tlm 103 shockmount alternatives

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November 29th, 2020

See example: I believe the TLM103's diameter is a bit larger. It prevents ANY slippage. Now, I am not arguing that it is worth it to buy the shockmount designed for the damn mic, I'm just offering a low cost alternative that is really not as problematic as you are trying to make it seem like. It has a swivel mount with a 5/8"-27 female thread, plus a thread adapter to connect to 1/2"- and 3/8" stands. Neumann EA1MT Elastic Suspension Shockmount For TLM103 193 & M147 Studio Microphones | Reviews Online | PriceCheck the capsule mount is shock absorbent. Alternative Shockmount for Neumann TLM103? The MXL shockmount that goes with the MXL 990 model works fine with the TLM-103, and numerous other mics., and IMO isn't crappy or anything. I've seen it used with 103's and even SM-57's. If I didn't get it replaced under warrenty I'd be on my third $20 mount. This will work. Does anyone know if there is a shockmount that will fit a Neumann TLM103. I have a pair of 103's and only one shockmount, works for me. Neumann TLM 103's are everywhere & they sound very good. Show 100 post(s) from this thread on one page,, As the first dynamic mic ever offered by Neumann… Does anyone knows if the TLM 103 fits the Peluso shokmount? I have a 4047 here, I should try that at some point. Remote Possibilities in Location Recording & Production. No, I don't really think we disagree that much. 08-16-2004 #6 Neumann BCM705. Plus, they didn't do as good a job of eliminating shocks as the Neumann mount. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Audio Technica AT 8441 shock mount. This might be a really dumb question, but will a TLM 103 even fit in the AT shockmount? I have to agree with Jay!If your smart enough to buy a 103 then your smart enough to take proper care of it .Mounting it in some cheap alternative is simply like driving without a seat belt eventually you will have a accident if not you! Affordable LDC Microphone With Multiple Voicings. I didn't think that this simple question would invoke such a passionate response. Is a shockmount worth £200.....erm NO! Don't be a cheap bastard. It IS better to use the shockmount specifically designed for the mic. Already have an account? Its a few bits of metal welded together with some elastic bands and some screw in parts and the Neumann mob must be laughing at the profit they make f I know a guy who refused to buy the Neumann shock for his U87's and got a pair of the Rode's. Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. There's nothing quite like having a $1500+ mic dented. And, $150 is not too much IMHO. It'll last longer then you and your kids kids. Shockmount for Neumann M 147, TLM 103, and TLM 193 Microphones $269.95. Over a year and a half he broke three of them and one time it sent his mic crashing to the ground. That thing ALWAYS slips and I've stripped it twice trying to tighten it down. Ehhh...just wanted to point out that I'm not confused. NOTE: As with most Neumann vocal mics, the wide frequency of the TLM 49 and M 149 will catch a lot of low-end rumble, which is why they both come with an EA 3 shockmount included. Hey there! Problem we have with accessories for the big brand expensive bits of gear is they tend to have the big brand expensive price tag. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. then some eratic arm flayling singer will indulge some punishment on your poor 103 .Think of it like your car insurance .better safe. Believe it or not, I have used rubbers on mics for underwater recording... it works really well. There are a thousand ways to skin a cat, and each way has its plusses and minuses. Some newer microphones, such as the Neumann TLM 102, sport an internal shock mount, i.e. I do put a little square of velcro on the mic and the shockmount. is the answer to that one. AKG has a shockmount for the C4000/3000/2000 series that is pretty good with a chuck-type thing in the bottom. Hopefully the wing nut is better then the one on my MXL V67. Black. Shockmount for TLM 103 mt or TLM 193. It is less than half the cost of Neumanns shock mount and absolutely a whole lot better than that generic chinese piece of junk that can't be trusted to hold a microphone upside-down. Is a shockmount worth £200..........erm NO! Either way it's kind of a mute point since the AT shock's are so freakin' expensive. Well thanx for all the info. I believe it can be purchased separetely.hooppie Oh, I should also mention that you can get the mic AND shockmount … Solution to initial question is at this website. Is something wrong with me? You vill like das Neuman microphone mount or else! Easy, buy a Marshall (MXL 990) mic (that looks exactly like the TLM103) for $59 (at Musician's Friend)and chuck the mic, keep the shockmount and case. Up next… 6. is the answer to that one. Neumann's is just too expensive. Product information Item Weight 1.05 pounds Package Dimensions 7 x 5.9 x 5.4 inches ASIN B008ZT8CCQ Item model number Are any of you familiar with this Universal Mount? You need an account to post a reply. This helps to make a clean recording, but an (additional) external shock mount is much more effective. Boy, I guess you are rightmezed Opinions are like assholes man, you made your point, I made mine, let it lie. Much better then a "shock mount". If you really need the shockmount get the real thing. The MXL shockmount that goes with the MXL 990 model works fine with the TLM-103, and numerous other mics., and IMO isn't crappy or anything. When I worked at a store I had to order a 1/2 dozen for a guy and I was shocked at the dealer cost, even with quantity discounts and all that. 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