mesoporous magnesium carbonate

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November 29th, 2020

© 2020 - Pharma Excipients. It has an excellent absorption capacity and can take up both oil and water simultaneously. Explore The Science Behind Download the thesis here: Fused deposition modeling of API-loaded mesoporous magnesium carbonate. Cinnarizine, a BCS class II drug, was loaded into the pores of the mesoporous material via a soaking method, corresponding to a drug loading of 8.68 wt%. Filaments of Klucel ELF and drug loaded Upsalite (30:70 wt% ratio) were successfully implemented for the printing oral tablets, in contrast to the Aquasolve LG based filaments which were difficult to print due to thickness variations and non-uniform material distributions. Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonate for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Sports. Keywords Pharmaceutical grade Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonate, Pharma-MMC, is a proprietary drug delivery technology for amorphous stabilization and solubility enhancement of drug substances and for unique drug formulations. The Pharma-MMC drug delivery technology can be used to create amorphous solid dispersions of the drug, hence increasing its dissolution and the body’s ability to absorb the drug, and may be used to rescue particularly difficult drugs or to enable novel product formulations. Pharma-MMC is a proprietary drug delivery technology for amorphous stabilization and solubility enhancement of drug substances and for unique drug formulations – addressing unmet industry needs: Raman monitoring of semi-continuously manufactured orodispersible films for individualized dosing, Comparing Different Moisture Protective Instant Release Coatings for Solid Oral Dosage Forms, Potential of solid dispersions to enhance solubility, bioavailability, and therapeutic efficacy of poorly water-soluble drugs: newer formulation techniques, current marketed scenario and patents, Poorly soluble drugs represent approximately 70% of all pharmaceutical drugs in development. In this thesis, the incorporation of drug loaded mesoporous magnesium carbonate as an excipient for the additive manufacturing of oral tablets by fused deposition modeling was investigated. Named after the city Uppsala, the material has the highest surface area of any substance in its … Pharma-MMC has a porous structure with a narrow pore size distribution and an extraordinary high surface area. or continue here: Fused deposition modeling of API-loaded mesoporous magnesium carbonate Pharma-MMC, Pharmaceutical grade Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonate, Pharma-MMC is a proprietary drug delivery technology for amorphous stabilization and solubility enhancement of drug substances, Excipient cGMP Certification Organisations, Learn more about Pharma-MMC and Disruptive Materials, Pharmaceutical Excipients – Some Definition, Inactive ingredient search for approved drug products in the USA, Quality by Design for ANDAs: An Example for Immediate-Release Dosage Forms, Long term amorphous stability of poorly soluble drugs (>12 months). For future studies, pharmaceutical polymers with higher aqueous solubility should be investigated in order to thoroughly examine the potential of utilizing the immediate release property of Upsalite. It provides instant and long-lasting mattifying effect when applied on human skin without drying or irritating skin and exhibits no measured flash-back effect. RESULTS: Mesoporous magnesium carbonate has a high surface area and pore volume. Upsalite supports superior product performance substantiated by scientifically proven claims. It was also possible to vary the pore diameter between 3 and 20 nm. Abdelki, Andreas, Uppsala University, Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology, Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanotechnology and Functional Materials. Pharma-MMC, Pharmaceutical grade Mesoporous Magnesium Carbonate Pharma-MMC is a proprietary drug delivery technology for amorphous stabilization and solubility enhancement of drug substances and for unique drug formulations – addressing unmet industry needs: Additive manufacturing, 3D-printing, Fused deposition modeling (FDM), Fused filament fabrication (FFF), Drug delivery, Amorphous drugs, Mesoporous magnesium carbonate, Upsalite, Cinnarizine, Hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC), Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate (HPMCAS), Klucel ELF, AquaSolve LG, More Information about Mesoporous magnesium carbonate, Spray drying of naproxen and naproxen sodium for improved tableting and dissolution…, Hopper design for piezo-actuated granular flow in powder bed 3D food printing, Chitosan as a machine for biomolecule delivery: A review, Self-Nanoemulsifying System Loaded with Sildenafil Citrate and Incorporated within…, Novel Coating Uniformity Models for Tablet Pan Coaters, Empty mesoporous silica particles significantly delay disease progression and extend survival in a mouse model of ALS, Transdermal Delivery of Salmon Calcitonin Using a Dissolving Microneedle Array: Characterization, Stability, and In vivo Pharmacodynamics, An innovative sampling interface for monitoring flowing pharmaceutical powder mixtures. The biocompatibility of the formed magnesium carbonate material was evaluated in terms of A mesoporous, amorphous magnesium carbonate was successfully produced via a low temperature synthesis involving only MgO, CO 2 and CH 3 OH [ 31, 32 ]. Dissolution studies using an USP II apparatus showed a slower API-release from the tablets in comparison to the crystalline drug, most probably due to slow diffusion of drug species through the polymeric matrix. The drug content obtained by TGA suggested drug loadings of 7.71 wt% and 2.23 wt% in the drug loaded Upsalite and tablets respectively. DSC measurements on the loaded material … The mesoporous structure of this material has shown great promise in environmental, medical and pharmaceutical fields [ [33], [34], [35], [36], [37], [38] ]. The drug loaded material was combined with two pharmaceutical polymers, Aquasolve LG and Klucel ELF, and extruded into filaments with a single screw extruder. All Rights Reserved. A mesoporous magnesium carbonate material was therefore formed by self-assemblage of the particles around carbon dioxide gas bubbles, which functioned as pore templates.

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