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November 29th, 2020

Consequently, eating more calories than you can burn through the day results in more fat. Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands. Hence, the claims that some exercises create “long, lean” muscles, while others result in “bulky, ugly” muscles is a myth, unsupported by any known science. #3. Like this summary? A list of my favorite tools for getting and staying motivated and on track inside and outside of the gym. Doing Low Weight and High Reps Builds “Lean Muscle”Being lean is not a matter of exercising: it is a matter of having low body fat. By never forgetting and always adhering to the four laws below, because, as Matthews says, they are “as certain, observable, and irrefutable as those of physics.”. • You don’t need to starve yourself with super low-calorie diets;• You don’t need to constantly change up your exercise routines;• You don’t need to grind out hours and hours of boring cardio to shed your ugly belly fat and get lean and toned;• You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars every month on supplements or fat loss pills;• You don’t need to completely abstain from “cheat” foods. Whether you do yoga or weight training, the shape of your muscles will remain the same, and the only thing that will change is their growth: weight training, of course, grows muscles faster than yoga, which, in turn, makes them more flexible. Consequently, this can sometimes cause you to lose muscles and hold onto fat. The bottom line: it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as your calories are right. The Year One Challenge for Women is a workout journal companion to the bestselling women’s fitness book Thinner Leaner Stronger, and it contains a full year's worth of workouts neatly organized so you can record, track, and review your progress toward the body you've always wanted. Determine what your ideal body should look like; don’t just throw around adjectives: find a picture; after all, you don’t go to the barbershop without one, do you? Not to go into detail, it certainly means that you’re doing yourself more harm than good. Apr 2, 2019 - thinner leaner stronger year 1.pdf - Google Drive In other words: lose weight, build muscle, look better naked, etc. Well, Matthews would like to speed up the process for you by first busting the 8 biggest muscle building myths and mistakes. Whether it’s being better at some of your hobbies or getting more attention from your partner—it doesn’t matter. As we said above, exercising is merely one part of the equation; the other is nutrition. Boost your life and career with the best book summaries. Your body simply can’t do it. “For optimal muscle growth,” concludes Matthews, “you must train in such a way that causes optimal micro-tearing and then you must feed your body what it needs to grow and give it the proper amount of rest.”. It is determined by genetics. The site offers more than 1,000 free e-books, it's easy to navigate and best of all, you don't have to register to download them. Even if you do the perfect workout and give your muscles the optimum amount of rest time, if you don’t eat correctly, your muscles won’t grow bigger or stronger—period. 16. And when it is reduced, your body will decide in what way. #2. you wonder. #BLACKFRIDAY 12min - Get your career back on track! If you want to lose fat and get the perfect body, what you need is a scientific method. Seems like a great place to start our summary, doesn’t it? #1. Also, they never gave students nutrition advice, even though that amounts to about four-fifths of the equation for a great body. If you give your body fewer calories than it can burn throughout the day, than it makes up for the deficit by burning its own energy stores, i.e., fat. “I’m going to tell you something that the kings of the multi-billion-dollar health and fitness industry don’t want you to know,” writes Matthews at the very beginning of Thinner Leaner Stronger. Thinner Leaner Stronger - Bonus thinner leaner stronger workout plan Thinner Leaner Stronger is a workout program focused on developing aesthetics for women. The optimal time: 45 to 60 minutes of workout per day. So, scroll up, ... CLICK HERE TO GET THIS BOOK Thinner Leaner Stronger. Cardio enhances fat loss, but only to a certain point. Consequently, the burning sensation is not an indicator of optimum workout—it’s oftentimes quite the opposite. Congratulations: you’ve just learned how to do it wrong! As we said above, the feeling of “burning” in your muscles is not synonymous with muscle growth; it’s actually just fatigue in the form of too much lactic acid. My team and I have helped hundreds of men and women of all ages and circumstances melt away stubborn fat, gain pounds of lean muscle "in all the right places", lower their cholesterol and blood pressure, and in some cases, even turn back the clock ten or more years in their body composition, vitality, and overall wellbeing. He promises that following his point-by-point advice will result in you dramatically transforming your body in just 12 weeks.

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