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November 29th, 2020

It was officially opened in October 2010 using the temporary/working name of "Redding Avenue Park", but an effort to rename it began almost immediately, as Mae Lillian Fong, a longtime businesswoman and community leader who co-founded and operated a printing company on a nearby parcel, had recently died. The English name of Tahoe derives from the Washo name for Lake Tahoe, "dá'aw," meaning "The Lake.". Tahoe Park is a 19-acre (77,000 m2) recreational facility located in the Tahoe Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California. [1], Prior to 2005, the area west of 53rd Street was officially recognized as a part of the neighborhood of Tahoe Park proper. Seven years later, in 1938, the school address was modified to reflect the change of the street's name to "Broadway". Sacramento, CA 95820 http://www.tahoe-park.org/. To provide a non-partisan forum for discussion of neighborhood concerns of mutual interest. c. Beautification committee – June 22nd was the … [16], By 1995, the community's activism and civic participation had created a noticeable impact on the neighborhood, resulting in a resurgence for the area. To provide a non-partisan forum for discussion of neighborhood concerns of mutual interest. A meeting of the subcommittee hasn’t happened yet. [9], With three military bases in the area (Mather Field, McClellan Field, and the Sacramento Signal Depot), Sacramento was a popular place for service men and women to live. Demographic data including population density, median household income, median rent, the number and gender of residents, median age of residents, average estimated value of detached houses, most popular occupation, and ethnicity are available for Tahoe Park and its adjoining neighborhoods. [9], In 1958, the neighborhood's youngest area—Tahoe Park East—was added to Sacramento when the city annexed an area northeast of 14th Avenue and 65th Street. [4], The park has received many updates in the 1990s and 2000s, including street lights, a jogging trail, upgraded picnic areas, and fitness stations. Tripling in size from its original grid area, the city expanded its city limits southward to Sutterville Road and 14th Avenue, and eastward to Elvas Avenue and 65th Street. [10], The area grew rapidly during this time. The area is less than 1-mile (1.6 km) southwest of California State University, Sacramento, less than 1-mile (1.6 km) east of the UC Davis Medical Center and approximately 4 miles (6.4 km) southeast of downtown Sacramento. Policies  |  Accessibility  |  Social Media  |   Website Feedback  © 2013 - 2020   City of Sacramento, > Office of Innovation & Economic Development, Skip to Left Navigation / Tab to View Content. The name "Tahoe Park" is generally used to refer to several official and unofficial neighborhoods that surround Tahoe Park proper, including Tahoe Park East, Tahoe Park South, Tahoe Terrace, and West Tahoe Park. Records from 1939 identify new tract homes under construction near the intersection of 55th Street and 8th Avenue. [7] The same year, educational options grew in Tahoe Park to meet the needs of area families. It is bordered by 65th Street to the west, Highway 50 and the Tahoe Tallac Little League Park to the north, Business Drive to the east, and 14th Avenue to the south. TPNA holds public board meetings every first Monday of the month at 7 pm at the Tahoe Community Center located at 5959 8th Avenue, Sacramento. The name comes from the 1945-era subdivision established north of Broadway, between 61st and 63rd Streets. During redistricting that occurred in 2011, West Tahoe Park joined the rest of the Tahoe Park neighborhoods in District 6. Tahoe Park is a neighborhood located within the city of Sacramento, California. Due to several factors—including the rerouting of Highway 99 away from Stockton Boulevard in 1962, the relocation of the state fairgrounds in 1968, and the establishment of new suburbs further away from the city's core—the area entered a state of decline in the 1970s and 1980s. The neighborhood of Tahoe Park is centrally located in Sacramento, immediately south of U.S. Route 50 at 59th Street. Please note that languages other than English will be written by machine translation and may contain errors. West - Stockton Boulevard Criteria for Joining: To improve the quality of life in the Tahoe Park Neighborhood. Tahoe Park is an officially recognized neighborhood in Area 3 of the City of Sacramento. In 1946, the City of Sacramento purchased 19 acres (77,000 m2) of land immediately south of the Tahoe Elementary School for use as a recreational facility; the park was named "Tahoe Park" after the school. [1], Many long-time residents refer to Tahoe Park South as "Tallac Village"[citation needed]—most likely due to the presence of the Tallac Village Shopping Center on its northern boundary. It is bordered by 14th Avenue to the north, 21st Avenue to the south, 58th Street to the west, and the 65th Street Expressway to the east. In approximately 2005, the West Tahoe Park neighborhood was officially recognized as a separate neighborhood by the city of Sacramento. [citation needed], In 1911, Sacramento made its first annexation. [2], Tahoe Terrace was a part of Sacramento's old "Area 1" that included the nearby neighborhoods of East Sacramento and Elmhurst. In 1994, the Folklore De Sacramento performed a traditional Mexican dance celebrating the Colonial Heights library's 5-year anniversary; the closest library to the Tahoe Park neighborhood.[9]:60. [12] The organization worked on behalf of many community concerns, including traffic,[13][14] absentee landlords,[15] and crime. On the street of 8th Avenue and street number is 5959. Larry is not here to report this month. The neighborhood of Tahoe Park is centrally located in Sacramento, immediately south of U.S. Route 50 at 59th Street. Join your neighborhood. Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association is located in Sacramento city of California state. Nextdoor is the neighborhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. However, Tallac Village is an officially recognized neighborhood immediately south of Tahoe Park South, between 21st Avenue and Fruitridge Road. [18] First-time home buyers and real estate professionals view Tahoe Park as a desirable alternative to pricier neighborhoods such as East Sacramento and Midtown.[19]. TPNA is … [1][3], West Tahoe Park is an officially recognized neighborhood in Area 3 of the City of Sacramento. Criteria for Joining:  To improve the quality of life in the Tahoe Park Neighborhood. The Lake Tahoe Park Association is an organization created to protect and support the property located at 1700 Sequoia Avenue in Tahoe Park. [9] The same year, All Hallows Parish moved from a storefront on Stockton Boulevard to its current location at 55th Street and 14th Avenue. The area experienced a housing boom during and after World War II; a large number of homes were financed by the G.I. The park is largely contained between 8th Avenue to the north, 11th Avenue to the south, 59th Street to the west, and 61st Street to the east. [24][25], The mission of the Tahoe Park Neighborhood Association is to improve the quality of life in the Tahoe Park Neighborhood, to serve as a liaison between neighborhood and local government and to provide a non-partisan forum for discussion of neighborhood concerns of mutual interest. By and large, this area of the Tahoe Park neighborhood is located closest to the UC Davis Medical Center. [7], The area experienced economic changes from the 1960s through the 1980s. Bill. To serve as a liaison between neighborhood and local government. It is bordered by Highway 50 and Broadway to the north, 14th Avenue to the south, 53rd and 57th Streets to the west, and 65th Street to the east. [citation needed], Mae Fong Park is a 3.25-acre (13,200 m2) park in the Tahoe Park East neighborhood. The Association consists of the property owners' located in the one square mile known as Section 13, T-15N R-16E, of the Mount Diablo Base and Meridian. TAHOE PARK NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION For more information: www.tahoepark.org Date of Meeting: July 1st, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m. ... Concert in Tahoe Park – Information tabled until next month. This placed the area now known as Tahoe Park (proper) at the city's far southeastern corner.

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