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November 29th, 2020

Priced at $1,400, it certainly isn’t the most expensive model you will find but it also avoids being the cheapest which could prove to be important (we will discuss this a little later). Comfortably, the machine got to seven layers so we decided to add two layers of half-inch scrim foam. A full-size industrial, straight stitch sewing machine with a compound walking foot, the Fabricator was designed for small canvas, upholstery or awning shops. Over the course of two weeks, we found a number of good points to discuss about the model but we will start with what we think is the biggest benefit of choosing this particular machine. Interesting Tooth Belt – With most sewing machines, the belt will be similar to the one you find in a car. For us, we are planning on raising the rubber feet a little and this should free the access cover and allow it to open easily. Like other industrial sewing machines, the Fabricator features a large rotary hook, which reduces the frequency of bobbin winding, and plenty of underarm space for comfortable sewing, even with larger projects. Even when putting it together, we noticed that this might be a problem and our fears were confirmed when the table wobbled from left to right. I received my new sailrite machine two days after it was shipped! Required fields are marked *. The exclusive Sailrite® Flex20 LED Light provides a bright, concentrated beam of light for accurate sewing. I know this sounds silly, but I spoke with a … Quickly raise the presser foot with the built-in knee lift. After we started unpacking, it was easy to notice the quality of the machine. You will appreciate just how easy the machine is to use as well as the extensive starting manual that comes with the product. Introducing the Sailrite Standard Fabricator Sewing Machine. As soon as we felt comfortable, we thought it was time for the first test and what better way to throw a sewing machine in the deep end than to test just how thick of a material this machine will sew. They are hands on at Sailrite and have great videos to boot! Your email address will not be published. Of course, you will still need to oil from time to time but the oil reserve makes this task less frequent and it makes it ok if you forget every now and then. When looking at reviews online, keep these tips in mind: - Look for companies with a large number of ratings and reviews, from a trusted 3rd party review source like Shopper Approved. Your email address will not be published. Ultimately, we were impressed and we can’t wait to keep using it and getting to know its limits. For the first time on an industrial machine, the Fabricator is also fitted with Sailrite’s patented Posi-Pin Clutching System (Patent #7438009), which provides 100% power transfer from the balance wheel to the needle. The Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 is not an industrial machine, but it sews canvas and light leather well. First and foremost, this is a full-size industrial sewing machine boasting a walking foot. The Fabricator allows for stitch-by-stitch sewing at full power, so you can take your time creating the most precise stitches possible. Copyright © 2020 The Lucky Needle. If you sew regularly with various different materials, we highly suggest the Sailrite Fabricator Sewing Machine and here’s for why. A full-sized industrial, straight stitch sewing machine with a compound walking foot, the Fabricator is a great choice for small canvas, upholstery and awning shops as well as serious DIY-ers. Sailrite sells two Ultrafeed machines - the LS-1 (the red mach ine) which is a strai ght sti tch only machine and the LSZ-1 (the blue machine) which also does zig-zag. Perfect for Beginners – Even if you have never used a sewing machine before, we believe this model to be a perfect starting point. Finally, we should also mention the Posi-Pin clutching system which transfers power from the balance wheel to the needle and this feature is actually patented which means you won’t find it anywhere else. All right reserved. Peeling Sticker – On the side of the table, you will find a measurement sticker to help when measuring fabric and various other tasks. After this, the foot lift reaches 9/16” to allow thicker materials underneath and you can wind bobbins as you continue to sew with the attached bobbin winder. The Sailrite Fabricator is a sewing machine to build your business on. Sailrite ranks 1st among Sewing sites. Sailrite Industrial Flexible Sewing Machine Light (100-240V), Leather Foot Set for Fabricator Sewing Machine, Right Edge Guide Foot Set 4mm for Fabricator, Cording Foot Set 1/4" for Fabricator, 111 & Big-N-Tall, Bobbin for Sailrite Fabricator, 111 & Professional, V-92 White UV Bonded Polyester Thread 4 oz. The new Workhorse serv motor is very nice indeed and when coupled with our special Stitch Pro Balance wheel with our … Normally, sewing machine manuals are less valuable than the paper they’re written on with black and white pictures and a lack of help. The Sailrite Fabricator is a sewing machine to build your business on. With some models, the machine can slip when running at slower speeds but this just didn’t happen with our tests and we think the belt is to thank for this. It also features fully adjustable speed settings—you can set your top stitching speed and maintain variable speed control. Above all else, the control is amazing and this allows for accurate sewing on various projects. The Workhorse runs quietly and is both energy-saving and durable. With the many layers in place, the motor was still powerful and we thought it was probably the thickness of the materials preventing further progress. This being said, we did manage to find easy fixes to all three problems we will discuss. Even before everything was put together and in position, we could tell that Sailrite aims to impress by including quit a few extra items we didn’t know were included. Although they aren’t groundbreaking, they may affect your purchasing decision. Foot-Tension Disc Interaction – Next, We like that when you lift the foot, the tension discs will loosen which offers a little slack. For a model that only cost $1,400, we didn’t expect it to be so strong and even at the end we felt as though it wasn’t the motor causing the problems. Helpful Pin – As we head towards the last couple of benefits, they don’t get any less useful as this one is a pin you can remove when winding the bobbin. However, the Sailrite Fabricator machine has something we have never seen before; a tooth belt. Suspended Headliners, Molded Headliners & Sun Visors. Even though it wasn't prime shipping I got it super fast. Even from a complete stop, the manufacturers say that the high torque motor will push through thick layers of fabric at any speed. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. That’s why we are proud to offer you personalized support for the lifetime of your machine. It’s a copy of the Thompson Mini Walker (a beefed-up domestic machine with a walking foot) plus Sailrite's patented zig-zag movement. The Fabricator and the now retired Sailrite 111 are great machines. These are most likely Active reviews … Normally, we will recommend a cheaper model to get started but there are a couple of reasons why the Sailrite machine is perfect. The combination of the oversized Stitch PRO Balance Wheel and single belt acts as an integrated speed reducer. If you like this yard ruler in place, we contacted the manufacturer and they were more than happy to send a replacement sticker so this should also be available to you. Industry-standard table legs provide a sturdy sewing experience. Just as we saw before, this is patented meaning you will only find this feature on Sailrite models. When the package arrived, it came in four separate boxes which is something you should consider when ordering. However, we never really use this sticker so our solution was to take it off and forget about it. Of everything we have praised on this fantastic machine, this is one area where the design is a little poor and could be improved. With Sailrite’s Servo Motor included, the company promises an experience full of control even when sewing through thick materials.

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