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November 29th, 2020

Last but not the least, this product comes with a unique safety lock feature giving housewives peace of mind when using. 1.78 Times Larger in Grain Size. 16. If the handles are difficult to push apart, this indicates that the cooker is still pressurized do not force – it open. Beko manuals contain helpful information about your appliance as well as tips and advice on installation and maintenance. Elasticity Index of Rice is 36% Higher Than Rice From Ordinary RC. 0.15. Expand by 0 Times. Each Grain of Rice is 1.78 Times Increased in Volume. Induction HOB Easy Cooking Supor C21-SDHCB36VN, Induction HOB Easy Cooking Supor SDHCB45VN-210. IH Rice Cooker, Give Each Grain of Rice an All-round Steam SPA. The boil mode is a high power output function for bringing water rapidly to the boil. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads when cleaning. The pictures are only for reference, please keep the real product as a standard. SUPOR About Us Events News Investor Relations Products Contact Us; Customer Service Service Network After-sale Service; CSR School Weiqi League; Product Center Cookware Small Kitchen Electrical Appliances Kitchen & Bathroom Electrical Appliances Environmental Household Appliances Easy to use, only one hand needed. For convenience, versatility and safety rolled into one, the induction hob from Supor is an indispensable companion in every home kitchen. More Saturated. Spheric Pot RC. Buy. Moisture Content Retains for 8h, So is Taste of Rice. Direct Steam Heating Better Promotes Water Absorption in Rice. Steam Spheric Pot. var cnzz_protocol = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? " Seven-layer Copper Crystal Compound Material Further Improves Thermal Conductivity of Inner Pot. Among these modes, when Porridge, or Soup mode is selected, the induction cooker will start the auto two-hour keeping warm function after the operation is finished. Do not open the pressure cooker until the unit has cooled and internal pressure has been released. If you have misplaced your manual there is no need to worry. What is the warranty policy of SUPOR? Brand New Sesign of Steam Pot Rice Cooker: Food Grade Stainless Steel Water cup; Detachable and Washable Steam Passage; Human Voice Remind by Audible and Visual Navigation System, Including Water Shortage Remind, No Cup Remind and Misoperation Remind. See "Operating Instructions" on pages 15 and 16. Up to 1300W IH Firepower and up to 300W High-temperature Steam, Just Like Traditional Firewood Stoves, Quickly Heat up Rice and Excite Fragrance and Sweetness. User manual, instruction for use > Pressure cookers, pots and pans > Pressure cooker > SUPOR CLIPSO SS; Tefal SUPOR CLIPSO SS user manuals. Title: GIC200-Induction Cooker User Manual Created Date: 8/17/2015 4:24:09 PM ... Models that feature our exclusive Diffusal base work extremely well on all types of cooking surfaces, including induction. Title: GIC100-Induction Cooker User Manual Created Date: 12/29/2015 10:36:29 AM Supor Spheric Pot IH Rice Cooker. https://" : " https://");document.write(unescape("%3Cspan id='cnzz_stat_icon_1258150390'%3E%3C/span%3E%3Cscript src='" + cnzz_protocol + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); | Terms of use, SUPOR Steam Spheric Pot This particular INDUCTION COOKER SERVICE MANUAL Document is registered in our database as WTFQBRAKTI, with file size for around 239.66 and thus released on 12 May, 2014. Opening & Closing 1 hand system. Each Grain of Rice is 1.78 Times Increased in Volume. This function is programmed to heat 1.5 litre of water in a 20cm pan to boiling point in a fixed time of approximately 10 minutes, after which the “beep” will sound 3 times and the hob will switch off. The stove is an important element in the family kitchen. Details 21 Sep 2009 For the price of PHP 1,200.00 at SM Megamall's home section, the Kyowa KW-3631 is a steal and will provide you with a gentle introduction to the world of induction cooking. Food Grade Stainless Steel Material, Healthy And Safe Water Shortage Remind / No Cup Remind, One-click to Detach and to Avoid Residual Bacteria. pressure cooker. Privacy Policies 0.11. High Temperature Steam Molecules Fully Lock Water and Fragrance in Rice. Ensure the appliance is stable and well-supported. Smart Fire Cooking System: Cooking in 7 Steps, Steaming in 3 Steps. Direct Steam Heating Better Promotes Water Absorption in Rice. Direct Steam Heating Better Promotes Water Absorption in Rice. Ex: Where can I buy SUPOR ? Make Each Grain of Rice Elastic. Up to 1600W High-temperature Steam on Top and IH High Thermal Power on Bottom Heat Up Rice All Round. While doing my research of the best portable induction cooktops I found it difficult to find the product user manuals and built this list so I could quickly find the user manual.

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