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November 29th, 2020

So we wondered, what if you could see? You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. I’d caught Jorah’s face riding out with the Dothraki, and then when their flaming swords disappeared, I assumed he had as well. Here are some things you can do to improve the viewing experience now. That's a vast difference in the quantity of image data available to the display and it's perhaps the best justification for optical discs we've seen in recent years. Artistically, it puts the viewer in the position of the defenders we're supporting, drawing you into the narrative, to great effect. The light of the face has plenty of preserved data so has lots of detail, but in the darkness, you just get irregularities. Gomez received a kidney transplant in 2017. When you watch this sequence in the episode, there’s enough motion that you can see what’s happening: White Walkers have taken someone out and tipped them over the battlements into the waiting horde of wights below. The distinct array of troops below her would seem to be the whole point of this shot, but it’s hard to see each separate grouping in the original. With Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Snoop Dogg, Tiffany Haddish, and more. Maybe it’s a wall? Called The Long Night, it was the clash we were all waiting for, a pivotal moment in the saga that Game of Thrones has become. I want more detail! permalink; embed; save; parent; give award; bonerdonutbonut 4 points 5 points 6 points 6 months ago . What happens when it drops the quality? Already a subscriber? That's reflected in scenes of light too - the lighting of the trench, for example, which not only brings relief from the battle, but from the oppressive darkness of the episode for the viewer. If you're watching at peak times and broadband usage is high in your area, then the service may drop in quality to avoid buffering. No way to know, really! Since you probably have all the scary pandemic drama you need for the moment. Yes, I can tell that this is an image of the groups beneath the crypts in the original lighting. That's something that Game of Throne's creators discuss in the behind the scenes above - it's supposed to be really dark, rather than just slightly dark. But one of the great visual elements of that clash is that when they fight one another, you can only see one set of faces. Streaming has completely shaken up how we consume content, but dark scenes hang over the convenience that streaming offers like the Sword of Damocles - and it all comes down to data and compression. If you've never changed a single setting on your TV then some tuning is something to be considered, but it's not as simple as turning the brightness up or down. The Battle of Winterfell, playing out in the season 8 episode “The Long Night,” took an arduous 55 nights to shoot, and was the largest-scale battle sequence in Thrones history. No, it's really about a lack of data, but if your TV isn't well setup, you'll not be getting the most from it visually. In the original image, you may be able to grasp that this is Sansa — that hair — and that this is what she’s doing. Who knows what this field of mottled blackness might be. Figuring out exactly what each setting is trying to improve is more important as a customer, as turning up the brightness on this episode makes the artefacts and banding more prominent. But daggers are important on this show, so … which dagger was it? You can't see what's coming, until it's right in your face. But in a lighter version, you get much more information about the scene. That's a close-up of a typical stream of Game of Thrones, paused and photographed. Turns out there’s a shot where you can see him riding back to the castle! The Darkest Battle Scene From GAME OF THRONES' "The Long Night" Episode Gets a Brightened Side-By-Side Comparison Videos TV Games of Thrones HBO Image Safe about a year ago by Joey Paur. The Long Night is a perfect example of where data really matters. Whatever the case, much of the long-awaited Battle of Winterfell was, for many viewers, too dang hard to see. A Blu-ray by contrast has a bitrate of 40Mbps, while Ultra HD Blu-ray steps that up again. Your dried-out turkey might leave a bad taste in your mouth, but Jennifer never will. Or bad guys? At the same time, if your TV has an ambient light sensor you might want to consider turning that off too - as it will then darkness the image again. "Everything we wanted people to see is there.". "The Long Night" was one of the most highly anticipated episodes of the critically acclaimed series, now in its final season on HBO.. And while plenty happened––Arya Stark taking down the Night King and Melisandre fulfilling her purpose, for starters––one of the biggest complaints in the wake of the broadcast was that the episode was too dark to tell what was going on. Spin that into the detail of the episode and the darkness hides the enemy. I mean, if you edit the images to bring out the colours, then yes. But if the original were all you had to go on, Arya could’ve been handing Sansa an overnight-size maxipad for all I could tell. Log in or link your magazine subscription, The Battle of Winterfell, Only You Can Actually See It, Baby Yoda Has a Real Name and You’re Not Gonna Like It, All 131 Van Halen Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best, Eric Clapton Joins Van Morrison for New ‘Anti-Lockdown’ Song ‘Stand and Deliver’, Oscar Futures: An Elegy for Amy Adams’s Chances. Oh look! | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Arya, very pointedly, hands Sansa something, and you can tell from the context of their dialogue that it’s a dagger. This is less about plot awareness and more about frustration with truly lovely cinematography that’s just not calibrated for a typical viewing experience. Let's start with something called narrative. All the Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive for the Coronavirus, Cher Rescuing the World’s Loneliest Elephant Was Totally on Our 2020 Bingo Cards. Brighten definition: If someone brightens or their face brightens , they suddenly look happier . When the image is lightened, though, you can actually see the horde. Here’s Sansa looking out over the battlements before the White Walkers arrive. All rights reserved. The Long Night is a perfect example of where data really matters. England and Wales company registration number 5237480. It's been lightened slightly, but you can see the blockiness and lines where there's a lack of data. Or it was exactly as dark as it was supposed to be, except all of our TVs and computers were not calibrated correctly. Take a look at the photo above. But I’m definitely missing at least a third of the people in the blackness, and it’s also hard to see how carefully they’ve been arranged so that the groupings reinforce the arc shape of the crypt’s ceilings. You’re both right . Finally, if you have the option to download the episode, you'll get more data than streaming - and remove the effect of variable bitrates - for a better viewing experience. These technologies can be good and they can also be disruptive, and their effectiveness depends heavily on the source and what compromises you're happy to accept - and personal preference. Thanks to the Unsullied’s helmets, the only faces you see belong to the White Walkers. Here’s what you can do to get the show looking its best. I had no idea how he got back to the main action when he showed up later! For an episode like The Long Night, there's only really one way to watch it - and that's in the dark. This sequence is of the White Walkers who’ve started climbing over the walls of the castle, and from the motion, you can see that the wave of them suddenly crests and falls backwards, almost imploding on itself. It’s a skirmish between White Walkers and the Unsullied. Allow Drew Barrymore to Introduce You to Her Chickens, “You can almost do anything to them when they’re laying eggs.”, A compact, samurai movie-inspired episode offers up a flood of new information about Mando’s Jedi companion, and even more, It says something that even Amy Adams’s own fans don’t want the actress to win her long-awaited trophy for. No tap-dancing and zero Judi Dench, but Idris is still committed to delivering a gift to you this Christmas. That's right, it serves you less data. This can result in a custom picture mode that's better than the standard. Wake Up From Your Thanksgiving Food Coma to J.Lo’s New Single ‘In the Morning’. As any Game of Thrones viewer knows by now, Sunday’s episode, “The Long Night,” was too dark. In the US, Amazon's version is better than HBO, but all fall down: streaming services aren't providing the data that people need to watch this episode. Maybe it’s an empty field? 2003 - 2020 © Pocket-lint Limited PO Box 4770, Ascot, SL5 5DP. It’s the Unsullied trying to protect the retreat of the ground forces from the oncoming wave of White Walkers! Or, they were just as dark as they should’ve been, because realism. … and it’s not even filming in Floribama! The lighter image here doesn’t dramatically change what you know about events. What if we lightened some of those images? Or they were calibrated correctly, but the ideal viewing experience is really in a theater.

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