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November 29th, 2020

White prioritizes the group over the individual, and black does the opposite. Defeat feels like everything is slippery, foggy, intractable (and will be evermore), like there’s no path forward and nothing to be done, like all of the potential is wasted and all of the confusion is permanent. Turn 4: Play plains, attack with all, after blockers are declared use tactical on ace. If you’re mono-black, you’re going to see Machiavellian machinations everywhere, and you may not be able to tell the difference between someone trying to manipulate you and someone who’s actually just being their genuine self. Color challenge - Red v White. White believes that the solution to all suffering and unhappiness is coordination and cooperation and rules and restraint. I’m noticing an urge or desire or belief in myself that makes me uncomfortable. White ties together the orderly tendencies of green and blue, though green and blue disagree on how that order should come to be. Both Yoda from Star Wars and Guinan from Star Trek are green, as is Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings. Blaise Zabini and Sirius Black are black characters in HPMOR. It is capable of cooperation and alliance, but only consequentially, as in game theory; at its core, black is amoral, not immoral, since it doesn’t think morality is even really a Thing. Effective Altruism is also a white/blue movement, though it makes efforts to reach out to red (compassion) and black (taking the long view on self-interest). Note also that there’s nothing limiting color identities to one or two colors — Captain America, for instance, is (appropriately) red/white/blue, and Dr. Jekyll swaps from blue/red to red/green as he transforms into Mr. Hyde (or possibly blue/black/red to red/black/green). What sort of genre are we in right now? Below are the five colors of Magic: white, blue, black, red, and green. That comment sounds like a bid to get more ______ into the picture. What’s left is pleasant, but there’s no soul at the core of it — nothing that burns with the hunger for something more. Creature 1. However, every single intervention just seemed to make things worse. While Tesla and Boring and OpenAI certainly reach out to white or black at times, they’re blue/red at their core. A white character who’s depressed is going to want to do exercise routines and contracts-to-call. And a green one is going to be looking for ways to let go of the pain. This project isn’t going well. Okay, that’s the color wheel. The centaur society in HPMOR is green, in that they had sworn not to set themselves against destiny, even if it meant the end of all things. Transhumanism is a fundamentally blue-black worldview, in opposition to the green imperative to accept death as a crucial and inevitable part of life. Rarely do you see someone who equally embodies each of four or five colors, even though many people are capable of embodying any, in a pinch. Do we have too much or too little of a particular color, given the overall goal and method? White and blue disagree about individual sovereignty, with white siding with green and blue siding with black. A red one is going to want fewer constraints, and permission to just feel. What kind of resolution will satisfy? Is there any chance we ll see some new lace cards soon? It’s feeling alive. Traits like “good” or “evil” do not map to the color wheel, since every color has ways in which it can be either. green-blue. A sampling of how one might use color wheel thinking: My Boyfriend’s Family Was Not a Replacement for My Own. If I see someone staunchly defending the status quo, I boost my credence in a label of green-white. But color identity isn’t about what you can and can’t do, it’s about where you tend to live. Red and green disagree over roles and destiny, with red wanting to buck the niche that green has ready for it, and green and white disagree over whether order ought be designed or evolved. I’m feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. What sorts of things will I say? The character Morpheus from The Matrix played a blue/green role in the plot, and the dragon from Grendel was an omniscient blue/green foil for the title character. A world without black is a horror show of codependency, with all the inefficiencies of communist Russia and all of the insipid conformity of the town in Footloose or the society in Equilibrium or the people in the parable of the Emperor’s New Clothes. A black/green agent asks the question what costs must be paid to achieve the ideal? The enemy colors white and black combine to form tribalism — the “us versus them” mentality. It’s Tyler Durden shouting at his minions “You are not special; you are made of the same decaying organic matter as everything else; you are all a part of the same compost heap.” It’s the beautiful products of evolution, and the fact that they clawed their way into existence through a billion generations of suffering and death. The key recognition is that all of these ways of being are okay. Black and green share a sense of profanity (by which I don’t mean anything to do with foul language, but rather the absence of the sacred and the clean). They’re all good, they’re all evolved and refined, they’re all adaptive and workable. In the game, green cards are druids and sages, mighty monsters and howling wolves, auras that restore the natural order and regenerate the wounded, and bursts of magic that produce enormous, feral strength or quell entire battles. It recognizes no limits upon this pursuit except those which emerge from its own desires and self-interest. If green had a martial art, it would be aikido — a sort of bending, accepting formlessness backed by subtle power. From white’s perspective, black is selfish and evil; from black’s perspective, white is naive and coercive. In the actual game of Magic, white cards are angels and knights and clerics and loyal steeds, healing spells and protective auras and laws that bind all parties equally, and anthems that strengthen all of your allies at once. A red/white agent asks the question what needs to be done? By tentatively assigning things a color label (whether that thing be a whole person or a particular endeavor or even just a specific sentence), you can boot up a set of associations that allow you to prioritize your search-and-predict algorithms. Green is the color of evolution and thriving, and believes in balance and evolved order, wanting to preserve the existing status quo. Blue and red taken together are the colors of creativity. It’s a place where the sovereignty and nobility of the individual vanishes beneath the weight of the collective — it looks good at first, but without black, you lose the will to empire, the thirst for recognition, the desire to get ahead, the deep and personal wants that define and shape a person’s whole destiny. From green’s perspective, black is short-sighted and unbalanced; from black’s perspective, green is stagnant and irresolute. It just means that the red person drew most of their traits from that one bucket, whereas the multicolored person drew fewer traits from each of more buckets. Dionysian archetypes are red/green, as is Tinkerbell and the Hulk, and the parts of Wolverine that aren’t green are usually red. A blue/red agent asks the question what can be achieved? Other words associated with red: authenticity, adventure, beauty, boldness, friendship, fun, humor, loyalty, candor, courage, creation, drive, empathy, enthusiasm, ferocity, independence, individuality, irreverence, joy, originality, passion, purpose, sensitive, spontaneous, trusting, dramatic, flexible, forthright, casual, stubborn, angry, blunt, careless, reckless, destructive, fickle, flamboyant, impulsive, performative, poetic, +Extraversion+Agreeableness– — Conscientiousness+Neuroticism++Openness.

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