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November 29th, 2020

tolerant. Please don’t be so angry with him. In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. blondine. My mom is always tired in the evenings. Warum musst du immer faul sein? -  Designed by Thrive The book is thick and heavy. conventional. Where are my red socks? Ich bin hungrig, aber ich will hier nichts essen. 3. blau – blue. Yes, they’re always ready to help. You’re not limited to just German food when you speak German. Yesterday, it was beautiful and sunny. Warum sind sie so teuer? Sei nicht so egoistisch. Ist er französisch oder kanadisch? Even better—read the sentences aloud. Seid ihr alle gespannt? Why are there still poor people? Das Abendessen war ein bisschen zu salzig. Adjectives are an important part of any language such as German. German word: translation: leicht: light: schlecht: bad: falsch: wrong: teuer: expensive: langsam: slow: niedrig: low: kalt: cold: glücklich: happy: gesund: healthy: laut: loud: warm: warm: billig: cheap: krank: ill: leise: quiet: müde: tired Chances are, you were missing an adjective. tapfer. Is he French or Canadian? They do make sentences more nuanced, don’t you think? Here you have the most important ones Haben Sie einen leichten Karton? GERMAN: abrupt: abrupt: additional: zusätzlich: admirable: bewundernswert: angry: aufgebracht: annoyed: gereizt: appalling: entsetzlich: approximate: annähernd: attentive: aufmerksam: attractive: verführerisch: automatic: automatisch: bad: schlecht: bad: bösartig: banal: banal: bearable: erträglich: beautiful: schön: beautiful: herrlich: believing: gläubig: big, big: fett: bitter: bitter: bored: … Colors help us distinguish objects from one another, and color words help us communicate with others exactly which one we’re talking about. The students are very clever. langweilig. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to eat anything here. Some English adjectives that end in -ic or -ical are changed to -isch in German: analytisch, egoistisch, musikalisch. 1- German Colors Adjectives: Describing Colors. I need to sleep early tonight. Going shopping in Berlin, comparing your stuff with your friend’s, or just trying to find that one thing you misplaced? careless. big, large. Der junger Mann hat mir geholfen. The weather today is hot. Heute ist nicht so warm als gestern. Today we will just talk about German adjectives in their original form. Seien Sie Morgen nicht spät. Why do you have to be so lazy all the time? I have a white pillow. If you want to download a longer list of 300 German adjectives, download your copy of the PDF below. boring. ärgerlic h. bad. Take care in this section. One other note before our German adjectives list: German doesn’t distinguish between adjectives and adverbs. feigling. Touch is slightly different than appearance. Magst du stinkenden Tofu? Die dänische Küste ist kalt. The dictionary defines gratitude as foll... It’s a beautiful morning in Hamburg. conceited. Das ist genau was ich sagen wollte. kompetent. Which is why here in this article, we’ll be learning a big chunk of German adjectives---250 to be exact! groß. Absolute Adjectives in German. So it’s possible to use quite a few of these as adverbs instead; in fact, that’s what we did in a few examples, where the adverb meaning is more easily understandable to you. It’s much easier if you can reassure them that it’s easy, or better yet, that it’s related to something they’re already familiar with. Sie sind ein bisschen dick geworden. Er ist definitiv ein offener Mensch. Es gibt nicht so viele mexikanische Restaurants in Europa. Improve your reading and listening comprehension in German. Willst du einen ungarischen Film sehen? Ever tried to explain something to somebody else and they just balk at your attempt? beautiful. aggressive. Do you see that building there? annoying. In German, adjectives describing countries are never capitalized, as they are in English. Sie trägt blaue Jeans. Don’t forget, this is very important. This skirt is not comfortable. I want to be rich next year. The sky is gray today. Ich mag kein geschmolzenes Eis. Chinese books are very long. Sie ist ziemlich groß für ein Mädchen. However, there are some German adjectives for which the comparative and superlative form doesn't exist. coward. Der Himmel ist heute grau. Wo sind meine roten Socken? Because 100 German adjectives is a lot! Das ist zu schwer, und ich kann es nicht ziehen. List of German Adjectives. In cognate adjectives, the letter c in English is replaced with k: aktiv, kreativ, kompetent. Let's go! Today is a windy day. ), 10 entertaining short stories about everyday themes, Practice reading and listening with 90+ minutes of audio. We actually have a whole separate resource on weather words, so pop over and check that one out too! Ich muss heute früh schlafen. Mir ist auf einmal übel. My father is not patient. Das ist leicht zu verstehen. And if you download the PDF, you’ll be getting 50 additional German verbs on the list. certain. Es ist 2019 und Handys sind immer noch brüchig. And if you’d like to learn even more, have a look at the other German material we have on this very website: videos, flashcards, and of course our flagship podcast. Die Milch ist schon sauer. She’s wearing blue jeans. Are these important German adjectives already fading from your memory? Here are some of the most useful adjectives for talking about weather—always a good icebreaker.

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