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November 29th, 2020

Diseased leaves later turn purplish or red. The abundance of weeds also contributes to the spread of the disease, as well as excessive fertilization of the soil with nitrogen fertilizing. Spores are spread by wind. Severely infected flowers may be completely covered by mycelium and killed. It’s common for this disease to attack older leaves on the plant first. Foliar dressing is carried out with boric acid. The pathogen may come in with northern grown transplants but disease progress does not continue once transplanted into fruiting fields. Powdery mildew development and spread are favored by moderate to high humidity and temperatures between 60°F and 80°F. Infected mature fruit… How to take the bear out of the garden, real advice, Blue-winged mare - master of camouflage among locusts, Black centipedes - description, features of care at home, How to get rid of a shashel in a wooden house. The powdery mildew of raspberry does not infect strawberry and that of strawberry does not infect raspberry despite the similar name. This is the controversy of marsupials. To prevent the appearance, the spread of the disease will help fungicides. The sprouts present at this time, the young shoots immediately become infected. When growing strawberries (strawberries) under the film coating it is necessary to organize a constant airing in warm weather. This applies to the root system, shoots, leaves. To control powdery mildew, apply fungicides at the first sign of disease, that is leaf distortion and discoloration. Ensuring the protection of plants from powdery mildew is achieved by choosing the right places for its acquisition. Process strawberries from powdery mildew can be soap-copper composition: in 15 liters of water, 20 grams of household soap and vitriol (copper) are bred. Underground parts, the roots do not touch the fungus. The system of various measures is aimed at increasing the resistance of the disease. The vascular system of leaves is affected. At the same time, those who gain strength, rough leaves with age of 25 days and more fungi of powdery mildew are not affected. Bayleton is also used for these purposes. spoons infused in 10 liters of water two days. Constant inspection of bushes and removal of damaged leaves and berries. 10 g of powder is diluted in a bucket of water. Overhead irrigation, rain, and dew inhibit the development and spread of this disease, so this pathogen tends to cause more problems in green­houses and high tunnels. Zinc sulphate (20 g of preparation per 10 liters of water) is also used for the same purposes. The berry is ill for the whole growing season. fragariae, a fungus that overwinters on infected plant tissue including living leaves. To prevent many diseases of strawberries, powdery mildew, including, will help agrotechnical measures for moderate watering, periodic weeding, timely fertilizing with humus or mineral supplements with a set of necessary trace elements. Overgrown mustaches lose color, inhibit growth, then die off. These simple methods will help get rid of a dangerous disease on strawberries - powdery mildew. During the formation of the ovary, you can use Gaupsin, Horus. You can treat berry crops with Euparen, Topaz, Switch. A lot of positive feedback is on the fungicide Topaz. At the descent of the snow cover, the bare bushes are irrigated with a 3% composition of the Bordeaux mixture. The leaves of the plant will be covered in a white coating which may begin as small, white circular spots. Powdery plaque resembles a white coating in the form of a thin web. 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In favorable summer conditions (warm air, high humidity), the fungus is repeatedly affected by all new cultures. In early warm springs with extended periods of … Pathogen powdery mildew - marsupial mushroom - hiding from frosts under the remains of plants, mainly in the form of mycelium. It should not be allowed to grow whiskers, organize in time weeding between rows of fruit crops. 40 g of powder and the same amount of soap is added to water (10 liters). Infected mature fruits become seedy in appearance with white powdery mycelium evident. Powdery mildew on strawberry (its first signs) is shown on the petioles of the berry sockets, the bottom plate of leaves. Infected flowers produce deformed fruit or no fruit at all. Purple-reddish blotches appear on the upper and lower surface of leaves. But, with the proper organization of preventive measures, the use of folk remedies, the use of insecticides can be avoided.

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