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November 29th, 2020

A ffxi community based around the Chains of Promathia era of Final Fantasy XI. A template for new hunting areas can be found at the bottom. I used every one of them at every level on my BLM. This means that you can earn more EXP than listed here at the given level, even without EXP buffs. You're SOL for a little on good exp. Please feel free to add any new Beastmaster camps discovered but please stick to the format for ease of reading and printing. Mobs have a level range in which they can spawn. Eden Exp Camps; Nasomi Exp Camps; Tonberry Exp Camps; Install Guides and Downloads. Turtles at cap should probably go (they're not fully coded and they're out of era) but since they're a "stand in" for retail camps that are WIP and Missing, they're probably fine for now (e.g. Manaburn is a great way to EXP without having to wait hours on regular EXP parties, which because of the wait, there are normally at least a few other BLMs looking. moon key is broke, toau is incomplete, etc). 20-23 Buburimu Peninsula: Carnivorous Crawler Bull Dhalmel Snipper Zu Poison Leech. Page 4 and 5 will boost your EXP by 500-550 every 8 or so kills. a few exp camps unique to Nasomi. Further info on some of the camps can be found on the discussion page. Exp and Camps. Our NINs were basically horrible (one good one out of four, and he still had trouble with hate) and we … For Final Fantasy XI on the PC, EXP Camp Locations Guide by Skye7707. Western Altepa Desert, Page 3 Camp around Revelation Rock Watch out for 1000 needles. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. 75 Blue Mage Compendium; To-Do List; Useful Discords; User Submissions; Wings Patch Notes Expcamp 42 65-70. If your party is particularly strong, a level early may work. Carnivorous Crawler 34 talking about this. This page shows common camps. 70-75 Suddenly options! In the last party I went through 15 mithakabobs in 2 hours :) PLD might make a better tank here, but would need an RDM for better results. Switch Monitor Download; Job Guides/Resources. Summary and Conclusion. Either grab a random book or get in a party with some people. You can get to 60 pretty easily here too if you're rocking an exp ring. 62-65. I stay here well into the DC/EP because the RoE for this place gives 700 exp and the page mobs are so close and tightly packed. If you know of any other good camps at any given level, send me a message or post here, and I'll add it in. If your alone at camp though, its amazing exp for the level. This depends on camp, too. 1.8.2 What to Avoid Listed below are features new and old players alike should know about Nasomi. Make use of the Field Manual at the outpost when using this camp. EXP Camps by Server. This camp is great for when puddings are taken. 55-60ish: Kuftal Tunnel, crabs and lizards. I hope that you've enjoyed my guide, and hopefully found it helpful. 1 Welcome to Nasomi 1.1 EXP/Leveling Details 1.2 Level Sync 1.3 Field of Valor 1.4 Experience Rings 1.5 Chat, Storage, Quality of Life Enhancements 1.6 Race Changes 1.7 Inventory & Storage 1.8 Auction House 1.8.1 Other F.A.Q. Camp north of the outpost. :D) 66-70: Back to Onzozo! At 20-21 most Sheep and Damselfly will check as Tough. Parasites link. 60-66 or so: Bhaflau Thickets, Lesser colibri (Send me the feathers! This table is designed in such a way as to show the absolute minimum you will earn per kill at that camp. Myxomycetes spawn next to trees. NOTE: All of the camps listed here are from personal experience.

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