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November 29th, 2020

But along with that, you need a simple name that is easy to understand, spell, and pronounce. DealMaker is a cloud-based platform that drastically eliminates friction in the capital-raising process. CogniABle is a machine learning-driven assistive technology for early detection and affordable treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Probably because a name on a .tech domain is short, relevant, unique, and meaningful. Craig M. Ubic Technologies is a mobile network operator. Digital Analytics & Tracking Verlieren Sie keine Daten mehr. Ultra Consultants. Estesis offers software development using artificial intelligence and data science services. BCT is a digital insurance and health solution to accurately measure body composition and body circumference using a smartphone. Posibillian Tech commits to devise unique social experiences through technology, redefining the social entertainment. Embarca is an accelerator made to co-invest from private/public capitals in early stage startups located in Mendoza – Argentina. StringBean Technologies is a game-changing platform. Blocksmith is a blockchain development agency that leverages experience in building products by Whitesmith and supported by KR1. Nise offers an app-controlled sous vide circulator that makes cooking easy. BODDY facilitates the access to fitness offerings for everyone around the world. Consider these two names – (said as rich-hyphen-clark-dot-tech) and (said as rich-clark-dot-tech). Plotinus developed a new unique approach to analyzing data. One Q Technologies is a Danish software company. Poruba, Moravskoslezsky kraj, Czech Republic. Crown is a digital token and blockchain application platform enabling independence serving individuals & businesses. Everflux develops technologies that promote cradle-to-cradle resource recycling, regenerative farming and landscaping. Image Annotation Services for Computer Vision, AI. CrossMobile is a UI and Logic cross-platform toolkit to develop mobile and desktop native applications in Java. Caliper Technologies is a Biotechnology company. 3D Live is a stereoscopic 3D research and development company that creates solutions for live immersive entertainment. The Best Tech Company Name Generator and Domain Availability Checker, Create a Tech Startup Business Plan: 199 Resources for Business Plan Templates and Examples, How to Make the Most of SEO: An Interview With Neil Patel, All About Digital PR: An Interview With Darian Kovacs, Founder of Jelly Marketing, Tech Startup Names: 1000+ Startup Company Names To Inspire You. Electric Vehicle Charging, EVSE’s, Mobile app, payment, manufacturing, SimplyFI Softech Pvt. 200 Education or EdTech startup domain names, 200 Finance or FinTech startup domain names. Eat Me is an IOT solution to transform the relationship between the consumer and the amount of food they waste in their homes. Ippon is an IT consulting, design and implementation company. Development of IoT-based products for forestry. DevOps excellence. A bot that lives on the Telegram messaging service. A great startup deserves a great name. We develop control systems for real-time environments with sensors, data, light and media to influence how people experience places. Panabee. Blockdata is a market intelligence platform for blockchain and other distributed ledger technology. EMOTAI is a privately held company that focuses in improving human performance. CASPIAN is a full stack crypto asset management solution. Just start saving without ever breaking a sweat. Cerebra Technologies extracts signals from any unstructured data source. Electro-Active Technologies is focused on transforming waste into renewable products. Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States. An end to end internet management system that protects sensitive data without using demonstrably vulnerable web based technology. finix76 is a software mobile apps company located in Yogyakarta. Keen Eye Technologies is a health tech company. Building Relaynet, the computer network on which humankind can truly rely. Amirobo tech provides services such as ICT, robot technology, and application development technology. é um aplicativo para gerenciamento financeiro compartilhado ideal para estudantes e casais que dividem moradia. Bitswift is passionate about emerging technologies & its capabilities provide technology solutions for businesses & individuals. Consulting and R&D services for nanomaterials (graphene/2DM), devices (MEMS, lasers, displays) and extreme environments. WHYM is an all-in-one commerce solution for conversations.

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