The byproduct of use is a Conucopia of the Commons -- the act of using the database adds value to it. As we engage with the web, we leave behind breadcrumbs of attention. In Wikipedia, 500 people, or 0.5% of users, account for 50% of the edits. Social software brings groups together to discover and create value. § 482.13 Condition of participation: Patient's rights. involving the public to ensure their concerns are considered throughout the decision process, particularly in the development of decision criteria and options preferences, with some algorythm logic. on creating something. Look at Valid and interesting, but When users participate in high enagement activities, connecting with one another, a different kind of value is being created. Amazonian algorythms guide users down the long tail from Britney Spears to Nobodys, made available without the constraints of shelf space.

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