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November 29th, 2020

It has a value of 413 and a rarity of 250. This weapon does not require … Merchants will sell it up to Level 5. It is an uncommon weapon and is not too easy to find. 1. The apocalyptic spiked club will fulfill your self-defense needs when law and order have fallen away. 4. Historic Spiked Club For the number one craziest home defense weapon, we think this spiked club takes the cake. It can be crafted using the correct items and is both easy to craft as well as fairly cheap on resources. 1 Description 2 Unlocking 3 Combat 4 Crafting 4.1 Required Items 4.2 Crafting Recipe 5 Repair 6 Forge 7 Scrapping A Spiked Club is a Melee weapon which can be found throughout the world in 7 Days to Die. The Spiked Club is the second weapon in the Club & Mace Class. Many of our weapons can trace their roots all the way back to those two basic weapons — none more obviously than the club. When attacking enemies, the Spiked Club has a 50% chance to cause Bleeding and a 40% chance to … The Spiked Club is a light weapon that can decimate your opponent if you can dodge their attacks and hit them a few times. Related solid iron weapons with no spikes or studs are the kanemuchi (kanamuchi) and the aribo (gojo/kirikobo). The kanabō (金棒) (literally: "metal stick") is a spiked or studded two-handed war club used in feudal Japan by the samurai.Other related weapons of this type are the nyoibo, konsaibo, tetsubō (鉄棒), and ararebo. Added chance for bleeding.” 1 Description 1.1 Bleeding Out 1.2 Blunt Trauma 2 Crafting 3 Repairing The Spiked Club a is melee weapon that does relatively high damage and can be found through scavenging or crafted after reading the Spiked Club Schematic. Attack radius is 6; strike radius is 8. This weapon was used by Kai of the White Lotus Society in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, as well as General Reiko of Shao Kahn's army, and Major Jax Briggs of the U.S. Special Forces in Mortal Kombat 4andMortal Kombat Gold. The Spiked Club is a long stick with a larger front end, that also has spikes attached to it. This weapon is heavy and made of resin at the spikey end and has a wooden handle. Check out all our fantasy weapons at KarateMart.com “A badass club with sharp spikes. This style of weapon would have been used by the marauding punks as they wreak havoc wherever they went and can be seen being wielded throughout the movie. It is the first weapon in its class to require Strength to wield. The Spiked Club, also referred to as "the Mace" by fans, is a very powerful weapon and much more damaging than the many swords and sticks scattered around the castle. Spiked Club. Man’s oldest melee weapons were the rock and the stick. It relies on you being able to land all your hits and constantly wailing on your opponent during their weapon cooldown or outspeeding them. It can disperse shadow creatures with only a few blows and is the best weapon apart from the Queen's Sword and arguably the Shining Sword. It’s pretty much a short baseball bat, which is already a fearsome weapon, but with an additional 21 forged metal spikes protruding from it. Taking this spike bat with you may make the difference between life and death. Add a photo to this gallery The Shining Sword A vicious looking spiked weapon used in the production of the 2008 action sci-fi Doomsday. Spiked Club One Handed Mace Physical Damage: 13–16 Critical Strike Chance: 5.00% Attacks per Second: 1.45 Weapon Range: 11 Requires Level 10, 41 Str 10% reduced Enemy Stun Threshold Acquisition Level: 10 Purchase Costs The stick gave the advantage of reach over the rock held in the hand, but in turn the rock could be thrown, giving an even greater reach. It can be found between Levels 3 and 8 of the Dungeon. The Spiked Club.

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