pros and cons of cloning

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November 29th, 2020

Single-cell organisms like some yeasts and bacteria naturally reproduce clones of parent cells via budding or binary fission. Cloning children could foster an understanding that children can be designed and replicated to the parents’ wishes. Her stint as Manager of the California State Mining and Mineral Museum in California's gold country served to deepen her interest in science which she now fulfills by writing for online science websites. There are many more arguments against reproductive cloning, but this is a brief list of the main arguments. There is also the belief that these clones would be created without a soul. Overall, the developments of scientific research seem to go faster than the actual and real needs of humans, who are the ultimate recipients of such progress. Take an introduction to biology with an online class, Create an A+ Biology research paper with an online class, Discover a mathematical way to observe biology with an online course, Read an interesting article on questions for the GCSE exam, How to Become a Project Manager: A Step-by-Step Guide. The first successful animal cloning occurred over 22 years ago, after a Scottish Blackface sheep surrogate mother gave birth to Dolly on July 5, 1996, at the Roslin Institute, part of the University of Edinburgh. Parents that have lost a child can have that child returned to them with a clone. No longer would there be the worry of scientists harming creatures because these creatures would be cloned specifically for the purpose of research. Many believe that cloning can be used to replace failing organs. The following are some of its most common cons. As such, there would be a lack of diversity in humankind. Parents with no eggs and sperm can create children that are genetically related. Read an interesting article on questions for the GCSE exam. Same sex couples can have children without the use of donor sperm or donor eggs. In the end, legalizing cloning on a wide-scale basis could lead to a disrespect for human life and the individual worth of a person, which might ultimately diminish all humans in the end. However, is it really an option that should be considered as a way to extend human life? People shed millions of cells throughout their day as their skin cells fall off. However, there is a possibility that the age of the donor could be imprinted on the growing embryo. There are a number of negatives involved with reproductive cloning, and they are listed below. The Pros and Cons of Cloning: Is it Worth the Risk? 1. Once born, the individual is a physical copy of the living host that had the cell data collected from it. Human cloning research and techniques could subject the clone to unacceptable risks such as a shortened life, bad health or other unknown problems. Consi… Along with the ability to clone desired traits, there could be the possibility of people deliberately reproducing undesired traits. Clones could be seen as less than human compared with non-clones. Cloning could prove helpful in the research of genetics. Pros: 1. Johns Hopkins University: Ask an Expert: How Close Are We to Cloning Humans? Cloning involves a process of creating identical genes. Molecular Genetics (Biology): An Overview, National Institute of Health: National Institutes of Health Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research, CNN: Monkey See, Monkey 2: Scientists Clone Monkeys Using Technique That Created Dolly the Sheep, The University of Edinburgh: The Life of Dolly, North Carolina State Extension: Sheep Facts, Georgetown University: Cloning Human Beings. There would be a lack of uniqueness and violate convictions regarding human individuality and freedom. Couples who are unable to naturally conceive will be able to create children to whom they are a genetic relative thanks to human cloning. Human Cloning Pros and Cons. Would there be any defense against people collecting cells and cloning random people?

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