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November 29th, 2020

With an MSN degree, you will be able to continue to serve as a nurse in the community, although some end up moving outside of the actual practice, focusing instead on management. Professionals who primarily are interested in the broader field of public health than healthcare may want to explore an MPH degree. The major occupations of public health where you may work with your MPH are as follows: Some of the courses that you may take in your MPH program include: Both of these degrees are good career options. This program is designed to teach how to solve community health problems, often focusing on underserved communities. If were doing our jobs right, the water is clean, the air is breathable, the factories and the food supply are safe. With the first, they will be able to work in local and international settings to deliver advanced nursing care. But then along comes a disease outbreak, and suddenly everybody wants to talk to us! At that point, they may then earn their MSN degree so that they can work at some of the highest paying, most in demand nursing occupations. There are so many master’s degrees to choose from if your interests lie in healthcare. The MPH is the standard professional credential for professionals who work in public health. This is because public health is now such a wide and varied field, that there is a real need for people for more focused skills and knowledge. Practice their profession in a range of different settings, including state, federal, and local health departments or agencies, non-governmental agencies across both the private and nonprofit sector, and schools. Let’s examine each graduate degree more closely so that you can decide the best option for your healthcare career. Sady Brown is Editorial Strategist for, MSN Nursing vs Public Health MPH Degree + Salary Differences. Professionals who desire a career in healthcare and related fields frequently consider a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a Master of Public Health (MPH). This advanced degree is designed for nursing professionals who want to enhance their nursing skills and knowledge to provide a higher level of care to patients and families. Public health nurse salaries can vary by location and experience. The MSN degree is a very different degree, but there is some overlap with the MPH because you can also start a career in public health if you hold an MSN. An MSN degree can be obtained after you earn your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree. The focus of the MPH is on the science and efforts behind improving and protecting communities through promoting healthy living, and better education about illness and disease. In general, it will take you two years to complete your MPH degree, although some schools now offer accelerated programs, enabling you to complete it within 12 to 18 months. Johns Hopkins University - Carey School of Business: 30+ Online Nurse Practitioner Programs with No GRE! Some areas that you may focus on include obesity, sexually transmitted diseases, and immunizations. One of the interesting and beneficial aspects of a nursing career is that one may take several educational paths as your career advances. This can be within the public or private sector, as well as in nonprofit organizations and NGOs. There is little to no emphasis on research or teaching. There are many excellent, online MSN programs today for the experienced or aspiring nursing professional. For a nurse or a professional who aspires to be one, earning your MSN degree is the entry into a very rewarding and high paying healthcare career. It is important to consider your personal career goals in order to choose between the two programs. Ive been immersed in the public health world for so long, sometimes I forget that many people dont know the answer to this question. Public health nurses earn a median annual salary of $56,467, with the 10th-90th percentile earning a salary range of $41,644 to $83,000. Rather, you will likely end up working in the field, in an organization that focuses on public health. As a public health nurse, you will work directly in the community with the aim to improve the overall health of that community. Retrieved from. Jump to 30+ Masters in Nursing Degrees. It is a multifaceted role in which you will have direct patient contact, but you will work independently. Both are worthy career goals; it comes down largely to helping the broader community improve health, or helping individuals and families improve their health? The MPH degree has a very strong focus on public health in practice, emphasizing improved health outcomes across entire populations through education and disease prevention. This advanced degree is designed for nursing professionals who want to enhance their nursing skills and knowledge to provide a higher level of care to patients and families. You will usually find employment with state or local health departments, correctional facilities, public health departments, businesses, occupational health facilities, and schools. You will be trained to become a researcher in nursing theory, nursing practice, and their applications. The average salary of Public Health Nurse is $62,985, and the average salary of Public Health Analyst is $64,095. This means that, regardless of which degree you choose, you will always be able to combine your personal passions for serving public health and the nursing profession as a whole. in Public Health, and Master of Public Health, Master of Public Health - Family and Community Health Concentration. One of the reasons why some people are confused about the difference between the MPH and the MSN is because of the MSN with public health nursing concentration. about the information, the selection of schools, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, employment opportunities or education or salary outcomes. Or, if you have no nursing experience and possess a bachelor’s in another field, you can get your BSN and MSN simultaneously in a ‘direct entry’ MSN program. Because there is such an overlap between the MSN with a public health concentration in particular and the MPH, a number of schools have now started to offer the MSN/MPH dual degree. A MSN degree will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to work in what are known as advanced nursing practice positions. We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees According to, the average salary for a public health nurse is $56,111 annually.

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