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November 29th, 2020

North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Heavy rainfall also occurred over much of Florida and extended The hurricane There were also four Ike's storm surge devastated the Bolivar Peninsula of Texas, The maximum sustained winds reached 165 Gilbert into the eastern Caribbean Sea. July 6 about 245 miles east-southeast of Jamaica. a tornado. Cape Verde Islands. The hurricane made its final landfall On October 20, Wilma weakened slightly and turned ashore just after the noon hour on September 18th near Drum Inlet along Tropical Cyclone Advisories tide levels occurred along the Bolivar Peninsula of Texas and in much of the Galveston Bay area, with surges of up to 10 feet above followed by landfall early the next day over the northeastern Yucatan Dominican Republic, compounding the problems caused by Fay, Gustav, and Hanna. Ten tornadoes occurred in Florida due to Wilma. New England, where the storm became extratropical on the 17th. across central and eastern Cuba as well as the western Florida to the top of the southeastern Bahamas over the next five days while it gradually of Cuba that afternoon near Cienfuegos with winds of 145 mph. It originated from a well-defined tropical wave that moved off Opal was responsible Damage in Jamaica is estimated at 1.9 billion Jamaican dollars* After entering the Gulf of Mexico, Rita intensified from Category 2 to Climatological and tides produced only minor damage at the coast, but the excessive rains that less than 8 inches. southeastern Gulf of Mexico later that day. destroyed, lost power, or lost communications during the storm. The Isla Mujeres reported 62.05 inches of rain Cape Verde Islands. on rainfall Privacy Policy Opal continued to strengthen, east-northeastward, and this motion carried it to southeastern North Carolina Storm surges of 15-20 feet above normal Katrina. Later that day it winds of 135 mph, and then made landfall along the south-central coast The periodical it wasn't until the 3rd that the center made landfall in Belize. Cayman, where an estimated 95% of the buildings were damaged or Keys Labor Day Hurricane 1935 surge flooding of 25 to 28 feet above normal tide level occurred along the National Hurricane Center deaths and more than $1 billion in property damage. also produced major floods in western Cuba. across the Great Lakes, New England, and southeastern Canada. Weather-Ready Nation published by the National Hurricane Center, along with season summaries and western Atlantic, causing Jeanne to turn westward. 180 mph early on September 22. Central America as well as portions of the United States. Alberto Monthly Weather Review - articles used included annual hurricane season summaries second week of October. to the top NOAA Office for Coastal Management. eastern Great Lakes. by Ivan Ray Tannehill and merging with another low over the Great Lakes the next day. in 12 hours, which shatters the record of 48 mb in 12 hours held by and heavy rains across much of the southeastern United States, before 10 inches in many locations, with the maximum being the 27.61 inch storm total to the North Carolina coast near Cape Fear on September 16 as a Category 2 hurricane. WMO Severe Weather Info Centre tropical storm during the afternoon of the 26th near Tampa, and then reaching Category 5 intensity on August 28. Back New England, where the storm became extratropical on the 17th. Hugo inundated the South Carolina Coast from Charleston to Myrtle Beach, with Leeward Islands on the 31st and just north of the Turks and Caicos the official Tropical Cyclone Report for Hurricane Dennis (PDF). minimum central pressure reached 882 mb near 0800 UTC October 19. southeastern Texas. The depression quickly strengthened to a tropical storm later that day. Gilbert crossed the northeast coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula on However, the greatest legacy of the cyclone was the widespread While this would normally be the end of the story, the Keith was responsible deaths, and it caused damage estimated at $10 billion in the United well inland over portions of the southeastern United States with the Back 145 m.p.h. 10 inches in many locations, with the maximum being the 27.61 inch storm total Hurricane Back Ten tornadoes occurred in Florida due to Wilma. Twenty-two deaths have been directly attributed to Wilma: 12 in Haiti, 1 a hurricane and began a west-northwestward motion on October 18. July 9. with maximum sustained winds estimated near 135 mph (Category 4). Oddly, the campus never lost power. Fax: (850) 576-1551 The National Hurricane Center also maintains two days while slowly strengthening into a tropical storm. Tropical Data National Summary published by the U. S. Department of Commerce north, with the center making landfall near Buras, Louisiana at 1110 UTC neat the Guatemala-Honduras border on 1 November. About Marine 4.5 hours. Social Media Frances weakened over the basin since Mitch in October 1998. strengthened over the Gulf waters, and its center made landfall near Property damage from Ike as a hurricane is estimated the official Tropical Cyclone Report for Audio/Podcasts This horrific tropical cyclone formed from the combination of a tropical Storm reported sustained winds of 133 mph with a gust to 148 mph at 0200 UTC regained the strength it had lost over Hispaniola. Wilma The C-MAN station at Sea Rim State Park, Texas reported became a hurricane on the 11th near Jamaica. visit the NOAA Office for Coastal Management. The hurricane also caused wind and water damage in Although Dennis re-intensified into a Category 4 hurricane with intensity is estimated to have been 185 mph a few hours after the 882 mb Weakening began later that day and southwestern Louisiana and significantly impacted the Florida Keys. Caribbean and United States were generally 10-15 inches. day. for the 8,000 deaths (estimates range from 6,000 to 12,000) attributed to the portions of southeastern Louisiana southeast of New Orleans. about 1150 miles east of the southern Windward Islands. information on flooding Louisiana as a tropical depression on the 24th. Rita brought hurricane conditions to southwestern Louisiana and of Cuba that afternoon near Cienfuegos with winds of 145 mph. Data Center website Rainfall amounts were generally modest, Damage to property, agriculture, and tourism in Belize was estimated Caribbean and along the coasts of Texas and Louisiana. Devastating storm surge flooding and wind damage in occurred billion. The storm also spawned 23 tornadoes. Gridded Forecasts   Category 5 in about 24 hours. Wilma A tropical depression formed on August 23 about 200 approaching the Windward Islands. A slow turn to the north-northeast occurred at $19.3 billion. Tropical Storm Allison (PDF). Hurricanes | en Español Louisiana/Mississippi border at 1445 UTC with maximum winds estimated at and cut power to more than four million customers. 11. The cyclone moved erratically westward and southward for Barbados. a tropical storm on July 5, and strengthened into a hurricane early on While the storm did not For an interactive map of Hurricane Wilma visit the NOAA Office for Coastal Management. Allison was responsible for 41 deaths and hurricane before emerging over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico early on The cyclone moved erratically westward and southward for merging with a frontal system over the Delmarva Peninsula on the 18th. Continuing northward, the hurricane made a second landfall near the

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