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November 29th, 2020

Growing information: perennial or annual plant, growing hardiness zone: 8-10a (as perennial) 4-8 (as annual), water needed – average amount, light conditions – full sun, height: 0.5-4 m, 2-160 inches. Mashua. Watering – in the beginning to help the plant to settle. I didn’t know the inventory had gone down on this and need to get in touch with nursery staff to see if we have plants or not. Tropaeolum tuberosum. When buying dahlias tubers from us, you will also receive 6 inch stick in plant labels for each tuber along with a planting guide. When fresh, the mashua are as peppery as a Nasturtium bud, but when cooked they are mild and yummy in taste. In hot areas, give shade or partial shade. The leaves are also tasty in salad. It likes to climb and will do well planted next to other larger houseplants in which case it will climb up on them, or lacking living trellis the plant will drape itself on the drapes, ride any convenient rail, or plummet down from a hanging pot like a bungee jumper from a bridge. The tubers have a lovely pepper flavour when fresh, mellowing, with a vanilla edge when cooked. Tender. These are herbaceous perennials and should be cut back in October and overwintered in a cool, somewhat dry location. Tubers are used in soups, being kind to the liver and kidney, also purportedly an anaphrodisiac that gets served up when the lady of the house is feeling exhausted. Put them in the soil 8cm (3 inches) deep and 35cm (14 inches) from each other. Grown in the Andes for its edible tubers which are best roasted like potatoes or yams. Soil – deep, light and well-drained pH slightly acidic to neutral. Leaves harvesting in the spring to autumn in round shaped leaves that appear in green color. Space plants 3 feet apart. Mashua is a relative of our more common nasturtium, but grown for it's interesting tubers, their delicious fragrant flavour are much used in the Andes in stews, baked or fried. From the Andes, orange-red trumpet flowers and attractive yellow/red tubers. Mashua is a tuber crop native to the Andes, where it was developed alongside the similar tuber crops potato, oca, and ulluco. They are grown similar to potatoes. Use a spade fork and proceed gently so as not to damage the tubers. Most require a short day length (11-13.5 hours/day) to form tubers although low temperatures may be more important for tuber formation than the day length. Another fabulous tuber from the Andes. Ball Dahlias; Cactus Dahlias; Collarette Dahlias; Dahlias dark leaf; Decorative Dah The leaves and pretty orange flowers (if they are produced) are also edible. When fresh, the mashua are as peppery as a Nasturtium bud, but when cooked they are mild and yummy in taste. It takes half a year between planting in the open ground and harvesting. Tropaeolum from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: . The plants may be awakened around April and will vitally reassert themselves, envigorated by their long winter nap. As with nasturtiums, the young leaves are fabulous in salad. If you are looking for a certain style of Dahlia, e.g. Tuber harvesting in the autumn to winter in oval, cone or shapeless shaped tuber that appear in peel can be: red, white, brown, yellow, green, orange or purple, the inner is white color. Harvesting – Mashua tubers produces late: the tubers are pulled out just after the first frosts because the flavor of the tubers is increased. Propagation – Seeds germination is difficult. Mashua tuber Tuber color white, the peel can be: red, white, brown, yellow, green, orange or purple, the shape can oval, cone or shapeless, there is marks of stripes on the peel Mashua for sale – Seeds or Plants to Buy Buy Now in E-bay Mashua tubers – information before buying: Tuber - £2.00 Click on the categories below to choose your preferred style . Oca Tubers are a traditional food native to the Andes region of South America. Butter when the plant reaches 30 cm (12 inches). Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum) is an attractive climbing plant related to the nasturtium, which produces edible tubers. This is normally 3 large or 4 medium tubers. Location – Bright location without direct sun. Light exposure also enriches the vivid colors. Posted January 15, 2019 September 11, 2020 rhubarb. Orange - orange and yellow flowersHeight - 2-3m (6½-10ft) Mashua is a 'replant perennial'. The tubers can be roasted, baked, fried and boiled and used in soups and stews etcetera. Mild flavor. Hill up. The leaves are also edible, as are the buds and flowers. Thereafter no need too much. Flowers from September. An exquisitely beautiful, climbing Nasturtium with deep orange-red trumpet flowers and yellow/red tubers. It’s a tuberous Nasturtium and it has been grown along side of the famous potato, as well as Yacon and Oca. Perennial in  Zones 8 to 12 where it does best at middle elevations. Alternative names: Mashua, Mashua plant, Tropaeolum tuberosum. Mashua is able to produce tubers outdoors at sea level at 46°S in Christchurch, New Zealand (Martin et al.1996) and at 49°N in Vancouver, Canada (Johns & Towers 1981). Your Shopping Cart will be saved with Product pictures and information, and Cart Totals. Benefits from growing in soils of relatively low fertility but good structure.

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