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November 29th, 2020

I share budget-friendly, easy vegan recipes that anyone can make and everyone will enjoy! This dish will have everyone coming back for seconds! I like my desserts to be desserts and my savory food to be savory! What better way than hiding baked sweet potatoes in your dessert?! « Vegan Grocery List for Beginners + 1-Month Meal Plan & Recipes! Sweet potatoes aren’t just a side dish anymore! 21 Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes That You Should Make for Dinner! Non-dairy milk/cream and stabilizing ingredients are truly not necessary and will only dilute the flavor. GORGEOUS SWEET POTATO AND BEET WILD RICE SALAD RECIPE! amzn_assoc_linkid = "7c3b04d688c195584e356b51a70dfecc"; Fresh carrots, ginger, sweet potatoes, and coconut milk come together to create a rich and creamy soup that’s bursting with flavor! Caramelized shallots or onions (choose your adventure), which you can have going on the stove while your sweet potatoes are roasting. I figured that there might be some people out there (like my husband) who want to work more sweet potatoes into their diet without actually tasting it for dinner. November 17, 2019 By Shannon @ Yup, it's Vegan 3 Comments. This roundup contains 21 vegan baked sweet potato recipes (many are gluten-free too!) More on that in the next section. Each one of these savory 21 vegan sweet potato recipes features sweet potatoes as the star ingredient for dinner! Sometimes people complicate it but making gnocchi is actually SUPER easy! If you need some inspiration for your weekly meal plan, you can get my free 1-month vegan meal plan, here. It is made with coconut milk and infused with sage and rosemary and is adapted from the (non-vegan) Savory Sweet Potato Casserole by Bon Appetit. Finally, sprinkle the walnut crumb topping in an even layer. Bonus: things won’t get weird if you get a little vegan gravy on it! The herbs enhance and complements the natural sweetness of the potatoes. Therefore, I’ve come up with a marshmallow-free, umami sweet potato bake that has Thanksgiving-y comfort but isn’t sweet. Your email address will not be published. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; You can work sweet potatoes into almost any meal– soups, stews, tacos, casseroles, quinoa salad, or salads. This savory sweet potato casserole will delight your taste buds and bring something a little bit different to your holiday table! Loaded with seasoned sweet potatoes, protein-packed black beans, brown rice, and slathered in a flavorful enchilada sauce, these are the best vegan enchiladas! Sweet potatoes are delicious, healthy, inexpensive, and can be prepared in so many different ways! The (gluten-free) recipe requires basically just 4-ingredients + seasonings, and it’s perfect to make ahead – then you’ll have the perfect lunch, dinner, appetizer or side dish in only a few minutes! However, the point of this post is to prove that sweet potatoes aren’t just a side dish, they can be the main course or at least the main ingredient in a recipe. Join our vegan Facebook community below! that you can make for dinner! These easy vegan mashed sweet potato and lentil cakes are simple savory patties (fritters) that are crispy from the outside and soft from the inside! Vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free. Topped with fresh pico de gallo and avocado slices, these naturally vegan and gluten-free tacos are sure to become a family favorite. By Stacey Homemaker on May 5, 2019, Updated July 17, 2020 3 Comments. Sweet potato cinnamon rolls with maple pecan glaze. I’m slowly starting to re-shoot those unappetizing old photos (my Thai red curry and pineapple fried rice just got a new look) so … It can be made ahead and crisped up in the oven on Thanksgiving day (or any day) to delicious results! Hope you enjoy and please share in the comments if you make it! In the case of this vegan sweet potato salad it’s definitely the main event! I also included a few of my favorite vegan sweet potato dessert recipes at the end of this post if you’d rather enjoy a sweet potato in your cake or pie. Boiling chunks of sweet potatoes just adds more moisture. Use a fork to poke holes all over the whole, unpeeled sweet potatoes. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Made with a layer of silky roasted sweet potato puree, a layer of caramelized onions, and finally topped with crispy herbed walnut “breadcrumbs”, it’s a unique and memorable dish. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; I doubled the onion as another comment suggested. I always wondered why people only served them as a side dish at Thanksgiving. These Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes are probably one of my favorite dinners ever. Vegan sweet potato recipes. You're currently on page 1 Page 2 Next; Satay sweet potato curry. As much as I love vegan mashed sweet potatoes or simple savory roasted sweet potato chunks, these unique recipes all feature a baked sweet potato as the star ingredient!

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