normalize the database of railway reservation system upto 3nf

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November 29th, 2020

Normalization and Database Design During the normalization process of database design, make sure that proposed entities meet required normal form before table structures are created. Each musician that records at Notown has an SSN, a name, an address, and a phone number. The trains have different fares depending on the distance and I have to store these fares in the database. It is not an option to calculate the fare based on distance because the fare is followed strictly by the fare chart. Mohsin Saqlaini. Database and Web Database System PT1081156 - Individual Assignment Page 5 3.Entity Relationship Diagram 3.1 List of Entity types: S. no Entity Attributes 1 User Email_ID, password, Fullname, Gender, Age, Mobile,City, State 2 Passenger PNR ,Passenger_name,Age, Gender, Reservation_status,Booked_By 4 Train Train_ID, Train_name,Train… It also protects the database against certain kinds of errors. Uploaded by. Poorly paid musicians often share the same address, and no 2 DIFFERENT NORMAL FORMS 1NF: based on attributes only 2NF, 3NF, BCNF: based on keys and FDs Database Normalization. In brief, normalization is a way of organizing the data in the database. The database community has developed a series of guidelines for ensuring that databases are normalized. Normalization is a process of rearranging the database to put it into a standard (normal) form that prevents from modification anomalies. Many real-world databases have been improperly designed or burdened with anomalies if … Uploaded by. Normalization entails organizing the columns and tables of a database to ensure that their dependencies are properly enforced by database integrity constraints. perform on its albums (as well as other company data) in a database. It usually divides a large table into smaller ones, so it … The database has details of train ticket fares. I have a database to normalize. The company has wisely chosen to hire you as a database designer (at your usual consulting fee of $2,500/day). The Normal Forms . On the other hand a Railway reservation system is called as “ On-line application” because this system is used for booking tickets (inserts), changing travel plans (updates) and canceling tickets (deletes). These are referred to as normal forms and are numbered from one (the lowest form of normalization, referred to as first … Conversion to 3 NF 3NF Rules Rule 1- Be in 2NF Rule 2- Has no transitive functional dependencies Conversion to 3 NF ... Railway Reservation System build in Visual Basic . Hence one may normalize only up to 2NF for Reporting System and 3NF for Online applications. Third normal form (3NF) is a database principal that supports the integrity of data by building upon the database normalization principles provided …

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