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November 29th, 2020

The design is painfully 90s, but we mean that in the best possible, and combines the attraction of fresh, white kicks with splashes of color to create something that looks straight out of, The Fresh Prince, or pretty much any popular sitcom from the era. Unlike other dad shoes, it offers a wide toe box that won’t cramp your feet up and gives you excellent maneuverability when climbing or jogging while still ensuring great traction on the sole and the protective side wall keeps your feet safe and secure on less trustworthy terrain. We’d just say, if you have invested in a luxury pair of attention seeking trainers, allow them to do the talking. Fila may not be your go-to athletic shoe option, but if you’re looking for a change and are curious about what it offers, there is always something to appreciate with a classic, no-nonsense, and hassle-free design. Commonly streetwear is a term used to refer to baseball caps, sneakers, hoodies, and basic tees. We like these for the simple fact that they’re designed just to look good. The PUMA Select Men’s RS-X FD Sneakers bring back everything that was so good about 80s fashion – bright colors, angular design, and hi-top sneakers. Despite this chunky style, it’s still lightweight enough to keep your feet feeling as fresh as ever, while the padded collar won’t rub against your feet throughout the day to ensure comfort and satisfaction with no chance of complaints or needing to take a rest. Today’s Premium Pick choice had to go to one of the many hugely lauded collaborations between Kanye West and Adidas in the form of his Yeezy range of Dad inspired sneakers. You know the ones, probably the only “label” that he owned and a little bit on the Michelin Man side! They’re a stylish and sporty looking sneaker in a very casual vibe with a woven mesh fabric upper and featuring a lace-up design. There’s nothing wrong with this, though, and more often than not, simplicity is the winner. Puma’s original Running System, introduced to the world in 1986, was considered way ahead of its time. Its triple-stitched and triple-layer toe cap offers much needed durability, even if you’re just sitting at the edge of the halfpipe. If your dad prefers lifted over flatter style, Nike’s take on the silhouette is the ultimate pick with its mega-boosted sole featuring an Air unit for comfort. And of course, the classic three stripes are there so everyone you know they’ve still got it, which may not be a high priority for some, but those who love their labels will find immense comfort in. It’s a real 90’s inspired silhouette and comes in a wide range of multi-colored options with a complex multi-level layering system and seamlessly endless color-blocking possibilities. And don't be fooled by the name—dad shoes are anything but boring. In terms of a casual shoe, you may struggle to find anything better today. Once you get a good look at it, it’s clear this is exactly the thing you’ve been searching for ever since you had that unconscious, irresistible drive to get your hands – or feet – on a pair of the best. Where to Buy: You can find these at Nike’s official web … Champion 93Eighteen Big C Leather Sneaker, Dad shoes are versatile, easy on the soles (and soul). They’re thick soled, bouncy, comfortable, and absolutely not just for dads. It's not even fair to the ladies when a man combines Dad shoes and Khakis (also known as "Dad's Tuxedo") If you’re lucky, your old man might still have a pair of proper old-school Fila kicks still hiding in his wardrobe that your Mum has long since forbidden him from ever wearing again. Through this, you won’t find any evidence of such tech on the sole, but instead be thoroughly supported and comforted within the midsole. Dad Shoes are so popular, every fashion brand is jumping on the bandwagon. With these, you’re guaranteed excellent results, almost unrivaled comfort, and a pair of shoes sure to last throughout the year. We’re blaming Kanye! There’s no pretense about them being a running shoe. A: Well, first up they are undeniably comfortable. It doesn’t rely on patterns or modified modern styles, but instead brings you the grunge look that only skate shoes knew how to. These are just an all-around old school classic, so easy to wear and still so stylish with their oversized chunky wedged soles. In fact, the bolder, the better when it comes to matching with your streetwear so no need to be shy and retiring. 21 Best White Sneakers for Men (Review) in 2020, 15 Best Tennis Shoes For Men (Review) in 2020, This product guide was written by GearHungry Staff, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list. If you love working out, check out our guide to the best weightlifting shoes. After all, if you’ve gone all out Louis Vuitton or Balenciaga, chances are they’ll have cost more than the rest of your entire streetwear ensemble combined so let them bask in their glory and keep your Dad style to a pair of classic jeans with an inoffensive, simple sweatshirt. Coming with a beautiful modern design that perfectly complements the traditional ‘dad’ style, this is a shoe that has something for everybody. Our top pick for the best dad shoes around today are the Nike M2k Tekno Shoe, which doesn’t immediately strike us as a classic dad shoe, but names can often be deceiving. The Adidas Falcon can thank none other than soon to be self-made Billionaire Kylie Jenner among one of the reasons why it’s been propelled into the populist stratosphere, not just for Dad’s it seems but for the Mum’s out there too. Always a few steps behind Adidas and Nike, Reebok has an image that is still stuck in the 80s and 90s. If you’re still not totally convinced, the dad shoes we’ve selected are more than the simple shoes you’ll find at department stores or supermarkets. Could it be time to dig out the shell-suit too or are some fashions meant never ever to see the light of day again? This shoe features the modern-day equivalent – RS-X. This time we bring you the Adidas Twinstrike ADV Sneaker Shoe which while not as lightweight as some of our other picks still feels great to wear whatever you do.

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