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November 29th, 2020

From a rough sketch, or even just a concept of what needs to be done, our engineers will take the concept and with the help of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) applications, design the enclosure box with the metallurgical properties of the box, functionality, strength, and optimal structural performance of the metal and how it responds in mind. Lower the clamping bar handle down to clamp your metal into place. Use a square and scratch awl to mark straight lines through your marks. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which is the most up-to-date certification currently available. Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Medical Trolley for Hospital Device. Place your hem on an anvil/solid surface and use your hammer to completely flatten your hems. In my example it would be my "Long Side" line. Your goal with your hems is to have your doubled up layer of metal be flat without any bubbles or dents. Measure and mark your hem length from one edge of your paper. Tab - An additional piece or strip of metal that will be used in assembling or holding the sheet metal to the desired form. Lightly bend your tabs back closer to the edge of your sides. on Step 11, Thanks for this instructable. Repeat steps four and five for all the edges of your paper. Related Video . I use a vise for this but you could also use a hammer to tap them back into place as well. Scratch 45 degree lines to angle off all of your hems and tabs. Repeat steps 1-4 until your box is completely fastened together. This area should be on your tabs. They begin to understand a little better when I relate what we are doing to an unfolded cereal box but until they work through making this box it usually doesn't make sense to them. Customized Fabrication Sheet Metal Parts for Electric Instrument. We are manufacturing these products using premium grade raw material that is procured from the authentic vendors of the market. My attempt at making a sheet aluminum box was kind of a disaster... Will keep your I'ble in mind for the future, thank you! Cut out any part of your paper that is not labeled. Use your clamping bar handle to lift up the teeth of your brake. OEM Sheet Metal Parts … It is important to mark your lines nice and straight, a square will help you with that. Measure and mark your hem plus your side length from one edge of your paper. In this Instructable I'm going to walk you through how to make one of these simple sheet metal boxes! If you do use a foot shear be sure you line up your marked lines in the correct spot on your shear before cutting. Thanks, Reply Contact us. We have a very experienced workforce and as a company have a wide knowledge in all aspects of the engineering industry. You're welcome! Hopefully something in this instructable can help when you take another crack at it. Use your leaf handles to bend your sides slowly up to 90 degrees or until you can go no further without damaging your box. For painting I used just regular spray paint that can be used on metal. You are almost done. Laser Carving Plate Machining September 24, 2019 view; CNC Machined Aluminum Parts September 11, 2019 view; Sheet Metal Laser Cutting October 25, 2019 view; Related Products . Label all the areas on your metal that will be used for the box. Customized Fabrication Bending and Welding Sheet Metal Box. Sheet Metal Box Home; Resources; Video; Sheet Metal Box; Sheet Metal Box . A wide variety of sheet metal box fabrication options are available to you, such as steel. To do this just get some emery cloth or some 80 grit sand paper and clean off the inside and outside of your metal wherever your tabs will overlap your sides. Use your aviation snips to cut your metal to shape. Home; Products. Coining – One of the three types of bending for sheet metal where the punch penetrates into the sheet metal under high tonnage forming a consistent bend. At this point in my class all of our sheet metal projects have been very simple with, at most, one bend. This size allows my students to practice their layout pattern and folding on paper before they move to metal. Custom Cut Metal Box Or Tray - Just The Way You Need It. Remove your now folded metal from the bar folder and place it back on the fold table with the fold facing up. Return your bending leaf to neutral position and lift up your teeth to remove your bent metal. Sales & Support: +86-571-82798041 Email: Repeat steps 8-11 for the opposite side of your box. Flare out your tabs slightly so your sides and tabs are not perfectly aligned. APSM Systems employs a team of highly skilled engineers and fabricators whose experience is not simply limited to manufacturing sheet metal enclosure boxes. Custom cut metal boxes or trays are popular shapes our customers like us to form sheet metal into. Insert your metal into your bar folder up to your marked hem line. CNC Punching Fabrication Sheet Metal Enclosure. When possible, all stages of the assembly process from design and fabrication to testing and quality control are performed on site in our Phoenix facility. The assembly line process is then configured to not only take raw materials, such as sheet metal and manufacture the box, but to do it in such a way that reduces waste materials and saves time. I have included a picture showing how my marked line is right off the edge of the table of my shear, which will give me the exact measurement I want on my cut. Pull your handle to fold your metal over 180 degrees. Unlike overseas companies, APSM Systems is local, and provides a quick turnaround for your products and a comprehensive offering of competencies. My students start off not liking this project as it really steps up the level of difficulty from our previous two projects but they end feeling very accomplished and finally coming to the conclusion the project wasn't really that hard to begin with. Like most things that are made, it starts with an idea. Since we are based in Phoenix, AZ, we are not only local, but serve many customers throughout the United States, which means your sheet metal box isn't going to be outsourced to be fabricated by a company overseas. To keep it in the shape you want it we need to make some sort of connection between your tabs and the sides of your box. Pull your handle again to the 180 degree position to better flatten your double layered portion of metal. To do this you will want to sand off the layout fluid and any oil and grease on the metal. You now have a nice little container to use around the shop! ©2020 by Arizona Precision Sheet Metal, Inc. dba APSM Systems  All Rights Reserved. When you spot weld the box together you want as clean of connection between the metal as possible. Use your bending leaf handles to slowly fold your sides and tabs to 90 degrees. The goal here is to clamp your brake teeth right on your lines. The sheet metal is then sent through a series of automated machines, which takes sheet metal--such as aluminum, steel, or pre-plate--and begin to fabricate it into the enclosure box or other desired component. For this I am going to spot weld the tabs to the sides of the box. If your plan works on a paper mock up it should work on sheet metal. If your mock up comes out with uneven sides, the corners don't connect, or its too small/large, then it will probably be a good idea to go back to the planning phase and make some revisions to your idea. Go back to the break, lift up the folding leaf, and insert your unfolded sides under your correctly positioned teeth. The key to getting your hems correct is to use a tapping, not a heavy hammering, motion while also keeping your hammer head flat against your metal. That means before you start doing any bending you will want to clean up the portions of your metal where the spot welds will be located. News & Events. If you use too much force or have your hammer head slightly angled you will end up with dents across your hems. We have been accredited with ISO 9001:2000 standard and strive for continuous development and improvement. Plus, they like that they've finally made something that they can use and take home. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for all of your tab locations. Something like pop rivets or machine screws is what I would recommend if you wanted to go that route. Box Bending – The process of bending a 4 sided sheet metal box. Sheet Metal Welding Bending Cabinet Customized Fabrication. Once the hems have been made the next step is to bend your metal into a box. Fold along your lines until you have a box. Position your box between the electrodes where you need to weld. The sheet metal is then sent through a series of automated machines, which takes sheet metal--such as aluminum, steel, or pre-plate--and begin to fabricate it into the enclosure box or other desired component.

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