spyderco sharpmaker manual

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November 29th, 2020

Spyderco Sharpmaker Instructions. 1980s Spyderco was the first produc-tion knife company to put a clip on a folder. Keep … Clips shifted the knife’s weight from the bottom of a pant’s pocket to the top and carried it inside a pocket so it sat/rode flat regardless of size. And from Spyderco support via email... "The first step with the corners of the medium stones is the most important step. Click the link to bring up adobe PDF here: Spyderco Sharpmaker Instructions Over time Spyderco buyers started correlating the … Spyderco, Inc. 820 Spyderco Way Golden, CO 80403-8053. However, per the Sharpmaker manual... "Always keep knife blade straight up and down (so knife is perpendicular to the base)." The Sharpmaker was Spyderco's first product, which they made and sold before getting into the knife business. This is a bigger file about 10 megs includes a PDF of Spyderco's 28 page instruction booklet for the Sharpmaker. The Tri-Angle Sharpmaker (204MF) includes two sets of high alumina ceramic stones: A pair of medium-grit (brown) stones for aggressive sharpening and a … It will take a while to load. Phone: 303-279-8383 Toll-Free: 800-525-7770 Fax: 303-278-2229. Careers / Employment Opportunities

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