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November 29th, 2020

A very young baby cockatoo is often cheaper than a young adult cockatoo because it takes a lot of work to raise the baby. We will definitely be frequent customers at this friendly pet store! I try to buy what I need for my pet bird here so I can support them and they have a frequent buyers card which is always a plus! As the cockatoo gets older it will generally become less expensive over time. We were so grateful receiving our paired Galah Cockatoos from Hansen Parrots and my family and i want to say a huge thank you to the amazing staff at the aviary in Virginia. It breeds quite easily in captivity and is a pretty popular cockatoo pet. Madonna C If the cockatoo has any problems or causes problems in its current household, If the seller has a commercial interest or is a pet owner / bird enthousiast without commercial focus. Good selection of parrots, good prices, good service, convenient location! Everybody fell in love with the baby when she arrived, and the credit goes out to Hansen Parrots for raising such an intelligent bird. Great and clean store! The shop person was hand-feeding the baby cockatoo, so he/she (I didn’t check sex yet) is very friendly too. Given my experiences, some of the reviews here are a little perplexing. (verified owner) – October 18, 2020. He is about 3 years old. I got my lovely 4 month old galah cockatoo at Hansen Parrots. They were so sweet and adorable! You also take all the responsibiliy and risk on you, because of the baby cockatoo gets sick you will have to pay for the vet. A friend of mine told me about this website and i decided to call them up to purchase a baby galah cockatoo. I massively appreciate these guys here. Bird and Parrot classifieds. All the staff members were also lovely and helpful. They have a lifespan of approximately 40-50 years depending on nutrition and care. Below we've listed out some of the most commonly sought-after species of cockatoos and their price range. I have been to many pet shop/sites and find the pets mix and pricing to be very compelling. The small store is packed with quality product, and they can order anything you need, usually at prices below that of other stores, even Petco and other giant retailers. The cheapest offer starts at £20. Plus, they always offer to carry the food to my car and hand me a couple treats for the dogs…that’s more than worth the extra couple bucks. What an amazing place! They can be great companions if you spend quality time with them. The minimum cage size for a rose-breasted cockatoo is 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 4 ft. Hansen is the most helpful person I have ever encountered in a retail setting. I’ll be back the next time. The owners are super nice, helpful, and gracious, and the prices are reasonable. The selection here is vast and adequate and the owners seem receptive to input about what people are looking for. In nature the Palm Cockatoo is endangered. This is a truly fantastic pet store. She gave me valuable advice while still listen to the diet I had been giving/trying on this new birdie. He was great with my son, he gave him all the information he needed to be ready when it was time to take our bird home. The owner is super friendly and helpful without being pushy. Kizzy G Hansen is the owner who and he helped us and he was so knowledgeable about all the birds. Its so expensive because Palm cockatoos are very hard to breed and thus the demand is much higher than the offer. Melanie the bird manager was very helpful and knew exactly what my bird needed. I am so glad that I bought bird from the shop. A true local pet shop that I will be back to constantly. Probably the best parrot breeder out there! (verified owner) – January 13, 2016. In most parrot pet shops you could find a Moluccan cockatoo. This is a great place and a great breeder. this is the kind of thing you’ll only find at an independent pet store. If you are buying an Australian species in Australia, then the prices are MUCH lower. (verified owner) – August 22, 2020. He is very pretty and is tame. The price of a cockatoo is determined by the following factors: The age of the cockatoo is a strong determinant for its price. Will shop here from now on, you should check it out. Along with the cost of the bird, there are also other expenses you should know about, such as: Shipping Costs – If you’re not in the same city with the bird’s seller, … And, the prices are good. They want to get a fair price for their bird and prevent the buyer from reselling the cockatoo at a much higher price, but they do not need to make a profit. Stores like this are disappearing. I told my kids that cockatoo will be the best bird for our family and we all agree to get one. Galah are about 25-30 cm (10-12 inches) in length and weighs about 280-320 grams. Both birds from Hansen Parrots were lovingly raised, and we always love to go in when we have a minute to see who is new in the shop and get our dose of bird love, and the proprietors are never chuffed if we don’t buy something (though we usually find something we need). I will be back, so happy Hansen Parrots is here. Have been a great customer since they started selling birds. Memphis A If you take a closer look, usually the larger species of cockatoo are more expensive than the smaller ones. Probably going to come back here again. today he offered our birds treats and when he noticed his stash from behind the counter was gone, he just reached to a near shelf and grabbed a bag from his inventory – and not the cheap stuff either. You could find a Galah cockatoo for $700-$2200 USD in the US, depending on age, temperament and who is selling it. We got everything sorted out smoothly, i recommended your services to my colleague and she got her own baby cockatoo here as well. The price of a goffins cockatoo is around $1000 and $2000 USD for a weaned young adult. The treats outside their door at night is sweet, my dog stops expectantly at their door no matter the hour. Competitive prices and very friendly service. He recommended. He’s well-stocked with supplies and always has lot of birds. The owner was very knowledgeable and experienced. Overall this store is a nice alternative to big box pet stores and much friendlier than another store I’ve tried in the area. Very organised and responsive to questions, Melanie attended to us and she did a great job to get our bird prepared and shipped to us in DC. I have been coming here for several years to get everything for my pet birds. He also told him to feel free to call him if ever he had any questions. Perfect food and custom service. Great neighborhood Store! This has some advantages for you as a buyer, because a business will probably generally provide more information, more customer care, more guarantees and are easier to contact later if something is wrong. The European and UK prices are pretty similar to the US ones. But after that it is important to know the purchase price of a cockatoo. Common cockatoos will generally be cheaper than rarer cockatoos, and younger cockatoos tend to cost more than older ones. Hansen is friendly and very generous in sharing his bird knowledge with his Customers. I had no idea about this place until I researched and found it on the net. A password will be sent to your email address. A very nice place to get your feathered friend(s), Everything about this site is perfect. By visiting twice or even more you can asses the different moods of the cockatoo better and could find out if it has some behavioral issues like excessive screaming, aggression or anxiety. My son, who is eight years old, and I had such a wonderful experience buying our first baby galah cockatoo here. (I recently moved to the area) Beautiful, Well kept Birdies of all sizes. They are the best parrot shop around here. The rose breasted cockatoo can make an excellent family pet. They were incredibly helpful and patient. Hansen taught us all about the best way to handle and care for our new family member. Nice guy and willing to give advice. A goffins cockatoo is one of the smaller species of cockatoo. This will be our to go place from now on.

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