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November 29th, 2020

Just check out these 15 brilliant ways to repurpose old bed springs into wonderful treasures. 12. Of course, you could skip the contrasting pattern section but that’s what gives the bag so much character. This beautiful bag looks like a designer handbag, but you can easily make it yourself. Here’s another great denim upcycled tote bag, but this one is a bit different. 1. Once you get your tote finished – whichever basic tote you choose to make – add some red and white polka dot ruffles to the bottom and create a cute little Minnie shape. Free Sewing Patterns for Bags and Totes. I love the colors and the quilted look to it. Make one in different colors and you’ll always have a stylish bag for every outfit and every occasion. It’s got a huge pocket in front and one that easily holds a pencil or pen. Or, you can make your own canvas bag and then use this gorgeous doily effect to decorate it. You’ll want to use tank tops that have front and back necklines that are even so that your bag won’t be crooked. It has adorable ruffles and is relatively easy to make. You can add it though if you want for dramatic effect. Tank top totes are among the easiest tote bags to make and since tank tops are relatively inexpensive, they’re also among the cheapest to make. And here are over 14 free tote bag patterns that I have actually sewn in an afternoon. Hallelujah! This one is a bit more difficult than most of the others on the list, but it’s perfect for intermediate sewers. You can choose what you carry based on how you feel or what you’re wearing! This bag just has it all – ruffles, ribbons, and ties work together to create this stunning tote that is sure to be your favorite. In just under half an hour, you could create this lovely and really durable tote bag. I love repurposing and this is one of the easiest repurpose projects I’ve seen. As I was researching the latest tote bag trends, I came across a ton of great bag tutorials on the web. You can even get pillow cases for a dollar or less each if you visit a thrift store, so you can make many of these. The pattern is really easy to follow. It’s a great spring bag if you need something a bit smaller than other totes with a bit of character. The Strappy Tote Bag with Pockets is a winner! These are all free tote patterns … The rope handles are optional but I totally recommend them! Tote bag projects are great and they’re even better when there is no sewing required, right? Plus, you only need the legs of your old jeans to make it – you can totally make this one and the booty bag using the same old pair of jeans! You should ensure that you sew really slowly when working with leather, so that your stitches stay straight. It’s so much easier to create tote bags when your material is already cut for you and this one is super easy. Bucket style totes may not be the most traditional, but they are really cute and they can hold so much stuff. Seriously, 1 yard, 1 hour, and you'll be done. This is a wonderful way to dress up a boring old bag and make it fabulous. It looks like a huge traditional tote bag and will hold all sorts of items. Pleated Tote Pattern. This easy spring fashioned tote bag is made from a couple of tea towels. Honestly, this is a much easier bag to make than it looks, and you are going to love showing it off and letting people know that you made it yourself. It’s 18 inches high and 12 inches wide. These free bag patterns were first listed in order based on how fast they are to sew, but then I added more and more bags that I wrote tutorials for. 9. This huge bag is perfect for anything you need to carry and again, it’s a no sew project, which puts it at the top of my list. If you want a tote bag project that you can finish in about an hour or less, and one that gives you a bag perfect for spring, this is it. I really love the white, though. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This would be a great project for gift giving if you know someone who just loves totes. In traditional school bag style, this tote is fabulous. Well, here is your chance to make your very own foldable tote bag. The entire thing should take you less than two hours to complete, and the bag is pretty room so you can take it along to the market and fill it up with loads of stuff. The bag is 16 inches deep and 19 inches wide when it’s finished – a pretty good sized tote bag for just an hour of work. You can easily make one yourself with this pattern. Tote bags can be made out of more than just fabric, and this free tote bag pattern proves it. SewCanShe | Free Sewing Patterns and Tutorials, 14+ Free Tote Bag Patterns You Can Sew in a Day! Tiny Bag Pattern. You could also use it as a really nice diaper bag, and it really resembles those expensive bags that you see in department stores for several hundred dollars. These are great as gifts – just buy cheap t-shirts with sayings, bands, or whatever, and customize them for your gift recipient. If you want an easy leather and canvas bag, this is about as easy as it gets. It’s also so very easy to make and you could coordinate so many different decorations to go on it. It’s got great pockets on the front and truly does look like something you would buy him in the men’s section of Macy’s. Ladies, if you just can’t bring yourself to be away from your man for too long, you can take along his shirt and tie to remind you of him while you’re out. The Picnic Tote makes a beautiful purse with pockets inside - and it's really a lot simpler to make than it looks! This is one of the most adorable bags ever. Use bags that you buy at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s – or whatever craft store you use – or make a plain bag using one of the easy tote patterns and then decorate it with this great freezer paper design. If you need a tote bag that’s easy to make and has pockets for everything, this six pocket bag is the perfect project. Use a home decor weight fabric so you can skip the interfacing! I love the name of this bag almost as much as I love the design. You get to share a craft with them and encourage them to read at the same time! Continue Reading 13 The Scrapyard Tote - free sewing pattern Photo Credit: The perfect scrap buster! Not only can you change it up depending on what you want to carry, it’s a really easy bag to make and it’s lightweight enough so that it doesn’t weigh you down when carrying it. Market Tote With Ruffles, Ribbons, and Ties, 40. This roomy shopping bag pattern is cute and reversible. You’ll need about a yard of faux leather and a yard and a half of canvas to complete it. Although the quilting makes this bag really cute, you could quilt a lot less than I did. Tank Top Totes Tutorials (two styles) 3. No handles to sew plus a simple design make the Rope Handled Tote a breeze! You only need about one and a half yards of fabric, too, and the tote is big enough to handle a couple of packages, depending on their size. I love the simplicity of this pattern and it’s a great project to share with little ones. It’s large enough to carry whatever you need and lightweight enough to be comfortable. Keep in mind that if you choose a directional fabric, you will need to use more than one fat quarter per side. Pillowcase Tote Pattern. It's a very easy project that only requires a few lines of straight sewing. Or whatever pants you have in mind; the point is, it’s a repurposing project that gives you an amazing tote bag when you’re finished. This great leather and canvas satchel is pretty easy to make and it looks like such a professionally made bag. Tote Patterns and Tutorials 1. 14. You need two pieces of fabric, denim and gingham, about 18 by 40 inches long.

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