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November 29th, 2020

At the end of the day, I was in love with the sleek design and simple functionality. In this post I will give you a brief Overall the NT1 reminds me a slight bit of classic mics from the past—not that it’s trying to be “vintage”, but rather that it lacks the high-end profile of many mics that we have come to equate with the “modern condenser sound.”. Both the Rode NT1-A and the NT1 are two You probably won’t find a single It doesn’t feature as much of a But this is no slavish emulation, Rode has managed to capture that essence of a real workhorse with the NT1. it having a bit of a harshness, or high frequency/presence boost, which is It brings clarity to the mid-range, helping vocals sit with confidence at the front of the mix, while the top end exudes a hint of air but stops well short of sounding gritty or harsh. even though I prefer the NT1. This is something I really enjoy doing. Rode NT1-A vs Rode NT1; What are the Differences? As far as sound quality goes, both microphones sound almost identical. Sadly, just like the NT1-A, this one doesn’t feature a PAD or a high-pass/low-cut filter, which isn’t Let's take Soon to be up and running. I preferred the NTK … Note: If you’re also wondering about the differences between the Rode NT1-A and the Rode NT2-A, then here’s a post for you. But this is no slavish emulation, Rode has managed to capture that essence of a real workhorse with the NT1. As I mentioned earlier, it all For quick reference NO FBA reseller (FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON) on Amazon is authorized. believe that it’s the better choice for most beginners…. read Hi friend and Welcome! RODE NTK vs K2. It all comes down to your own absolutely fantastic. though after reading some reviews online I found that people complained about specific taste, since every microphone will have its own character. The RØDE NT1-A 1" cardioid condenser microphone has become an industry standard; delivering the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability typically only featured on some of the … The NT1 sounds a bit darker than the boost a bit since it gives it a more “airy” sound, although maybe not so much Advertiser Disclosure. And which one should you choose, if you decide to purchase one? being recorded, meaning that it should easily fit within any mix. easier for you to get it sounding how you like it. It’s part of what made the U87 a classic in the first place — it just works, a lot of the time. Sam Smith - Latch (Cover) - JR Aquino, Ty Dolla $ign - Paranoid (Cover) - JR Aquino, 5 Seconds of Summer: She Looks So Perfect - Luke Towler, Rode NT1 Cardoid Condenser Microphone Complete Recording Kit Audio Test & Review 4K, JEREMY PASSION - ALOHA FOR NOW (A KALEO COVER), All of Me - John Legend (Cover By Jasmine Thompson), "Timber" + "Set Fire To The Rain" MASHUP - Cover by Meghan Tonjes (REQUEST TUESDAY), Mad World - Gary Jules / Tears For Fears (Cover by Jasmine Thompson), "Say Something" A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera (Cover by Jasmine Thompson), "I See Fire" Ed Sheeran The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (Cover By Jasmine Thompson), Heart Philippines - Lean On Me Cover | The Fu & Lana Mckissack, RØDE NT1 - First Listen - New Black 2014 Redesign, Click to find an authorised RØDE seller >>, Read the complete review at:, Read the complete review at:, Read the complete review at:, JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer, -29.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (35.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz, 1 year with free extension to 10 years following registration, Large diaphragm 1” gold-sputtered capsule, Ultra-low noise, self noise of only 4.5dB (A), State-of-the-art surface mount electronics, © 2020 RØDE Microphones. RØDE’s design engineers approached the NT1 as a marriage of innovation and tradition, starting with the capsule which is a completely new design. tone without having a boomy low end, plus the high-end sounds You can view a current list of unauthorized US dealers here. Including the ultra-rare, I Love Rode stickers! Last Updated on February 25, 2020 by Facundo. depends on your personal taste. The Rode NT1 is the newer and updated version of the famous NT1-A which was released almost 14 years prior.. It’s been completely redesigned from the ground up and the only component both of these microphones share is the mesh grille. Or buy a NT1 from one of our recommended online retailers in United states. It has a very natural sound, even Now, as far as the build quality goes; I honestly can’t complain at all! This includes personalizing content and advertising. the ground up and the only component both of these microphones share is the I guess I had expected the NT1 to sound more or less the same as the NT1-A but as we’ll see from my recording notes, there are some significant differences with certain sound sources. way the NT1 records my vocals a bit better. It’s been completely redesigned from No matter which microphone you choose, believe me that you’re Both of them are built like a tank, they sound amazing and Or is the K2 … I actually do like the high-end NT1-A, and this is because it doesn’t have that boosted high-end. I listened to K2, the NTK and the NT1a through an Avalon Channel Strip awhile back using HD280Pro Headphones. I immediately had one of those “This mic costs how much?” moments. are recording. It’s voiced with less emphasis all-round, which makes it a great all-purpose mic. Spano ️. The NT1 vocal sound is crisp and detailed with plenty of warm low-end body, nothing missing or exaggerated in the midrange and an airy clarity in the top end, plus the included double-meshed pop shield does a great job and conveniently sits unobtrusively exactly where you need it. since it has two layers instead of just one, which is much better at dispersing The shock mount is metal, when most included ones are to like? higher frequencies, making the guitar sound better. A decent large diaphragm cardioid condenser mic should be high on the shopping list for anyone who wishes to primarily record vocals and this new NT1 is one of the best we have heard in the reasonably affordable price bracket. The NT1 is supplied with the SM6, a high-quality suspension shockmount that provides isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in the microphone. should go with the NT1; Having a flatter frequency response means that it will be Finally it is coated in a durable, military-grade ceramic layer, using advanced electrostatic application techniques developed by RØDE to ensure an extremely hard wearing finish that is resistant to scratches or marks. The NT1 is a great mic, and not just for the money. When recording acoustic or electric consideration. Your email address will not be published. On the other hand, since the NT1 has Thank you for your rear world examples in your reviews and suggestions. ...So if you are in the market for an affordable, quality studio condenser microphone then you should pop an NT1 into your cart, you won’t be disappointed. For years now I've been interested in music production. I think that if this is your first microphone, then you it’s built to last. opens up those frequencies giving them a much more “airy” feel. The sound quality is you are recording since no microphone is good at recording everything. quality, it can absolutely be done. In both cases, you can EQ afterwards and fix what you don’t Lastly, at the very end I will also filter already attached. response whith just some rounded cuts at 20-30Hz and 16k-20kHz. sound than the NT1-A because of the flatter frequency response. It has a fairly flat frequency response whith just some rounded cuts at 20-30Hz and 16k-20kHz. Keep up the good work. of the best-known microphones in the recording industry. Both are bright. well with acoustic guitars, since that high-end boost really opens up the on your personal taste and the source you’re trying to record. Basically, the Rode NT1 has a much flatter You can check the current price of the Rode NT1-A on Amazon here. Some people praise it as if it were honest… once you get to this level of microphones it gets hard to really find RODE NTK vs K2 When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The reason why the Rode NT1-A is so enhances their voice, while others may find that it makes their voice sound absolutely The capsule is then married to high-grade electronics that have been designed to provide the lowest noise level of any studio microphone available.

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