radio mic holder for shirt

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November 29th, 2020

Earpieces, radio headsets, speaker microphones, batteries & more for Motorola two-way radios. Belts/Straps - Mike holder strap that attaches to epaulette on shoulder of uniform shirt. Moving your lavalier microphone closer or further from the talent's mouth will have a dramatic impact on tonal quality and frequency response. We also carry mic cord stabilizers, reflective leather radio straps, flashlight holders, pager cases, and a huge variety of radio cases. When you are doing your tactical duties as part of a first responder team or in military, police, and security guards, your radio communications need to be spot on.You can’t risk miss-communications and not delivering the messages as intended to the receiver. We strive to give our customers world class customer service. Trust Galls with all of your Duty Gear needs. “URSA Straps have been a complete game changer for me and my team. To obtain the best device to keep your body cameras clips, police radio accessories, law enforcement equipment, contact us today. Trust Quartermaster with all of your Duty Gear needs. Contact The Heads Up Mic Clip from Texas at 817-301-5106, and ask us about handheld portable radio mic and body worn camera keepers. Motorola radio Accessories; High quality radio accessories for all Motorola radios. This full grain cowhide black strap allows your speaker microphone to be at shoulder height for ease of use and comfort. You’ll find a wide assortment of Radio Holders to choose from. URSA Straps allow us to rig radio mics on costumes previously thought to be un-micable. Radio Accessories. Our Grand Slam kit includes a triple combo leather radio strap, leather radio holder, and a leather anti-sway strap. Get your Radio Holders at Galls! Mic placement Once you have determined which mounting method is best for your recording, you need to figure out the ideal placement. Get your Radio Holders at Quartermaster! You’ll find a wide assortment of Radio Holders to choose from. - Manufactured in Canada Tight dresses, sports wear, stunt harnesses – all can be easily mic’d using low profile URSA Straps.” …

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