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November 29th, 2020

It’s more akin to returning to your hometown after a devastating disaster—or a devastating exposure to life outside it. Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound OffAlbum's gonna be biiiiiig. Album Rating: 3.5excited to jam. The album transforms their own abilities and the breadth of the much heralded—and derided—black metal-shoegaze fusion. Belgian hardcore/BM group Oathbreaker have expanded upon their last effort, Eros | Anteros, in terms of sound and scope, and crafted their epinicia. And even her screaming is varied—the end of “Second Son” is a constantly escalating hysteria, different from her more straightforward attack most of the time. It’s meant to capture how our bodies fail us and the wandering nightmares that result with no neat resolution. Album Rating: 3.8https://oathbreakerband.bandcamp.com/album/rheia Starting off with an unusual combination of crust, hardcore and black metal, Oathbreaker have evolved significantly since their debut album, Maelstrom. album is my favorite of the year so far, Album Rating: 3.8@barber - in what way? The song lulls you into a false sense of security that is quickly torn to shreds the second the band lets loose with blastbeats and Tanghe’s piercing screams on “Second Son Of R.”, arguably one of the band’s heaviest songs to date. Oathbreaker Rheia (Deathwish Inc.) The patience and soul searching that went into the creation of Rheia is illuminated through it’s sound. Oathbreaker’s third full length is the most expansive release from the Belgian black metallers, maybe even the most sonically extensive record some might hear all year. The female vocals were quite refreshing. Comparisons to Deafheaven are inevitable (they were labelmates at one point), and they’re not always accurate, but there’s no denying that the surging breakdown towards the end of “Immortals” is modeled after “Luna.” Oathbreaker make it their own by suggesting an ultimate payoff, only to cut off before ultimate ecstasy. Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound OffListened to this twice last night, can't wait to listen to it more. Album Rating: 3.5Nice review, album rules. They’re vicious with their metal, albeit more discerning with how it’s dished out. Album Review: Oathbreaker – ‘Rheia’ October 4, 2016. A couple years ago, Belgium’s Oathbreaker were just another band that had some skill in merging shimmery melodies with blastbeats: an alluring and even comforting sound, if not the most original. Album Type: Full Length Date Released: 30/09/2016. Was impressed by how well they pulled off the dynamic variety on here. “Nothing” relies more on her choral sensibilities, which never make the rest of the band feel bloated or frilly. Tanghe makes such a simple question, one we’ve all asked, harrowing in its relatable power. good rev as always, Album Rating: 3.8thx folx, outta my element for sure but happy it worked out, opener and the second track are chill inducing, Good review, I enjoy how the words speak more than the rating and don't seem based on it, this is a great read, excellent review Label: Deathwish Inc. Rheia is often a study in contrasts. update: made some changes to the initial submission. She can scream her ass off, no question, but she’s able to lead the band by changing her tone. By not defaulting on a raspy yell all the time, she fills in the band’s softer sections, which would be awkward with merely a hushed screech. changed the ending and added a bit more, Album Rating: 3.5great first paragraph dude. The follow-up album, Eros/Anteros saw a further evolution of their sound, with post-metal elements beginning to populate their palette. It knocks “Where I Live” off its axis, making the raging black metal tempos that the album’s built on seem alien. Oathbreaker Eros/Anteros. “Needles in Your Skin” is Oathbreaker at their most dynamic, and makes for the album's centerpiece. unsure if you're sassing me or complimenting. There are the obvious ones such as soft and loud, fierce and gentle, and screaming and singing. Oathbreaker Rheia. Caro Tanghe’s vocals are where Oathbreaker really distinguish themselves, and it’s her awakening in particular where Rheia makes the biggest leap. Album Rating: 4.0Yeah this is great. Without sacrificing extremity, they all captured the spirit of metal, not just the sound. In the middle, the band transitions to a hardcore chug, and layered under Tanghe’s hopeless mantra, “How could you go without me?” her desperation shines through. ALBUM REVIEW: Oathbreaker - "Rheia" By: Jay Hampshire. Album Rating: 4.5opener and the second track are chill inducing [2]. It’s an unsettling counterpart to intro “10:56,” which features Tanghe at her most soothing. Review Summary: The Olympians Rheia is ambitious and hard-hitting, but kindles a slow-burning hypnosis. Rheia not only transforms the Belgian metal band's own abilities, but the breadth of the much heralded—and derided—black metal-shoegaze fusion.

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